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London Bookmakers Predict A Clinton Landslide Victory

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Pleasantly abstruse.
Oct 5, 2007
East Central Illinois, USA
"Sporting Index’s prediction of 327 electoral college votes for Clinton can be ‘bought’ or ‘sold’, with returns or losses calculated upon the result of November’s vote.

For example, if you bought at 327 and Hillary inflicted a Walter Mondale-style defeat upon Trump by winning 49 states and collected 525 electoral college votes, you would win 198 times your stake. In this scenario sellers at 327, however, would join Trump in losing heavily.

The prices have not changed dramatically as yet. That said, they certainly will frequently as we get closer to election day. British fixed-odds bookie Betway sees the race the same way as Sporting Index at the moment, offering odds as short as 1/7 that Clinton will be elected. Donald Trump’s price with the online bookmaker is currently 4/1 and drifting fast."