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Losing Weight?

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Well-Known Member
Dec 16, 2005
I know that most of us here prefer a larger significant other...however...do you support people who want to get into shape? I know this will sound silly, and I know that I'm not a bad looking guy, but I do have a confession. About four years ago I was actually at 203 and to be honest, I felt the best at that weight.

I hope none of you think I'm turning my back on the larger community as a whole but I think, well I think I'm going to try and slim back down. I liked being able to do twenty chin ups without breaking a sweat. I liked being able to bench press 215 pounds. And I liked being able to climb a mountain like a billy goat (long story).

I understand if some of you would prefer that I no longer post here, but I just wanted to get some peoples feeling on the whole thing. I don't intend to get surgery. I'm going to just do what I did the first time. Eat less fattening foods (i.e. lots of salads with light italian dressing lol :) ) and start working out again.

I think I would feel much better having your support on this, but again, I understand if you'd ask me to leave...I just felt it would be fair of me to inform you of my intentions and I wasn't sure where to post this. I'm sorry if I'm letting the board down or anything...

Yours Always,

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