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Mentioning To Partner Fantasies

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Jun 9, 2010

About a month ago I had mentioned to my girlfriend that I was really turned on by the idea of her gaining weight and asked what she thought about it. She was really taken aback and I think she was rather upset by that (due to it being ingrained into our heads that being thin is the only way to be). The topic of food had always been, to her, that food was bad and thin was good. Over time I had helped her realise that food was okay. Eventually she started to enjoy food instead of being repulsed by it. It was then that I had wanted her to slowly become bigger, though she is very slim. We have broken up a few days ago so it does not matter any more, but I'd like to ask one thing.

How do you go about the subject of asking a partner a question such as gaining weight? Or even talking about the fantasies on that topic?

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