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My Girlfriend is gaining and unleashing her inner pig!

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Active Member
Mar 12, 2023
Bridgeport, Michigan
I want to brag about my girl.
We actually met 28 years ago in first grade and we “dated” until sixth grade. With me moving to another state in fourth. We went about a year without talking much and then found out one summer that she moved about 45 minutes from my family’s cabin so hung out that summer and reconnected. We chatted as friends and have always been close. When I moved to the state she was currently in, she was in a relationship and also I never thought I’d have a shot with her.
She was in her 20’s during this time and very slender, I’d say about 120-130. Her hair changes often, during this time it was a blonde pixie cut. She has very wide green eyes; with porcelain skin and stands at 5’4.5” tall. She has always had a large chest, not so large, but big, maybe a D cup but I’ve never asked. She stayed relatively slim but by the time she was 30, she was chunky at about 175-180.

This was in 2018 when I saw her, we stayed chatting but during the pandemic we both fell into depression from our bad marriages and being stuck around these spouses 24/7. Leading up to the shutdown she had started finding comfort in food. She also became pregnant but says most her gain came after. She ballooned up to 266. Her husband was not kind about her weight and one morning he poked her back and said she’d need to lose 60 pounds if she wants to stay married to him. This was when she decided it was over and moved to a different room in the house. She was dieting but for herself.

This beings us to 2022, I left my wife and messaged my best friend to reconnect. As soon as I told her I was dating she short her shot and told me she was available and interested. She was down to 220 at this time. Her hair is now long and reddish, having a baby made her natural strawberry blonde turn a more reddish brown and she died it more red. After weeks of talking the subject of kinks came up. I told her how I’m into girls eating and gaining weight expecting her to react similar to my ex wife who said it was gross, but she actually beamed “you mean something as simple as me eating pizza gets your juices flowing? I love that” this turned into her letting me send her food and she started sending pics of her eating it and of her belly. She said she wouldn’t mind if she regained but she did continue to lose. At one point she gave me permission to try and fatten her but she was going to keep dieting. She had gotten to 180 and I was teasing saying I was disappointed she keeps losing and she said I slows her loss a lot. Most of the reason she was losing was because she still lived with the ex husband and he wouldn’t give her money for anything and didn’t buy groceries.

So now she finally moves out to her mom’s house. By now I’ve been feeding her regularly. I gave her the pet name Piglet and she adores it. She even says oink to me when she wants food. She had lost down to 165. But after a month of living at her mom’s with regular meals and me supplying all the snacks she wants and then some, she tells me she’s up 20 pounds. I sent her $15 to reward her for her gain, “lol I’m awful, you’re rewarding me for gaining weight and here I am already thinking of what food to get” about a week or so after this we meet up so I can drive her to drop the baby off at the exes. We stopped and got snacks. Her face was so excited choosing all the junk food. During the drive she was grazing the whole three hours. At one stop, she tells me she’s now 192, rolls up her hoodie and shows me her muffin top. She was still wearing her size 8 jeans but clearly she needs to go up a size. She told me I could grab her muffin top. I bought her a bag of chocolates while I was waiting for her to make the drop off. The excitement in her eyes when I gave them to her. Than at a gas station stop she tried to sneakily buy a Rice Krispie treat with peanut butter and chocolate while she was “just running in to pee” but sadly they were sold out.

A couple days later (lots of “oink buy me McDonald’s” texts) I notice her face is looking rounder. Sadly that night she tells me she needs to go on a diet. I figured it was coming. I always told her I’m trying to make her fat and she’s say she loves me trying to fatten her, but I told her if she wants to diet I’d support it. Her complaint wasn’t cause she’s feeling big, it was because she’s angry that she keeps eating anything and everything in sight. I told her I would stop asking to feed her, stop buying her treats without her asking, and try to say no when she asks me for food. Her response was, “but I like you doing those things, nooooo” so I asked how I could support her diet if I’m still trying to fatten her with no response. I did make a plea, I told her I’d be a bad feeder if I didn’t try and talk her out of it once, I told her how she shouldn’t be angry about eating, it’s clear food makes her happy. I mentioned how when we were at Walmart and she was going thru all the chocolates she was so excited, and she looked sad when she couldn’t decide between two cause she only had enough money for one. How she lit up when I bought the other for her. That this eating habit is just her true self and maybe she should embrace her and enjoy it instead of dieting. Her only response was “I loves you” then I bought her breakfast the next day, and later she sent me a pic of her eating an ice cream cone.

This was Tuesday. She texts me later that night she was starving so I sent her money. She said she adores it when I just send her money for food and don’t ask if I can feed her. So she got breakfast the next day. Thursday night she asked for money for cigarettes and snacks. She said 30, but mentioned she needed to replace the box of cereal for the family cause she ate it all so I gave her 40. After coming home from the dollar general, she tells me she spent it all on snacks and forgot her cigarettes. She made a pan of brownies and ate 4 of them. She then ate the rest of them Friday, along with all her snacks so at 9 pm last night she goes “Oink snacky snacks?” So she got more money for snacks.

Today I got a voice message of her going “Oink oink, will you please buy me a pizza, oink oink oink oink” she then fell asleep shortly after eating the pizza. She likes to put her daughter down for a nap after lunch and dinner and almost always falls asleep with her.

I don’t know what her weight is, she was 192 exactly a week ago and has been stuffing her face. She told me she’s not upset about her eating anymore. So I think she’s given in to her gluttony. She knows my fantasy goal weight is 300 pounds and she’s never scoffed at it, she’s never said she’d be okay getting their either. She’s not into gaining, she just likes being the subject of my fantasy and that involves gaining. She sent me a ton of pics from when she was 266, and I told her I sometimes pretend they are current. I will get off to them and she loves hearing about that. With the way she’s eating I think she’s going to at least regain all the weight, if not go beyond. Unless she tells me to stop feeding her, from the sounds of it even if she is on a diet she wants me to keep feeding her.

My girlfriend has become such a piggy and I love it. I love talking about her and her eating habits. She’s not into gaining as a sexual thing but food makes her happy and turning me on turns her on.

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