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Oct 9, 2005
SSBBW (Multiple), Magic, Inflation Fantasy, Revenge, ~XWG – a besotted twin’s revenge plot against her impoverished nerdy sister takes a very strange twist

(Author's Comments: Well, this is finally it. The devil's gonna need a parka cuz I finally posted my first story. Short version, I tried to write a story I'd enjoy reading if I found it on here, I hope you enjoy it too. Be honest with the critiques too, I'm curious what you guys think.)

By FA Creature
(reprinted by permission from deviantart.com)

“Where is that blasted forsaken carnival anyway?” Christi groused to herself while driving thru yet another rural town. “It figures my freak of a sister would work for some outfit that couldn’t follow a schedule to save their lives.”

For all her bluster, she was nervously looking forward to the reunion. It’s been a long and trying ten years since she last saw her twin sister, and that last meeting was not exactly a Kodak moment.

Once upon a time they were your average plump and pretty mid-western twins. They were indistinguishable and inseparable until they got to high school. Nobody was quite sure how it began but a bitter rivalry soon drove them apart. When Christi became an avid bookworm and Debra a party animal, the best explanation their friends could come up with was the old twin curse of wanting to be as radically different from each other as possible.

At graduation, they both filled out their robes quite nicely at about 185 lbs apiece with an even layer of softness all over, but that’s where the similarities ended. Christi graduated with honors and a full scholarship to the state university, Debra barely squeaked by with no plans or prospects to look forward to, which was the final insult as far as she was concerned. Harsh words and false accusations were exchanged the night before Christi left for college, and they still rung in Christi’s ears all this time later.

After college, she moved to the city for a big corporate accounting job, but after a couple years of office politics, the stress was finally too much. She kept herself fit at a modest 150 lbs, wore the right clothes and did her job well, but after being passed over for yet another promotion because she refused to make the trip to the bedroom with the boss, she finally gave in to her mother’s pleadings to come back home. She also felt a yearning to reconnect with her sister; she never really hated her and couldn’t remember exactly why they fought so fiercely. It was with this thought that she rounded a corner and finally saw the lights for the traveling carnival that her mother told her Deb was working for.

When she pulled up it looked like closing time; a few stragglers wandered on the fair grounds as the food stands were cleaning up. She wandered about, wondering if she even had the right place, when a voice called out from behind “CHRISSY!”

She spun around to see who it was and almost fell over in surprise. It was Debra, no doubt about it, but not the Deb her sister remembered. She had gone full blown carnie with long jet black dyed hair, lip and eyebrow piercings, and snake tattoos up and down both arms.

But that wasn’t what got Christi’s attention, Deb had gotten big! She was wearing thick black fishnet stockings that were strained to the limit with fat thighs bulging out of the netting, her wide ass stretched a leather mini skirt mercilessly, her belly (complete with pierced navel) sloped out covering the top of her skirt, and a leather push up bra that was creaking trying to hold back her melon sized breasts.

Christi’s snap judgment was about 250, but before she could say anything she was enveloped in a tight, squishy hug by pudgy arms, all topped by a round face with a quivering second chin.

“Oh have I missed you! And man, you’re such a twig! Don’t they feed you in that big monster company you work at?” Deb teased. “C’mon, let’s get you some real food and I’ll give ya the nickel tour of the place.”

Debra grabbed a pair of corn dogs from an idle unattended cart and pushed them into her sister’s hands and started chattering without prompting.

“Not much to tell about me after high school, just drifted around until I wound up with this bunch about 5 years ago. Not much to it but it keeps food on the table!” she emphasized with a pat to her belly.

“Started on the food stands, worked my way up to snake charmer, even got our “gypsy” fortune teller to take me on as an apprentice!”

A strange tone sneaked into that last statement as Deb steered them towards the funhouse.

“But I’ve done something recently that’ll knock your socks off, I really want to show it off to you.” Deb boasted.

Christi was trying her best to be polite so she simply nodded and followed along while still munching on her snack. One side of the setup was made as an improvised house of mirrors with warped mirrors lining the hallway. Deb pulled Christi in front of one of the mirrors and boasted, “I was put in charge of getting new mirrors, whaddya think?”

Christi looked in the mirror and was momentarily stunned by the reflection looking back. It was her alright, but instead of a trim urban professional in a business suit, she saw a woman easily over 300 lbs in stretch jeans and an old over sized 4H tee shirt. She looked like the essential farm girl who loved her buffets, with a healthy paunch, a generously swollen rear end and thighs, and globular breasts that must have been at least a DD cup. Rounding out the look was the two corn dogs now gripped by pudgy fingers and crumbs on her fully formed double chin.

“What the…?” Christi took a step back and nearly dropped the corn dogs out of shock, confused and unsure of what she had seen.

Deb quickly stepped in with a helping hand and guided her further down the hallway. Some distant corner of Christi’s mind registered that it now took extra effort to move, but not enough to draw her attention to it in her current confusion.

“That was weird, I thought funhouse mirrors just distorted your image into funny shapes…” she said to herself.

“That’s why I’m so proud of my work here, I got these especially to attract the more jaded customers” Debra quickly answered before her sister could think much more about it.

“Here, these ones have a different effect, take a look!” her sister said next.

Christi looked in the next mirror and got another shock, seeing a considerably larger woman more than twice the size of the farm girl. This reflection was wearing stretch pants that were stretched to their limits, from the calf rolls that threatened to overtake her feet, up to her dimpled trunk-like thighs swelling out trying to support her massive shelf of a rear end. She was also wearing a loose fitting silk top that flowed with her soft rolls from her shoulders, down her melon sized breasts, and gracefully covering her enormous belly hanging half way down to her knees. The shirt was sleeveless seemingly to show off massive arm rolls that jiggled as she moved. Finally, the woman’s face was graced with full lips and jowls that shook with her disbelief.

Christi gasped and put her hand to her mouth, as did the huge reflection, and swore that she felt those quivering jowls under her own hand.

Now thoroughly confused and reeling, her head suddenly in fog, Debra took her arm and led her down the hall again consoling “You OK? You’ve gotta be tired from driving all day, let’s get you out of here to where you can get off your feet and rest.”

Christi silently obeyed but was strangely out of breath even though she only went a short distance; she noticed that she also had more trouble walking, like she was walking thru deep snow. Deb slowly guided her to the exit, but there was one more unusually wide mirror along the way, the last clear part of Christi’s mind told her not to look but she couldn’t help herself.

The reflection in this mirror was enormous! She was twice again the size of the last reflection with a massive belly that billowed out like a cloud of pure fat in front of her and gently brushed the floor as she stood there. Her thighs were truly marvelous, spreading out in fleshy folds of their own as if in defiance to her belly, growing even further as they flared out to her mammoth 5 foot wide hips, and she could make out enough of her ass to see cheeks each the size of bean bag chairs.

The outfit this woman was wearing finally grabbed Christi’s attention out of its sheer gaudiness for a woman this size. It was a relatively tiny two piece bikini with rhinestones on her gigantic bra, seemingly to accentuate her huge globular breasts, and the bikini bottom was apparently only to keep her belly off the floor, and was barely visible. Her face was a tribute to excess and gluttony, her lips forced into a permanent pucker by her grapefruit sized cheeks, all resting on a wide, soft collar of fat that had replaced her multiple chins and forced a slight upward tilt of her head. The rest of her body only completed the image of a queen among sideshow fat women.

As Christi stood there in total shock, a wave of hazy confusion washed over her, causing her to swoon slightly. Debra finally made her move.

“C’mon sis, time to get back to the trailer, we’ve had a long day.” as she worked to get her massive sibling moving along.

Cris mumbled “trailer?”

Deb continued “Yeah, you know, where we shack up while we’re working for this flea circus. I’m the snake charmer and you’re the fat lady, we’re a tag team act”.

“Oh, I… I, I guess I forgot. Are you sure? No… I… never mind, I guess I overdid it today.”

“Don’t sweat it, you pulled a long shift and it was pretty hot today. Watch your step there, see we’re out of the funhouse and almost back home for your dinner. I got all your favs so you’re gonna eat good tonight”

As Christi laboriously shuffled one leg forward at a time, her mind was racing with conflicting thoughts: “How long have I been here? Did I go to college or not? Were the past few years of my life only a food binge induced dream? Or was it something else?”

She got her answer when she passed one of the game booths and caught a glimpse of the mirrored back of the stall. The ordinary reflection was of the same mountain of a woman as it was before, but this time there was a growing clarity and recognition in her face like someone opening a window in a smoke filled room.

“Debra, what is going on here?”

“Whadya mean? We’re going back to the trailer so you can rest and get something to eat, you got a little wore out from your show.”

“I don’t work at some lousy sideshow, I used to work in the city, but that doesn’t matter right now. What did you do to me to make this fat so fast?!”

“What are you talking about?” Deb replied with a very nervous tone. “You started gaining once we got out of high school and never stopped, it’s not my fault you didn’t have any plans, joining a sideshow was our only choice to make a living.”

“No, YOU didn’t have any plans and the sideshow was YOUR only choice! I remember now, and I don’t know how you did it, but this all is some BS to drag me down to your level!”

Turning to face her sister, Deb snarled “MY level?!? You haven’t changed at all you self-righteous ninny! You deserved to get taken down a notch to see how hard it is in the real world!”

Christi fairly roared back in Deb’s face “Real world!? HOW DARE YOU! What ell would you know of the real world?! You spent your whole life taking every shortcut you could find, and from the looks of it you’re still looking to blame anyone else but yourself for how screwed up your life is!”

By now there was a group of carnies gathering, attracted to the scene by the noise and wondering who the huge new girl was, not that either woman noticed by this point. Debra lunged at her larger sibling as both screamed obscenities at each other, but there was one more surprise in store for the both of them. They traded a few ineffective shots and then locked together for a grappling match, but as they clasped hands they both felt a surge of energy, as if on some deep level a circuit was completed.

Immediately Debra began swelling like a balloon hooked to a garden hose, her belly surged out as her rear end tried to see how big it could go before it burst. Her arms tried to fall to her sides as they plumped out, but didn’t go far as they soon were resting on her growing breasts, her shoulders rounded and merged with the quickly forming fat ring that was once her neck. She had to shift her legs to make room for her wide, bulging hips and thighs, but couldn’t release her grip on her sister, even with their massive bellies pushing them apart. In short order she was truly Christi’s twin once again, save for her hair and outfit, which somehow grew to barely accommodate her new size.

Finally they were able to unlock hands and each backed off a step to get their bearings, the sight was almost comical. The women were truly identical, down to every last fold and fat dimple. They also shared the same utter disbelief and stunned silence, if only for the moment.

Debra was first to break the quiet, “what did you do to me?!”

“What I did to YOU? Looks like you couldn’t even get your little revenge plan right either!” Christi retorted with a sadistic chuckle.

With a primal scream Debra launched herself forward as best she could, which wasn’t very much but it did get her within arms length of Christi. The scene was surreal, even by sideshow standards, two mammoth women trying their best to kill each other but separated by their own giant paunches from getting too close. The fact that the women were carbon copies of each other, with one in a skimpy two piece bikini, the other a mega goth, only raised the weirdness level.

The crowd of roadies and carnies watching were now having a blast, chanting cat-calls, shouts of encouragement to both girls, and active betting on the outcome, but still neither woman saw or heard any of this. Whether it was the rage or the years on the road that helped her do it, Debra landed the first clean shot with a resounding slap across Christi’s face that sounded like a thunderclap and almost spun her head around on her shoulders.

For the first time that night, everything stopped and a strange silence settled in, Christi stood there for a moment with tears welling up, then asked in a cracking voice “I want to know, before anything else happens, what did I ever do to you to deserve something like this?! Fine, we didn’t get along in high school, but if this is all some twisted revenge game, you win! Didn’t mom tell you why I looked you up after all this time? I got fired and blacklisted! I’m broke, I can’t get a job and I got chased out of my apartment. I was coming to beg you to help me, but if you hate me so much to do this to me…”

Christi then plopped down on her cushioned rear and started sobbing out loud.

Now it was Debra’s turn to be completely confused, she had finally gotten her revenge against her sister, so why did the sight of Christi’s breakdown make her feel like someone just ripped her heart out? Deb didn’t have long to think about this before she was forcibly turned around and slapped across the face herself by a very angry looking grey haired lady.

Deb blurted “Rosie? I can explain…”

“Shut up you ungrateful wretch! I don’t need your lying tongue to tell me what happened here, my old eyes work far better than you think. Do you have any idea how close you came to possibly KILLING your sister and yourself?! Did you honestly think you could just read a few books and instantly become some mighty sorceress?? I took you on as an apprentice because you had potential, but I was afraid you were not mature enough to grasp what that truly meant. I was more right than even I could imagine. You have proven yourself a bigger fool than I thought possible.”

Rosie quieted down for the moment but leveled a glare at Deb that could crack stone. The crowd was still there but quiet as mice, wanting to see more of the world class chew out but not wanting to receive any of it themselves.

“I am curious though,” she finally continued in a calmer tone but with a razor’s edge to it “for what possible reason you would risk so much to do this to your own family?”

Deb couldn’t answer at first. Instead she felt that all the anger and jealousy that was her constant companion since high school was gone without a trace or explanation. One moment she had been in a flying rage, the next it was simply gone. It might have been she had finally gotten to say everything she ever wanted to say to her sis, or maybe some side effect of the connection they just had, either way she no longer had any venom left in her and she only felt a growing empathy.

“I… I don’t know. It started so long ago I don’t remember, this fight’s been going on so long it just took on a life of it’s own. I, I guess I was always jealous of her success…” she trailed off with a glace at Christi.

“I never really meant to hurt her, just take her down a peg or two. I didn’t know that she had it so rough.”

Rosie’s tone and mood then significantly softened as well “if you truly are sorry for what you’ve done, go and tell her, beg her forgiveness, you might be surprised by what you hear.”

Deb shuffled her way over to her sister’s side and with great effort knelt at her side. Before she could say anything Christi looked her in the eye and said “Oh shut up, I heard everything, and I know you’re sorry. Don’t ask me how, but I just… know, and it feels like everything’s gonna be OK, you know? And for the record, I was jealous of your popularity and that you lived like you wanted to.”

Deb shrugged her massive shoulders “As long as we’re being honest, I don’t remember half of my time in school, was lucky I didn’t get pregnant, and I’ll never have a real job ‘cuz of my police record. Truce?”


When they hugged as best they could, they both felt a great weight fall off their shoulders, both figuratively and literally. Without a sound or any other effect, both women shrank down to about 750 lbs, not near their original weights but enough of a loss that they could get up and move again without too much effort.

Christi looked at Deb with wide eyes “Um, I guess this is a good start, thanks?”

Deb looked dumbstruck “Don’t thank me, I didn’t do it.”

Deb turned to look at Rosie with thankful eyes. “Thanks a lot, I know you were mad, but I really do appreciate you helping me and my sis.”

“Don’t thank me, I didn’t do anything. You two did.”

The girls answered in unison “Huh?? We did?”

“I mean that when I first met Debra, I sensed she had a hidden potential for “certain skills” that normal people don’t have; it is only natural that her twin sister has the same potential. And being twins, there are even more abilities you two are capable of when you are together, and my apprentice would have known that had she been a little more DILLIGENT in her studies.”

She finished her lecture with a smirk and then relaxed. “You both honestly wanted to help each other, and did so as only you could.”

After a pause she continued “Now if you two are quite finished with the theatrics, I have a business proposition for the two of you”

“You mean I’m not fired?”

“Now you’re saying I can do magic? I need a drink.”

One year later…

With Debra and Rosie working together, they managed to get Christi’s weight down to about 300. She was also happy for another type of second chance by working for the carnival as bookkeeper, soon handling all the business aspects of the group without actually running it.

During her magical apprenticeship, Christi discovered her abilities were not the usual kind of hexes and curses, but more of that practical kind of carnival magic that was merely an extension of her normal accounting skills. The kind where your customers don’t mind paying $12 for a can of soda pop and a small hot dog or $20 on a game to win a plastic trinket. She didn’t make the carnies rich, but they were more comfortable, and they were now making enough for whole crew to live a little better.

She also gained an addiction to fairway food, and ate her way back up to “two corn dogs shy of 400” as she jokingly put it. She had a little help with from her new boyfriend, a big all purpose laborer and part time strong man who wasn’t an FA per say, he was just an old fashioned guy who wanted a big girl in his big arms, and that was just fine with her.

Debra finally got her own time in the spotlight, but it wasn’t easy. As part of the effort to get Christi’s weight down, Deb took the excess onto herself and ballooned to over 1300 lbs, larger than she was during that first crazy night, but this time there was a method to the madness. Continuing with her own apprenticeship, she used her new knowledge to keep up her health and mobility at her new titanic size. With a special focus on her job as snake charmer, she added a new twist that brought in the crowds in droves.

Like many average fat ladies, she sat on a low bench in the middle of a raised stage, with her great belly flowing out to the floor, framed by leg fat that had almost overtaken her feet. Her hips spread out at least 6 feet and draped over the edges of the bench, her ass wasn’t left out and formed a grand shelf behind her as big as a card table. Her huge breasts rested halfway down her belly, barely contained by a leather bra, great arm rolls that shook and jiggled whenever she so much as wiggled her pudgy fingers, and a beautiful round face with a glorious neck roll that gave her a slight upward glance, giving her an almost regal look.

But that wasn’t the hook.

She had more tattoos of her snakes put all over her upper body and parts of the huge canvas of her stomach. With a deep connection with her snakes, they slithered harmlessly all over her massive form during her act, even several venomous species obeying her every command. Combined with the tattoos it produced a hypnotizing effect, the first fat lady snake charmer, she soaked up every ounce of attention and played the part with gusto.

Her favorite trick was when some rube made the inevitable rude remark about her size, she would point a meaty finger at them and hiss “Ssssnack time my petsssss”, and every snake on her would slither off as one towards the intended victim. Of course nobody was ever harmed, as a rule the snakes never left the stage, but by that time the said loudmouth had already left the tent at a clip that would make an Olympic sprinter jealous.

She also found a love of her own, but of course in her own warped way. When business picked up they hired a fire eater who fell head over heels for Deb, they quickly became serious and she worked him into her act (in more ways than one!) and he made sure she never went hungry again. She was simply happier than she had ever been, and closer to her sister than she ever thought possible.

The last I heard the duo were part of a show touring the deep south; it’s a trip worth taking for a show you’ll never forget


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Feb 8, 2007
Great stuff; loved the setting; loved the descriptions. A very imaginative symmetry to the plotting of this memorable "Tale of Two Sisties". :wubu:

FA Creature

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Jul 19, 2008
Whoa, it's not enough that my humble little missive is not only on dimensions, but somebody actually REQUESTED it?!? :eek:

I originally wrote this about 2 years ago and have written only one other story since, but it's still nice to know that some folks enjoyed it, twisted grammar and all!


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Nov 22, 2007
This is a really great story, mate!

I'm suprised no-one requested it sooner!


Oct 9, 2005
Requested it was, here, by someone who remembered it but couldn't find it.

I'm just happy that despite his alleged retirement FAcreature still responds to email messages and gave his consent.

This, of course, was just the most recent success story in a series of "Can anyone help me find xxx" threads in our Story Readers Forum. To me its pleasantly amazing how often the requests are successful. Hopefully this quick response inspires more such requests by others.

FA Creature

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Jul 19, 2008
It wasn't a full "give up on being an FA or writing" retirement, I refused to participate in the childish BS that was taking over DA before I lost what was left of my sanity. But as luck would have it, I still check my account there occasionally to keep contact with some old writing buds and saw your request.

Your point is still valid though, there's a whole mess of talented writers still at DA throwing pearls before swine as it were.
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