New eBook: A Round Peg

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    My latest (and longest!) BBW weight gain/stuck story, A Round Peg, is now on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited!

    Peg has been tasked by her family to reopen her grandma’s old donut shop. But a lot of things have changed in the ten years since Peg last worked at The Donut Hole, notably: her weight. From finding her old uniform laughably small to navigating the cramped confines of the donut kiosk, Peg’s accumulated fatness provides never-ending challenges. But, in a round about series of events, Peg’s fatness also reunites her with her old college flame, Jaye. Jaye is excited to find her college sweetheart enjoying the free donuts and is more than happy to help the increasingly round Peg through the square holes they encounter along the way to rekindling their relationship.​

    Read chapter 1 for free here (or the whole thing if you join up!)

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