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New Mall Weight Gain Comic

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Jake (JMJ2)

Well-Known Member
Aug 15, 2019
New York
Hello all. I hope you're all well. I've put together a sketch comic sequence with the talented artist Volkenfox.

You can find out more about it on my Deviant Art page, along with more of my stories.


Jake (JMJ)

jake27 User Profile | DeviantArt


“This mall is too empty for me to get clients.”

Gina Reardon, a 25 year old doe who worked at NY Fitness Center, walked out of her gym and down one of the many corridors that led into the oversized mall. It was a random Wednesday and she had just finished her latest aerobics dance class and was going to go home and rest for a bit. Unfortunately, that meant having to walk through the mall, which was connected to her gym.

The trim deer, who stood at just over 5-5, wiped some sweat off her forehead and strolled past the food court, cringing as she saw all the people clamor to get another meal of lard and grease. She tugged at the waistband of her sweatpants, thankful to feel nothing but muscle and fur. The doe was in terrific shape, weighing just over 120 pounds but all of it trim and lean muscle. She had prided herself on staying in shape through college, and even more thankful that her dedication landed her a decent paying job. Still, she had been noticing that her classes were getting smaller and smaller, though not because people weren’t exercising.

No, the problem was that Peloton, online classes, and Beachbody were running rampant on the gym and gym instructors. No one wanted to drive all the way downtown to get sweaty and then drive back home covered in grime, they’d rather do things from the comforts of their own home on their time. While it made sense for the consumers, it did not help Gina.

Her salary was still stable but she knew it was going to get cut at some point. If that happened, she figured she’d be out of luck and would need to find something else. She did not have many skills and knew this would be brutal for her, so she prayed things would turn around and soon.

As she strode towards the mall entrance, and where her car was waiting for her outside, she glanced at the front counter to see a wolf just sleeping in his chair. His massive gut was pressed against the desk and his ass had swallowed up his desk chair. From the look of it, the chair was about ready to blow and Gina could see that it wouldn’t have been a large drop either, as the guy’s saddle bags almost touched the floor. Passing his front, she saw that his shirt wasn’t even properly buttoned, his stomach was exposed to the entire world, his heavy paunch completely covering up the keyboard underneath him.

Gina shook her head in disgust as she walked past him, even more so when she saw that a little sign beyond his reach was displaying openings for security guards.

“What a fatso”, she thought to herself. “Who wants to work at a mall anyway?”

With that, she left the mall and got into her car to go home.


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