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BHM Norwegian Wood

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Mar 26, 2024
[BHM, FFA (coming out), Romance, slow burn, found family, he falls first: After loosing his friend BHM Stian is hiding from life. Sharing his love for music, his friend and colleague Ola persuades him to join his band. Meeting Nelly the sympathetic and gentle piano player changes everything. Nelly is drawn to Stian but has to conquer her own prejudices.
And please be kind, for english is not my native language. ☺️]

Norwegian Wood
by Etta


Nelly shivered and wrapped her arms around her body. Since she was so early, it was still cold inside the club and not very crowded. She shifted from one foot to the other, looking over the dance floor observing the few other visitors. A young muscular guy in a Guns`n Roses Shirt was leaning against one of the columns the dance floor from the sitting area. Since this night’s theme was “Rock Classics” he was dressed adequately in black skinny jeans and 80ies Style Converse Sneakers. Her gaze drifted. A group of card players was sitting at a table; a lean young guy, his face painted like Alice Cooper was sipping his beer near three girls in leather skirts and band shirts, who were giggling and ogling the muscular Guns`n Roses fan. But none of her friends she was waiting for were amongst them.

Of course, Mona was late as always. But where were Nina and her best friend Bibi? She was longing for their company, after a long and tiring workday. It had been parent`s day at school – but in her opinion working, playing and teaching kids was less exhausting than speaking with either over-ambitious or disinterested parents. Nelly shook her head and took a deep sip of her coke. At least it was Friday night; she was here to forget about work and to see her friends, before Ola would pick her up for band rehearsal later that night.
Not that it would be very successful since their lead guitarist had moved away a month ago and they still hadn’t found a replacement. With a bit of luck the DJs would not only play Alice Cooper and Guns`n Roses, but also a few childhood Indie Classics like Nirvana or Pearl Jam and her friends would be here soon. Thinking of them, her eyes wandered to vaulted cellar’s entrance.

But who was that? A large man descended the stairs, entered the club and stopped on the dance floor. He turned his head as if he was looking for someone. Nelly seldom set eyes on such a huge body. Normally she thought it rude to stare, but there was something about him that made her keep her eyes on him – making a strange tickle form inside her stomach, creep all over her body, warm and soothing. Slightly trembling she couldn’t take her eyes off him. As he was standing in the spotlight of the dancefloor, he was overtly apparent. The lamp cast golden highlights in his fair, chin-length hair, that framed soft classical features. He was tall with broad shoulders and wore a heavy metal t-shirt with illegible stylized letters. Even though it was black, it did nothing to slim his broad figure. His belly hung heavily below his waistline, that was wrapped with thick love-handles. The tight shirt fabric showcased his meaty chest.
Nelly couldn`t look away, heat stirring through her insides. Mesmerized she watched his gut wobble as he balanced his weight from one foot to the other before he stiffened. As she raised her glance, he looked directly into her face. Nelly tried an apologetic smile, relieved he couldn`t notice her blushing in the club’s dim light. Frowning he turned around and walked to the opposite corner of the dancefloor.

Nelly lowered her head, her stomach twitching and heat pulsating in her ears. She felt embarrassed. Surely he considered her judgmental and shallow. She knew exactly how it felt being stared at and measured up; she had been bullied in her schooldays for being shy and bookish, labeled a teachers-pet. It was not until she went to university in Heidelberg where she made real friends. Apart from books music was her other remedy. Over their shared love for Rock &Metal, she and Bibi became friends, moving in together as inseparable friends & flat mates.

Thinking about Bibi, Nelly felt someone nudge her shoulder. “Hey, are you daydreaming? What are you staring at?” Bibi grinned at her. Sparkling green eyes, brown curls framing a slim face with a short turned up freckled nose.

“You mean- who?” Mona exclaimed, her shrill voice drowning the intro of “Nothing Else Matters.” “I guess this hottie with the Guns`n Roses shirt.” She flipped her straight silky black hair over her shoulder, always aware everyone in the club was admiring her.

“Oh my gosh, he took a time machine and came straight from the 80’ties.” Nina piped up. She was wearing a simple dress with spaghetti straps that emphasized her petite form. Her blond bob corresponded to her elegant fine features with a small nose.

Nelly had to laugh. “Oh no, not this muscular jock!” She couldn’t help it, couldn’t explain why, but her eyes were drawn to the chubby guy on the opposite side of the dance floor. He fiddled with a pack of cigarettes, finally tearing the cellophane wrap open.

Mona followed her gaze. “Oh look at that fatty. Seems like he never opened a pack before.” She took a cigarette out of her own handbag to put it between her lips. “Although he’s obviously used to opening food packaging and chocolate wrappers, crisp bags…”, she said between compressed lips, wrinkling her nose in revulsion.

“Don’t be rude!”, Bibi snapped.
Nelly smiled, still not used to such assertiveness coming from a sweet person.

The big boy tried to light up his cigarette, but no success. Only a few sparks appeared. He shook the lighter and tried again - nothing.

Simultaneously Mona took out her own lighter and lit her cigarette, inhaling deeply before exhaling smoke.
Nelly standing right beside her, fanned it away with her hand. Self-centered and heedless as always, her friend Mona didn’t notice she had blown the smoke directly in Nelly’s direction.
She sighed. As much as she liked coming to this music club, she hated being muffled in smoke and preferred going to non-smoking locations.

Nelly blinked, the smoke stinging in her eyes. Through the fumes she saw a large silhouette approaching, halting directly at Mona’s, who batted her eyes in astonishment before staring.
With the big boy standing right in front of them, Nelly could make out his regular features, with a shadow over his big brown eyes. She estimated he was a few years older than herself, in his late twenties or early thirties. He bit his lips as he turned to Mona, who faced him with lowered lashes land chin up, asking icily. “What do you want?”

He held up his cigarette, mumbled something Nelly could not understand and smirked shyly.
“How dare you make a move on me, fatty?” Mona wrinkled her nose again and tossed back her hair. “F**k off!”
He stood there rooted, looking at Mona in astonishment, something dark flickering in his gaze.
Mona dragged on her cigarette and blew the smoke directly in his face. “Disgusting pig!”

He blinked and bowed his head. Seeing the hurt in his face, Nelly’s heart froze, like ice water pouring down her chest. Feeling simultaneously ashamed of Monas behavior and sorry for the big boy, she touched his upper arm without thinking. It was just a second, but she sensed the little pillow of fat over his elbow, the softness of his skin and the fine lines of a tattoo poking out of the t-shirt’s short sleeve, it’s hem digging into his soft flesh as his muscles tensed.
She gulped and looked up, her insides cramping as their eyes met. With frozen countenance, he shot her dagger looks. Frowning he shook off her hand to stump off, leaving her at the edge of the dancefloor, with a thumping heart as she heard the first notes of Blue Oyster Cults “Don’t fear the Reaper”.
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