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BHM Serving Gluttony - (BHM, Stuffing, dom/sub)

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Feb 24, 2019
Serving Gluttony
By Jaybird

(A little fantasy story inspired by some stories here and some real life events)

"Louise! I'm hungry! Where are you now, silly girl!"

I climbed the stairs two at a time as soon as I heard the Prince call for me. I swung the heavy oak door open, and ran to the side of the bed.

"I am sorry, Your Highness. I was talking to the cooks about your lunch, we've had trouble getting all of the gravy you requested ready."

His Highness was spread out on the bed, long braids flowing down to his sides. The room was ornately decorated with gold leafing, and marble walls. His bed was covered in the softest purple silk sheets money could buy, specially tailored for his extra large bed, which had to be custom built. He sat laid back on an uncountable number of the most comfortable pillows that could be found, relaxed and contented. His crown sat upon his head a slight angle as the Prince looked up at me.

"Louise, that is all well and good, and I of course appreciate your effort. But, silly girl...its time for my second mid-morning snack."

I blushed as the Prince smiled a warm smile at me. His deep brown eyes glanced over me in the same way he looked at his food, and I knew he was almost as excited for his dessert as he was for his snack.

Snack might be a bit of an understatement. The small elevator dinged, and I walked over to open the door, wheeling out the cart stacked high with greasy rich foods for His Highness. I glanced back over at the Prince and took in the sight.

He basked in the sunlight that came in through the open window, an expression of both hunger and contentment on his soft round face, a smile teasing the corners of his chubby cheeks. His double chin wrapped around his neck and jiggled slightly with each deep breath he took. Drool began dripping down his chins as I wheeled the cart beside the bed. His Highness could never resist any food; he lived his life as a human embodiment of the word gluttony.

"Feed me, darling. I'm starved."

The words dripped off of his lips as smooth and sweet as honey, and I was enthralled with how His Highness could be hungry again. Not an hour earlier, he had finished his first mid-morning snack (after a breakfast feast truly fit for a prince), and had been in such a stuffed daze he could barely speak or move. And now, he was looking at me with stern but affectionate eyes.

"Now, silly girl. I don't like to wait."

He must have noticed me glazing over with admiration. I was taking too long. I heard the Prince's stomach start to rumble, and he looked at me with such a longing and hunger, I immediately spun around and brought the first plate of many to rest on his soft belly. I leaned myself over, into the bed, and curled by my Prince's side. The soft fat of his hips pressed against me, as I brought the first bite of smoked meat up to his gentle and eager lips. It slid into his mouth, and I felt him gently lick his tongue around my fingers, tasting the sauce and seasoning off my hand. He moaned loudly with pleasure, swallowed it whole, and then looked at me with a crazed hunger I had grown used to feeding.

Softly, he whispered in my ear. "More. Now."

And so it went for the next thirty minutes. I brought plate after plate of food to rest on His Highness's soft round belly, which folded into two soft jiggling rolls in front of him. Plates of smoked meat, soft savory garlic rolls, fattening chocolate glazed pastries with sweet cream fillings, and steaming piles of fried rice with chicken, pork, beef, and shrimp all mixed were laid before His Highness. I hand fed him each bite, his appetite only growing with each new morsel that slid past his eagerly awaiting lips. The food disappeared quickly, crumbs falling onto the massive expanse of his chest, which he motioned for me to dig out and make sure they went back into his mouth. His Highness did not want to waste a single calorie of his feast. He wanted it all to go directly to his growing belly.

Slowly, as the last plate was almost finished, he began to get a far away look in his eyes. His belly was beginning to grow hard and taut underneath his soft layering of fat, and he began to slow down his eating. Soft moans followed each bite, and I knew that my Prince was almost ready for his dessert.

As the last bite slipped past his lips, he leaned up and kissed me gently. "Thank you, my sweet Louise. You are my favorite servant girl, and the only one who seems to enjoy feeding me my meals as much as I enjoy wolfing them down. Now, it's time for you to give me my dessert."

He grabbed the back of my head with the chubby fingers of one hand, and pulled back his substantial belly with the other. The purple robe draped over him slid back, and revealed his soft heavy thighs, each of which were as big around as my waist. His moans could be heard throughout the castle as I finally brought him to climax.

As we laid side by side, His Highness kissed me gently, and just as he had before, whispered softly in my ear.
"More. Now."
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