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Paranoia Tale 004 - Gift

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Jan 16, 2008
“Who am I, you ask?”

“I am here...I am everywhere”

“I have not one name but thousands”

“Every inch you gain, I have worn”

“I visit the hungry in their burning skin and devour the bodies of the thin.”

“Your gluttonous ways are my delight”

“With your belly rumbling, you invite me in.”

“There are leftovers in your fridge...there are snacks hidden beneath your bed”

“I am not fullness...fullness looks at me with sorrowful eyes and asks ‘why must you do this?’”

“And my answer is always the same.”

‘I do what you cannot.’

“No feast is enough when I am around”

“Fullness is a mistake which I correct.”

“These are gifts to you from me...”

“I have not one name but thousands...”

“But you...you may call me Paranoia...”

“And I am pleased to make your acquaintance.”


Paranoia Story 4 – Gift
By Dr-Black-Jack

The light at the end of the tunnel diverged into three, and all at once they pulled Paranoia towards them. There were others around her, arranged in a circle, with offerings of cake, biscuits and more.

“That’s right...it’s a party...just like the one at school all those years ago...”

Nostalgia comes in many shapes and flavors and none were more potent than those encased between the layers of thickened cream and fluffy pastry of one’s youth. Much of Paranoia’s younger years were spent within arm’s reach of such goodies all the way up towards the end of high school which had a pronounced effect on her figure.

“Alright, we’re going to begin exchanging graduation presents now! Everyone take your seats.”

In Paranoia’s case, that meant taking two. It wasn’t because her posterior was particularly plump, but rather because she enjoyed the look on the face of the girl without a chair pleading with her to give it back. It was at that point that Paranoia would flick her long, golden hair over her shoulder and slump across them both and allowed her hips and buttocks to edge across both seats as she crossed her curvy thighs in defiance. It was a make shift throne for a make-shift queen, at least when she felt like it.

A first class beauty like her only deserved the finest things in life. Expensive creams to slather upon her cherubic face with just the hint of a double chin underneath her ruby red lips. A designer blazer adorned her chubby arms and framed her generous bust. Silken black and white plaid skirts were the only thing allowed to grace her swollen hips and padded rear to reveal just a few inches of her soft, pale thighs. Embroidered stockings with her family’s logo covered the rest of her down to her genuine leather boots.

She revelled in the dirty looks the others gave as one of the other girls would be forced to share with another and the discomfort they would both endure. She reveled in the gossip which would spread afterwards and how much they would want to get back at her and all the things they would do to put her in her place. And most importantly, she reveled in knowing that they would never be able to.

“Keep passing the presents to your right as the music plays. When the music stops, the present you hold is the one that is yours.”

Some might have called it a childish game, but even here Paranoia knew she would dominate. She was already top of her class and the president of so many clubs and councils even if she had no interest in them. She bought out the popular dishes at the canteen only to take one bite before throwing them away in front of students who couldn’t afford to eat. Money was no object to someone such as her. Having the biggest and the best was always her style and unwrapping something amazing to rub in the faces of her classmates was something which she lived for.

She smirked to herself as she folded her arms across her generous chest and allowed just the barest hints of white breast flesh to ooze into view between the overstretched buttons of her school uniform. Her hourglass figure was the envy of all and she would flaunt it. She batted her lilac eyes innocently at the teacher handing out the presents, and smiled her widest until they passed. The facade of a diligent student also brought with it many perks and they were none the wiser and always let her have her way when she did.

“It was so hard for me to choose what to buy!” said one girl on the far side of the room as she shook her box inquisitively. “I hope it’s something good.”

“I know! It took me forever to decide!” said another as she rattled hers in her lap.

“What a bunch of morons!” Paranoia scoffed to herself haughtily. ““No matter what you buy, no one will know who it’s from so any old thing will do!”
The box which lay upon her lap was dull and crudely wrapped, with a slap dash bow and bits of torn paper around the edges. Clearly this was something chosen by one of the peasants of her class, completely unworthy of her time. The edge of the box poked against her plump paunch, making her think of the grubby unwashed hands which had probably been involved in wrapping it. Paranoia cringed and slid the gift a little further off her lap.

“It doesn't matter what you give but rather what you’ll receive.”

Music had started to play and the gifts were exchanged. A lilting carnival melody piped out of an old tape recorder. Paranoia sized up her options as she rattled the gifts she was handled ever so gently in an attempt to discern what lay beneath colored wrappers and ribbons. By the time the music stopped, however, she found herself face to face with the crudely wrapped gift once more.
“I might have known it...this present is a dud.”
It was a tatty, hand-knit sweater. A second rate patchwork job, several sizes too small to fit over her buxom breasts lay across her lap. The neck opening was so small it would choke anyone who wore it. It was the worst possible gift and clearly someone’s poor idea of a joke. Paranoia grit her teeth as she looked around just in time to catch the girl to her left opening a fluffy teddy.

“No fair! That’s supposed to be mine!”

She lent over and snatched the bear from the girl’s grasp.

“You were in the middle of passing it when the music stopped!” Paranoia declared. “This IS mine.”

And that might have been the end of it had she not seen an even better gift being opened by the girl on her right.


“Hey! That’s also mine!” Paranoia screeched as she ripped the music box from the girl’s hands. “If you hadn’t been such a slowpoke during the song I would have been holding that when the music stopped!”

“What are you talking about?” said one girl as she tried to console the other.

“That’s terrible!” exclaimed another. “The game is already over!”

“That’s right!” chimed in a third. “Whatever we’re holding when the music stops is what we keep!”

“Shut up, all of you!” Paranoia yelled as she erupted from her seat. She shoved the third girl forcefully to the floor and knocked a box of short bread cookies from her hands in the process. “I said this is also mine so I’m taking it”

“If anyone’s got a problem with my methods...I’ll be sure that my daddy has a word with you after school...”

Paranoia’s head hurt. Having to deal with such losers over and over again was such an annoying process. She popped open the cookie lid and began to cram a few into her mouth, hoping that sating her hunger would help her feel better. The blissful taste of buttery shortbread upon her tongue indeed made her feel calmer as she gulped and swallowed whilst holding her treasures close. She closed her eyes and savored the flavor. This was her world and no one would tell her what to do.

“In the end, I got everything that I wanted.”

“That’s right...this is how I wanted to live my life...ever since that party...”

Three bright lights appeared before her once again as she opened her eyes.

“But what am I doing back here?!”

The girls were arranged back in a circle as though nothing had ever happened. Her presents were nowhere to be seen. She could still taste the buttery cookies upon her tongue but found no trace of the box anywhere.

“Strange...this happened so long ago...but why am I a teenager again.”

Memories of a future coated in decadence had changed her life for the better. The last thing she recalled was being a woman in her late twenties lying out on a massive rococo bed in her palatial bedroom, propped up on large billowy satin and silk pillows. Gone was her tiny silken bikini bottom which barely held against her huge tits and swollen gut. Her collection of high powered business suits all missing from their hangers along with the 10 foot gilded portrait of herself on her wall. She might have gained another 50 pounds since her high school days but no one would dare call her fat to her face and live to tell the tale about it. She had seized all that she needed and never took no for an answer.

“What is this?”

But now all she had were questions. Back to a more relatively svelte 160 pounds she had been in her youth, Paranoia inexplicably found herself compelled to sit amongst the circle of girls once again. She took only a single chair this time, uncertain of what the situation had in store. Like any successful business mogul, she would observe before making her move.

“Why are we exchanging gifts again?”

The lilting tune of a carnival theme piped in from the inky blackness which surrounded the girls as the classroom fell away around them. Box after box made their way across her finger tips as she waited for the tune to reach its end.

“Alright, stop!”

A voice boomed all around them right down to Paranoia’s very soul.

“The box before you is all yours. Go ahead and open your gift.”

“I don’t know what the deal is here...” Paranoia thought to herself as she tore into the gift with gusto. “But if it’s anything like that party I had when I was in high school...then I know I’m going to take the best gift home with me!”

She popped open the lid.

An earlier time and a different place lay before her as the modern day Paranoia on the cusp of womanhood observed her five year old self crying her eyes out because her Mother had not given into her whims for a mobile phone. Her father had died long ago and so with him the decadence whist she had grown up in as the company had gone bust long before.

Among the misery of her father’s passing other little details trickled in. Her widowed mother could only console her daughter with her favorite chocolate that would not break their already tight budget.

Her tiny arms dug into boxes which her mother had stored up, their taste all the sweeter for taking something which she knew her mother cared about. It was there which sweets had made their mark on her reality when times got rough, but any food would do. Greasy pizzas, sugary sodas and dollar store packets of chips would soon become her-

“W-whats going on here!” Paranoia exclaimed as she slammed down the lid.

Paranoia’s head throbbed and her body along with it. Her thighs, hips, ass, legs and breasts felt as though they were being overtaken by a strange, unseen ‘goo-iness’. Her school uniform got tighter and she felt as though her skin was melting. But to her surprise, it was merely bulging.

“This is terrible!

Her once slight belly pooched out into a sizable pot and then into a full blown flabby sack which trembled as she staggered backwards. Her hands pinched herself as more and more flab formed around her middle and folded over her hips. Those too began to expand, slowly ballooning into a pair of more rounded and fleshy pillars. Paranoia’s hands crept down her plump sides and caressed her bulging thighs and ass. Her stockings tore noisily as her tight buns became bloated basketballs and her tree-trunk thighs continued to swell in size.

“This has to be another prank, a sick prank aimed at me!”

Paranoia could feel the other parts of her body caress one another as more folds piled upon one another. Her growing breasts snapped the button of her uniform apart and sagged well over the confines of her puny bra which was already under duress from boobs fattened to well over twice their normal size. The webbed stitching of her uniform was starting to come apart at the seams as her designer outfits morphed away into the same cheesy, low budget uniforms of her peers, audibly popping as more fat rushed to fill her sleeves. The ripened young lady awkwardly shuffled towards one of her classmates and snatched the box she was holding.

“Hey you, let me see that!”

Paranoia’s chubby hands tore the box away from the girl who surprisingly gave it without a fight.

“A big box like this, there has to be something good inside for certain!” Paranoia declared as she began to unwrap it. “I’m taking this one! You can have the other.”

“But according to the rules, each person only gets one gift...” said the girl softly.

Had Paranoia taken the time to actually look at her, she would have noticed her face was entirely featureless from the mouth up. The girl continued to smile as Paranoia shoved her hard.

“Shut it! Unless you have a problem with me, we can take this outside!”

“Nope. You open it, you own it now.”

Paranoia opened the lid.

Junior high came and with it Paranoia’s demanding and bitter attitude allowed her to fight her way to the top of her school’s cliques. Despite being the biggest girl in her class, weighing in at almost 230 pounds, she still had still managed to bring the other students beneath her heel. Her milky skin was flawless and her enormity had an allure to it as it struggled to be contained within her oversized uniform.

However, in this world, Paranoia had been so successful as she tasted toilet water at the back of her throat whilst a rival dunked her head back in for the umpteenth time. She had been publicly humiliated with her clothing torn and tattered, leaving her in little more than a bra and shredded skirt. Tougher girls whom she would have been able to bribe if she had the money had turned on her upon realizing that she was completely broke.

The family had to sell their house and her mom had forced her to take up a part time job just to continue her schooling. The only place willing to hire someone such as her was the local fast food joint which had made it a point to keep her far in the back lest customers think that her obesity was the direct product of their food.

Little did they realize that after hours Paranoia would drown her sorrows in leftovers gulping down buckets of fries and cartons of soda as she seethed with thoughts of retribution and how she would make the world hers.

“What kind of presents are these?!”

A fat girl dropped the box and slouched back down on her chair. Not merely chubby any more, nearly 300 pounds of Paranoia stretched her tattered uniform which had been sewn back together with mismatching squares of fabric. Her white shirt was stained with grease from meals she couldn’t remember gorging on. The buttons barely held together as rolls of blubber now stretched from her breasts to her enormous belly. Her chunky arm held protectively against her overflowing gut and did a poor job of concealing the full four inches of fish-belly white, stretch mark riddled skin which billowed over her skirt for all to gawk and wince at. Not that Paranoia noticed however as growing up fat had made her all too aware of what they were doing. Instead she cast her gaze downwards as she watched her stockings explode right off, replaced with grubby socks and dirty discount shoes that cramped her swollen feet.

Paranoia’s hands crept over her chubby cheeks and pronounced double chin. Her face was ruined as her formerly well defined features were now buried beneath a thick neck and soft, full shoulders. These melded into her prominent but saggy breasts which fought to be as wide as they were deep. She hefted them experimentally between the folds of her arms and gasped at their weight. She had to be at least an F or G cup by now and a rather broad one at that.

“Oh don’t worry. If you aren’t satisfied there are plenty more.”

Paranoia glanced up to see another almost faceless girl approach her and shove a box against her chest. The girl lifted the lid before she could even protest.

“Here, try this one.”

Senior high was not a pleasant place for a girl as large as her. Far more than full figured and well beyond the borders of voluptuous, more than 350 pounds of Paranoia waddled towards her next class. She was merely average, and the lessons were too hard, making her stress eat more and more. The pressure of her second job was making it hard for her to study and her family’s finances were well into the red. She could only be herself when she had a 128 oz big gulp in one arm and a box of doughnuts in the other, but it was not like she had expected her peers to understand that.

The time she had caught herself in-between the school desk and chair had to have been the final straw as she waddled from the classroom crying, only to get wedged tightly at the door—

Paranoia slammed down the lid and threw the box to the side only in time for another girl to shove another one, already unwrapped, against her enormous belly.

“Oh and look at this one!”

She had been fired from both her jobs after she had been discovered eating the food she should have been serving. It wasn’t her fault that she was so hungry all the time. Her mother had mysteriously disappeared and the bill collectors were at her door. Scary men visited her at night, whispering words of how they would be coming to collect once she was of age and ready to graduate.

She didn’t want to graduate anymore.

Her future had become dim just as Paranoia’s golden locks had become lank and greasy. It was rarely ever that she was without food, shoveling more and more into her mouth as a means of escape. Her entire body appeared to be carrying the weight of nearly three people, giving her the appearance of a large water balloon filled well to capacity but still subject to the twists and pull of gravity. Her breasts and hips were enormous but those still paled in comparison to the depth of her giant belly dome, so full it defied any further attempts to be separated into rolls. Tens of thousands of calories had done this to her and tens of thousands more were to come. She had sold almost everything aside from her uniform and phone, with cheap delivery pizza on the first speed dial number and the suicide hotline on the second. One slip of her flabby finger as she attempted to mash the keypad would--

“No...that’s enough...”

Paranoia mouthed a breathy plea as her chest heaved from fullness. Never before had she felt so stuffed, feeling as though she had been fed through a hose. Trickles of memory about never having finished high school eked into her mind, followed by bitter contemplation of having to sell her body just to get by.

Her clothes were easily tested by an additional hundred pounds and it was safe to say they had failed abysmally. No longer a student, she simply sat there in a messy, grey sweater and ill fitting sweat pants that were hardly befitting her old memories as campus queen. In only a few unseen moments she had grown enormous with thick rolls of belly fat sagging across her thunderous thighs on their journey to her knees.

Paranoia was roly-poly fat, her defined curves blending together at nearly 70% belly and thigh fat. Massive and completely untoned, she was disgusted with herself as her youth and genes struggled to hold shape over the results of an unhealthy lifestyle. Her ass was deep and wide and ballooned out behind her like two giant globes of flesh, the twin supports which had gotten her into the sex industry as a fetish model for the pleasure of others. She was always hungry and this was the only way to eat.

“What’s wrong?” asked one of the girls cheerily. “This isn’t like you?”

“Come on,” said another, “Aren’t you going to take them from us? You can have as many of these as you like!”

“I-I don’t want any of them!” Paranoia screeched as she launched herself off the chair. Unaccustomed to all the weight she had gained, her attempt at a defiant last stand only resulted in her falling to the ground with a meaty thud. Her eyes brimmed with tears as she chewed her upper lip. “You...can keep your damned gifts!”

“It’s too late!” chimed in a third. “You can run but you can’t escape once you take off the lids!”

Still on the ground she felt herself continue to grow fatter by the second. Her clothing was torn but could not rip fast enough as she felt her sweater’s neck hole cut into her double chin. She could hardly breathe after her gluttonous repast as she weakly flailed in place. Her arms grew heavier as more bulk pinned them in place and her feet left the ground as her belly expanded like a mattress beneath her. Her enormous boobs flopped out to the side as her engorged nipples caressed the cold, hard ground. Bits and pieces of fabric were caught in the growing sea of folds as Paranoia’s ass blossomed into view of the entire room. She instinctively motioned to shield her womanhood with a flabby hand, only to find the rolls of blubber did a better job

“What are you worried about? You know you don’t wear panties in your line of work.”

“Why must you do this...Do you want me to apologize to you?” Paranoia breathily sobbed as faceless girl knelt beside her. “Who are you...”

The girl’s pleasant smile contorted into a fanged snarl as she pulled another box out from behind her back and gingerly put it in front of the now immobilized, young beauty. She laughed as she slowly inched her jagged fingertips towards the ribbon and gently began to tug the lid open.

“There is no reason to apologize. These are merely the final presents we get in life. We all get at least one in the end.”



Its that Halloween time of year again! This one is a particularly dark tale in the ongoing yearly installments of what goes terribly wrong in the existence of one particularly unfortunate young woman. Expect no happy ends to stories like this one.

As such, this story ending has been modified for those who would avoid a fully tragic outcome.

If you would like to see how it truly ends, please visit the full version located here.


Happy Halloween all!

- Author's Note

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