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Perfection Frustration

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Dec 29, 2011
Hi folks,

Im looking for a bit of guidance here, recently estranged from a long long relationship with a petite girl that didnt meet my needs physically I'm looking to settle down with the right girl.

Im a handsome successful guy, im open and caring, and fun to be with.

However I have a problem, no girl is ever good enough, and its driving me crazy, I keep meeting these beautiful voluptuous ladies, with fabulous minds, and beautiful bodies, but my years and years of fantasising about the perfect BBW has programmed me to reject a girl if she doesn't look like the perfect BBW, not too big, not too small, very big bust, very round ass, very pretty face.

On paper this all seems completely irrational, Im sure ive dated girls that could have made me really happy if i could have overcome these images in my minds eye, and I fear this pattern is going to lead to lonliness but i just cannot overcome the thoughts, if she doesnt look like my fantasy everything goes to pot.

Does anyone else suffer from this? How do i overcome it?

Any help much appreciated

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