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Plus Size - by Dr-Black-Jack (Medical, SSBBW, ~XWG)

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Jan 16, 2008
~SSBBW, ~XWG, Medical - A young waitress serves some unusual customers

Author’s Note: For the longest of time, WG and the health perspective have been like oil and water. I created this story out of an idea of how to combine both aspects together into something which I hope that you will all enjoy!



Plus Size
By: Dr-Black-Jack

A blinding flash of photography bulbs illuminated the court room as the defendant was lead in shackles. The tiny metal cuffs sunk into the rolls of her arms, her heavy-set frame not suited to wearing such tight restraints as they creased across her fleshy wrists. She was roughly prodded and herded through the crowd to her seat, a wall of hands pressing against her ample flesh to treat her like livestock. Her long dark hair fluttered behind her like a cape as her weighty breasts, plush belly and stocky ass jostled forward with every step.

The ponderous proportions of a meaty maiden brought forth an air of distain in the courts and was seen as being the mark of a woman without boundaries, without respect for her own body or those of others and most of all, one with a total lack of self control. All of the evidence so far had made her out to be a greedy pig only concerned with her own unorthodox methods and a unique disregard for human well being. With the state that her body was in and the nation’s trend towards condemning the clinically obese, it wouldn’t take long for the prosecution to have this case in the bag. They proceeded to hammer in the final nail in her coffin.

“The prosecution would like to call forth its key witness. Would Miss Saiyumi Natsuhime, please take the stand.”

Another deluge of flashes erupted from the sea of photographers as this time, an even fatter girl took to the main floor. Her only formal business dress clung so crushingly tight to her enormous frame and highlighted her voluptuous curves. At an excess of 400 pounds she was absolutely tremendous by modern Japanese standards, attracting a chatter of astonished gasps and sniggers as she waddled her way to the front.

The stairs creaked as she applied her weight to them, her flabby calves and the rolls on her ankles towering over each tiny step. Provocative pounds of her lumpy love handles and broad, birthing hips together exceeded the meager cover provided by the small podium as she finally reached the top. A once indefatigable walker prior to her metamorphosis, no one would have guessed how physically fit she had been given the way she mopped her sweaty brow with her pocket handkerchief and breathed so heavily after heaving her hefty frame such a short distance. The abundance of flab around her jiggled and bounced to the distinct tone of her stretching skirt, straining to hold itself together as she gradually lowered her enormous ass down to dwarf the witness’ seat.

“Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you God?”

“I do,” she replied nervously eyeing the accused. The woman who had done this to her would pay for her crimes this day, that much she was sure of. “I’m r-ready to t-tell you everything...”

“Then by all means Miss Saiyumi, please proceed. Tell the court what happened on the events of September 14th.”

Patient Chart 001 - “....But Words Can Never Hurt Me”

“I think it’s getting bigger.”

Saiyumi’s worried gaze reflected back at her as she angled a polished metal serving tray over her rear. Those tight, white panties she had just bought had sunken even deeper and were now accompanied by a crinkle of bulging fat which overlapped the edge of the elastic at her waist.

This couldn’t possibly have been right. Even if she had always been ‘pleasingly plump,’ her curves had at least always managed to retain their smoothness without the hint of even an ounce of cellulite. Only truly fat girls had such an imperfection and knowing that she wasn’t yet in that category was what allowed her to get through the day. She wasn’t fat....she couldn’t be fat...no one would want to be served by such a cow of a woman.

“Oh no...I swore that I would lose five pounds by the end of this week....”

A waitress’ livelihood relies heavily on their appearance; a fact which Saiyumi had been dwelling on for quite some time. She had to be swift on her feet, with a good sense of balance and, most importantly, be as presentable as the food she was serving. Though her looks bore a sense of simple elegance, standing at a moderate height of 5’5’’ with sandy blonde hair down to her shoulders and eyes bluer than ocean mist, the view beneath her perky C-cups was where her aptitude for such a skilled task became questionable. Cellulite or not, having a plush and plump stomach flanked by a pair of broad, billowing thighs was synonymous with being cumbersome, slow and an all round klutz. It made her appear to be the type of employee who was more likely to snack on dishes instead of serving them.

That negative stereotype, being further bolstered by a recent mass media blitz to villanize fat, made it tough for a girl any larger than a size 12. Almost all the higher paying careers were being reserved for thinner, healthier potential candidates who were bound to do a better job rather than eat the profits. Especially for a transfer student without a degree or financial stability such as herself, it was a wonder that she had finally ever managed to convince someone to hire her in the first place.

Truth be told, her opportunity had arisen more as a joke. The spiteful restaurant manager only allowed her the position provided that she could slip all 215 pounds of her into the largest uniform which would have fit snugly even on a 180 pound woman. It was a test of endurance which she had literally squeezed through by the seat of her enormous panties, their cottony softness just barely staying hidden beneath the short length of her red and white, pinstriped miniskirt. At least that was the case, until today.

“Maybe I can smooth it out.”

The restaurant’s tiny store-room pantry didn’t provide much wiggle room but somehow she managed to reach her other chubby arm behind her to tug at the offending undergarment. She cringed as she felt her hand sinking into her glutinous rear end, taking stock of her blubbery booty as it filled her palms. Saiyumi’s ass was several times larger than when she had last felt it, no longer classifiable as ‘ghetto booty’ plump or even ‘rumpaliciously’ rounded out with pound after pound she had somehow managed to put on. It rose over the rolls of fat which adorned her back, an utter mountain of 100% pure porker posterior with a narrow crack so deep she could have supported an entire umbrella between the tightness of her cheeks alone. The gap was only growing tighter as she attempted to tuck that disgusting inch of flab back into her over-stretched panties and out of sight. She had to finish up before the next order was called.

“Table 21! Saiyumi, you’re up!”

And it couldn’t have come at a worse time.

“I’m c-coming!”

A more in-depth panty probing would have to wait. Sliding her hand out from underneath with a soft snap, Saiyumi did her best to tidy and straighten out the rest of her uniform. The gentle, candy-cane contour continued up from her mini-skirt, a pattern only temporarily broken by her protruding navel and the upper slope of her pale, fleshy tummy, bordered either side by a pair of black suspenders. The weighty waitress soon found herself in a bit of a conundrum as every effort to cover her soft stomach resulted in her revealing a little more of the chunkiness of her prodigious posterior and vice-versa if she wanted to keep her rump under wraps. To show off her belly or her butt, she contemplated which of the two looked the most professional.

“Saiyumi! There’s going to be a back up in orders. The customers are waiting!”

“My apologies! I’ll be there as fast as I can!”

She decided to take the middle route, bearing half her belly-button over the hemisphere of her uniform from above and the lower folds where her ass oozed over her wobbling thighs. So long as she didn’t have to bend or bow too much then maybe she could get away with it without revealing how heavy she really was. Saiyumi sucked her gut in as an extra measure and carefully wedged her way out of the tiny pantry-room and back into the main kitchen from where she was being summoned. What she saw lining the service trays to be delivered was nearly enough to make her lose control of her temporarily-flatter stomach which rapidly began to distend back out before she caught herself in mid-bloat.

From one corner of the kitchen counter-top to the other, there were more plates of food than Saiyumi had ever seen produced at one time from the restaurant’s meager kitchen. Being the small family business that it was situated in the outer Japanese suburbs it usually never got this busy, even if it was about time for the late dinner ‘rush’. Where the body-conscious waitress had been expecting to reluctantly parade the floor with her voluptuous figure for eight to ten people at the most, she could not help but feel her heart sink into the pit of her flabby stomach when she realized that there were more than double that amount in orders.

“Where have you been Saiyumi?! I’ve been calling you for ages!”

“I am so sorry about all of this miss manager!” Saiyumi fervently apologized to the figure hidden behind the counter in a mist of cooking steam. `“I must have spent longer on my break than I had intended to and now we’re swamped! Oh, I hope that I didn’t keep too many people waiting.”

“For the sake of keeping your job, you’d better see to it that this doesn’t happen again,” replied the figure’s biting tone amidst the crackles of sizzling meat. “Count yourself lucky that you only managed to disappoint a single person with your tardiness. Big orders like this take a long time to fill, but it’ll be up to you to sort ‘em out if they start complaining. I warn you, if I lose so much as a single customer because of your fat ass, you’ll find yourself out ON your ass. Now pick up those two family platters and get that blubber butt of yours in gear!”

Nodding obediently, Saiyumi immediately seized the two closest plates and gingerly peaked over the double hinged doors which separated the kitchen from the restaurant’s main floor. The tables were bustling with activity just as she had predicted. A sudden influx of new customers intermingled with the old regulars who showed up for the cheap dinner special. Where the added business would have usually been welcomed with open arms by any other eatery employee, Saiyumi could not help shake a sudden feeling of dread and despair wash over her as she knew that those unfamiliar eyes would soon behold her unsightly, overweight figure.

“As fast as you can girl; in and out as fast as you can...”

A deep breath wasn’t nearly enough to calm her nerves as Saiyumi shot out into the open. She could feel that familiar awkward atmosphere begin to descend as the conversations on almost every table suddenly shifted onto the topic of weight. A chattering of low voices pointed out some of her most outstanding features beneath their breath as she passed.

Some conversed about how the roomy dimensions of her well rounded breasts would have been more attractive if not for her corpulent belly getting in the way. Others commented between cruel sniggers about how her thighs excelled in thickness, how globs of pulpy fat coated the curvature of her butt and melded it to her undefined hips. Still more contemplated just how much of her jiggling upper arm fat was really hers and not a part of her uniform’s puffy lace padding. The walk from the kitchen to the table baring the number ‘21’ felt like the longest walk the young waitress had ever endured, one which made her feel fatter with every step.

“Sorry for my weight...er...the wait,” Saiyumi apologized once more upon finally reaching the table. “I have your order here for one family-sized dish of wonton noodles and an extra-large helping of beef croquettes. Will you need any extra plates or forks with—”

The waitress was taken aback. Raising her head as she set down the platter, she was surprised to see that she was not delivering so many such ample platters food to a large group or a hungry family which usually ordered such a meal, but rather to a single woman who waited patiently with her eyes closed, arms folded and her legs neatly crossed.

What was visible of the laminated lanyard hanging over the white coat pocket she had folded up underneath her arms read ‘Miharu Endo, Age 24’ The rest of it was obscured by the luscious mountains of her exotic bust which looked far too heavy for a woman of her size and proportions to be considered at all natural. Her coffee-colored skin and flowing mass of messy raven locks also suggested to Saiyumi that she was most likely a foreigner, or at least half Japanese like herself. Oh, but what she would have given to have a body like hers.

Though not very fat in the most traditional sense, the way the moderate fullness of the woman’s stomach bulged just a few centimeters shy of her magnanimous breasts made it clear that she was not exceedingly thin either. Together they stretched both the ruffles and ribbon wrapped around her cream cardigan and pushed her tight, black-skirt to its limits. Those breasts of hers could only compare to the size of her hips which flared out to either side as her meaty inner thighs were squeezed as close as possible. At around a very voluptuous 170 pounds, she would perfectly have filled out a low end plus-sized summer-time swimsuit so that every compounded curve would be uniquely highlighted by just enough plumpness to grab hold of.

Her plentiful proportions were nothing like Saiyumi’s bottom-heavy bulges as her curves actually complimented her form. From her silky smooth legs to her rounded cheeks, luscious bronzed lips and long lashes, the waitress couldn’t take her eyes off of her. She somehow made the chubby look work. The woman had a ripe and rounded figure which bloomed like the soft petals of a European rose within the hourglass shape of an Asian vase.

“Um, if you can hear me, I’ll just be leaving this here for you. If there’s anything more you’d like me to get you, please don’t hesitate to ask. Have a nice evening!”

Bowing just enough before her belly oozed out of her skirt, Saiyumi hastily retreated through the crowd and back towards the kitchen. The pleated ends of her candy-cane colored frock fluttered around the hemispheres of her bulging buttocks like a tent in a storm as she swiftly strode towards the kitchen countertop to receive her next set of orders.

“There you are! What the hell have you been doing? I told you to take out the orders to table 21 and you still haven’t done so. Are you purposely TRYING my patience?”

“B-But I did...” Saiyumi stuttered, completely confused as to why her manager sounded so irate. “I delivered two family platters to table 21 just as written on the order sheet.”

“You really are quite a dim girl aren’t you,” her manager scoffed, picking up the paper piece and thrusting it hard into Saiyumi’s chunky chest. “This business has been in my family for three generations and not once have we ever had an employee as troublesome as you. Read the whole damn thing next time, not just what’s written on the corner.”

Puzzled, the weighty waitress unfurled the crumpled yellow note. Where most orders from the restaurant were usually summarized as a series of circled numbers at the top, they never usually surpassed the first two double lines. The order for table 21 however continued onto the third, the fourth, the fifth and the sixth! The two platters she had brought out were only the tip of the ice-berg as she gazed open mouthed at the trove of delectable dishes she had originally assumed were for the rest of the restaurant’s patrons.

“EH?! She really ordered all of this?! B-but there’s so much of it, and it’s all so fattening! It’ll take three or four trips to carry it all!”

“If our customers wanna kill themselves with all that greasy garbage then I say let em. We’re just here to give ‘em what they pay for and nothing more. Now pick up the pace with these next ones so you can get onto the other customers.”

“Y-yes ma’am!”

This was an absolute nightmare. Even from behind the kitchen door, Saiyumi could still feel those white hot gazes upon her flabby figure and branding her fat-ass with their stinging comments. She bit down the end of her thumbnail as she gave a worried glance towards all of those meals still left to deliver.

The solution was simple. If she wanted to make this trial go as quickly and painlessly as possible, she would simply have to lessen the number of trips. She approached the first platter, easily the circumference of a family sized pizza, to carefully pick it up.

“Whoa!...steady does it...”

Being only a junior waitress, Saiyumi’s decision would require her to undertake a feat she still had yet to master; the transportation of four or more dishes at a time. The two large platters that she usually carried upon her chubby palms were now accompanied by two more, cradled along the bent L-shaped curve where her equally chubby forearms met her heavy upper folds. The fine balancing act of the heavier loads up above would carried out to the rhythm of her ass’ naturally curvy sway below as she slowly teetered about the kitchen floor. There wouldn’t be any real time to practice, but if this meant that she could retreat back to the safety of the closet sooner it would be worth the risk.

Saiyumi didn’t know it yet, but she couldn’t have picked a worse time to try something new. The roar from the engine of a rather expensive looking car heralded the arrival of two prestigious looking customers who were in no mood for anything but the best. A tall, thin woman, garbed in a fancy, tight leather ensemble, closely followed by a weasly-looking bespectacled man in a starchy business suit made their way inside and took their seats alongside one of the many available booths. Both looked rather hungry and the woman looked particularly irate.

“Geez what a dump,” she scoffed, eying the restaurant’s tacky 90’s style decor. “Why did we have to stop here of all places, I already told you that I wasn’t hungry.”

“It really couldn’t be helped,” the man pleaded, rubbing his hands together tentatively. “With all the road works going on we won’t be able to make it to the other restaurant on time. Please just try to bear with this place for tonight and maybe even have a little something to eat. We really wouldn’t want a repeat incident of your stomach grumbling being heard over the conference microphone.”

“Tch, if we must. Do whatever it takes to get us out of here soon.”

“As you wish.”

Raising his arm like an over-eager grade school student, the man went about trying to summon the nearest waitress whilst the woman in the leather jacket began impatiently tapping the soles of her expensive high heeled shoes against the restaurant’s tiled floor. Her long, skinny legs conducted her irritation as she began to impatiently shuffle her fat-free body against her seat. Signs of that foul mood eventually reached her slender arms as she began to drum her long, painted fingernails against the wooden table top, all the while grinding her teeth as she searched for the next person to take out her frustrations upon.

Her eyes were immediately drawn to Saiyumi’s weighty proportions; with a figure that wide and an outfit that skimpy, she couldn’t possibly have missed her. She watched how those heavy rolls of flab hung from her arms as they protruded from her side, her elbows slightly digging into the cushion of her paunch which itself was close to overflowing the top of her tremendous thighs. She cringed at the sight of how those untamed breasts sat like a pair of throw pillows beneath her uniform, already struggling to contain her sagging belly on top of the copious amounts of swollen ass billowing out from behind her skirt. To top it all off, her slow and ungainly waddle only served to prolong the slight jiggling throughout her body in just such a way that she could feel the bile beginning to rise up at the back of her throat.

She was a veteran at putting down disgusting blubber bags like her; lazy, fat slobs amongst women who only knew how to eat and how to keep on eating without any other purpose to their fat-laden existence. Just who did they think they were? Just what sort of example did she think she was setting, strutting around an eatery and flaunting all her fat? It was quite obvious to her that this waitress was clearly going slow on purpose with all of that food, and sickening everyone around her with her antics.

The media campaigns which held her strong support were right to make a mockery of these eye sores and now more than ever could she see that drastic measures needed to be taken. Rebellious women who thought they could let it all hang out without consequence needed to be made an example of for their insolence and unwillingness to conform.

“That fat one, tell her to come over here. I want what she’s holding.”

“An excellent idea, Leiko! As expected of you! I shall see to it right away.”

“That’s SENATOR Leiko,” The woman hissed. “When we’re out in public, I would prefer that you not address me so casually.”

“Y-yes...of course...my apologies...senator...”


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