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BBW Sainte-Isabelle (college, ~XWG, force feeding)

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Dec 15, 2020
Based on a story idea I pitched on another forum, but nobody picked it up, so I took the challenge.

by Emily EW

Chapter 1

"Because I don't want to get fat," Sophia said through her tears.

Emma stared at her new roommate in disbelief. What was up with this thin blond girl? Why did she enroll in a college if she didn't want to get fat? Particularly this one. The chances of getting into a school like Sainte-Isabelle were very slim unless your parents had some influential friends.

Just thirty minutes ago, Emma was standing at the front gate, about to enter the school grounds. She felt proud and incredibly excited. Seeing for the very first time the massive stone buildings of Sainte-Isabelle, she knew her life would be changed forever. She couldn’t wait. One more step. Looking around, she saw all the other freshmen girls pulling their luggage, smiling and chatting with excitement. Some of them were thin, like her, some were a little more chubby, but in four years they would all walk out of this gate almost unrecognizable. She chuckled. Or waddle, to be more precise.
A tall, chubby girl stuffed in a red miniskirt, dragging a small pink suitcase, stopped beside her. She wiped her forehead, squinting at the towering school buildings in the distance. "Fuck me," she said to herself.

Emma took a deep breath. "Here we go." She swallowed the lump in her throat and stepped forward.

And now this. A crying roommate who didn't even want to be here. She was about to say something when the same red miniskirt from earlier walked through the door like a tornado.

"Is this the 34?" she asked. She was sweating. "I went all the way to 134, It was on the other fucking side. I knew something was off when I saw the size of those girls on higher floors. Ladies, we are going to get so fat, if those were just Sophomores. Now I want to see the size of Juniors and Seniors but they are hiding them in the big building so we don't get too jealous. I'm Aby, but you can call me Abigail," she said as she tossed her pink luggage into the corner. "Is this my bunk? And what happened to this one?" she frowned and pointed at Sophia. "Did she lost her bag?"

Emma shrugged with her hands.

Sophia wiped her tears with her sleeve. "Sorry, I get a bit emotional."

"Don't we all?" Abigail said. "I can't wait for my ass to get bigger than my sister’s. You should see her size and she didn't even go to Sainte-fucking-belle, she went to normal uni."

Sophia started crying again. Abigail looked at Emma with a question on her face. "Did I say something wrong?"

"She apparently didn't want to come here," Emma explained.

It looked as if Abigail had just swallowed a lemon filled with vinegar. "What the hell?"

After Sophia stopped sobbing, she explained that her stepmother, Sainte-Isabelle alumni, forced her to enroll. Emma wondered how it was even possible to force someone to go here. She had to go through so many phone interviews and send forms and essays on “Why I need to grow" and a million other things, and even a month ago she was still not sure she would be accepted.

"Our school is very competitive," the school counselor told her over the phone. "If you don't perform well, there is no guarantee you will stay."

She of course intended to perform really well. But that was it. She told Sophia that all she needed to do is not gain much weight and she would be kicked out by next semester, but Sophia explained that her stepmom is managing her trust fund and she would be on the streets if she failed.

"What a waste of such a magnificent body," Abigail said. Emma wasn't entirely sure what she meant so Abigail offered her explanation. "Blonds always look fucking great with extra 300 pounds."
That wasn't helping.

Emma suggested that Sophia should figure out what were the minimal requirements for passing, stick to it, graduate, then get her trust fund, and lose weight if she wanted to.

“And kill your stepmom,” Abigail suggested.

"It's such a waste," Abigail repeated and slammed the table, sending rattle through the plates. A few girls looked in their directions.
They sat in the school dining area, in front of a big stack of pancakes covered with chocolate.
"If I had your figure Sophia, I'd fucking quadruple it for graduation. Sadly, I am already 260 pounds so all I can realistically hope for is to double my weight. Or maybe double plus some change. But Emma, you look scrawny. You can easily do it, what are you 150 or so?"

Good guess, Emma thought and nodded, chewing her pancake. She was 145 as of this morning. The school did not have an entry weight requirement, only that the students would keep growing each semester, which she was looking forward to.
Starting slim had its advantages in places like this. Unlike Abigail, she had plenty of headroom to fill. It was difficult for fat girls to maintain significant weight gain over four years, so 250-260 pounds was probably the upper limit for a freshman. Abigail was one of the bigger girls among the first-years.
They didn't like to mix old and young students, Emma noted, looking around. Everyone was her year, with second-years having a different time slot, and Juniors and Seniors were in another building altogether. The Castle, how the other girls called it. Probably with bigger doors and much larger bunks.
Tonight was the introductory meeting, during which each dorm would be assigned a sophomore girl to help them with adjusting to their new life. Emma was pretty excited, she had a million and one questions.

"Try to look happy this evening," she said to Sophia.

"And for fuck sake stop poking your pancake and eat it," Abigail added. "People are getting suspicious. That girl with red hair looks just like my cousin. She was such a snitch."
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