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BBW Security Detail Can Be Fattening (Formerly The Ruby Ring)

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Jake (JMJ)

Well-Known Member
Apr 12, 2006
[Hello everyone. Here it is. I've made some edits to my old story and started it in a new direction. Hope you all enjoy.]

Security Detail Can Be Fattening
Jake (JMJ)​

"Why are we in antique shop again Ro?"

George sullenly asked his friend as he looked towards the exit of the store. They had been at the mall for over half an hour and most of that time had been spent inside this ratty antique shop.

"Because I need to get a gift and I know that that coworker of ours loves these kinds of things."

Rosa angrily responds to her friend while picking up a music chest. The short Italian girl was in no mood to here her friend and coworker complain about anything.

"But the mall, it's got a lot of chicks out there that want to see the 'Georgester' flex a little while they shop."

George demonstrates by flexing his bicep in his tight polo shirt, the veins in his arms and chest bulging in response. The man is a dedicated gym rat who cares about exercise almost as much as he does about what women think of him. He grins at Rosa and winks, although she is unimpressed.

"You tried that on me when we met our first day at Restart.com, you really think it's going to work a year later?"

"Well, I have gained more muscle mass since then. And you've gotta be the only woman who doesn't want a guy who is 6-3 and can bench almost twice his weight."

Rosa just shakes her head and returns to looking at the items in the store. A Much younger but also much heavier woman waddles up to her, a fake smile on her face.

"Hello, how can I help you today?"

"I'm looking for a gift for my coworker but I have no clue what to get her. She's about 50, ornery, and morbidly obese, oops, no offence."

The store worker continues with her fake smile and tries to play it off.

"It's ok, I get that a lot. Tends to happen when you miss a few gym sessions."

George laughs at this before giving a look at Rosa who also finds this funny. The store clerk, who clearly has dealt with it before just presses on.

"Anyway, maybe just get her a picture frame, we have a few over here that just came in."

Rosa and George head over to the middle of the store and see a few items, although nothing catches her eye.

"Oh what's that?

Rosa points to a rack of key chains. On it sits two gold chains with a large red object in the shape of a ball. It almost appears as though it is a ruby “ball and chain”.

"That's I believe a ruby, but I'm sure it's a rip off. I found them at a garage sale and the woman was really happy to get rid of them. No way it’s real.

Rosa is seemingly drawn to the key chains as they shine in her eyes. She picks them up and holds them in her hands.

“These look really nice. What do you think George, are they real?”

George, who has been busy flirting with another shopper turns to Rosa and barely nods his head in agreement.

"I like them. I’ll take that silver frame and this key chain.

“Actually they’re a set. Still pretty cheap all things considered.

The clerk takes her credit card and rings her up. Rosa immediately takes one of the key chains and puts her apartment and car keys on it.

"The ruby on this key chain is definitely real. I’d probably get a decent price for this if I sold it, but I think I’ll give it to my good friend."

Her friend is not paying attention as he is too busy slurping on his protein shake from GNC.


Rosa shakes her head before slapping him in the shoulder.

“I’m giving you a gift. Come on, put it on your key chain.”

George just shrugs his shoulders and puts his car keys on the ring.

“Thanks, I think. Ha, look at that security guard stuff his face over there! How can he be in charge of security?"

The duo glance over at a man, probably in his early 20s, who is rather large, wearing a mall cop uniform sitting in the food court munching away on some grub from the local McDonalds. It is evident from the way his uniform clings to his body that he clearly has put on weight since the uniform was given to him. He also has ketchup stains on the collar of his white button down shirt.

"Lol, that is one fat rent a cop. Can you imagine us being like that?"

George shudders at the thought.

"Ugh, there's no way either of us would ever look like that, I take too much pride in these abs, just like you take pride in your body. Fat slobs who are losers like that guy obviously are too lazy and don't work hard.

Rosa smiles as she adjusts the waist band on her yoga pants, giving people a hint of her flat trim waist.

"Restart.com would have to go under before I ever considered working here" she says, chuckling at that thought.

Her muscle bound friend laughs and put his hand on her shoulder.

"You and me both!"

As they walk through the rest of the mall they continue to laugh at the security guard and other people they deem as "lazy" while they look at other stores and areas of the large shopping center.

It isn't until after 7 when Rosa finally makes her way back to her apartment for the night. She fixes herself a salad and some fruit for the next day at work before hopping in a quick shower to relax for the night.

TV doesn't do anything for so she decides to call it an early night. Before she does, she slips her new ring back on and admires herself in the mirror. She pushes her long auburn hair past her face and grins as she looks below her neck line. She has never been endowed with large breasts but they are still rather perky, albeit average sized perkiness. Her abs are almost completely visible, a testament to many years of dancing and eating right. Her behind is full from squats and dancing, her tan thighs powerful and strong but retaining a curviness that is shown off effectively in short mini skirts.

Rosa is only 5-1 but she is feisty for her size. She always states it's because she's Italian but the reality is it's because she always strives to be the best no matter what. To her fat people, lazy people, slobs, anyone not in power to her is a loser and not worth her time. It's the main reason she is associate branch manager at restart.com.

She grins as she points goes about her routine of putting all the things she needs for the next day on her dresser. She admires the key chain in the mirror and laughs at the comments she and George made earlier in the day. Her laughter is cut off when she receives a little jolt from the chain in her hand, just a tad more painful than static electricity. She drops her keys on the dresser and heads towards the bed.

"Damn key chain. Maybe I should give you to that bitch instead of that picture frame tomorrow."

Rosa shuts her lights off and crawls into bed and falls fast asleep.

The ring on chain glows brightly as its owner sleeps. Rosa was not aware of it, but this would be the last peaceful night of sleep she would have for a long time.

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