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Shauna by CidRailgun (SSBBW, Fantasy gaining, Feeding Machine, XXWG)

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Britt Reid

Library Editor
Oct 28, 2009
SSBBW, Fantasy gaining, ~XWG - an FA meets a girl with the appetite of his dreams

by CidRailgun (a.k.a. Earhboundorama)

Chapter 1

She was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. I remember the first time I saw her. We were both just past 18 and in Community College. I'd acquired title to a modest home that belonged to my late grandmother and had a part-time job that gave me enough income for utilites, food, taxes, and spending money. There was also a small trust fund coming o me at age 21.

Fifth period had just ended so I picked up my books and started heading for the door. Right as I was about to pass through, I accidentally ran into someone, and I fell straight on my ass. I opened my eyes and was readying an insult, but when I gazed at the person I had hit, my mouth just stood wide open.

She was holding her head, as it appeared it had knocked against the door. Her hand slid through her short, thick blonde hair. I glanced at her face, and had thought I was staring at an angel. Her emerald eyes sparkled in the light; she had succulent full, round lips. As I stood up I noticed her full round breasts. They must have been 38D cups, straining her tight, black tank top.

I offered this magnificent sight a hand to help her up. She smiled with her gorgeous lips and dazzling teeth as she accepted. I could feel the softness of her slightly pale skin; it was if I was feeling silk. While she regained her balance I scanned the rest of her voluptuous body. She was by no means fat, but had the slight belly and noticeable love handles peering over her tight jean shorts. Her hips were also quite amazing, especially as her jean-shorts made sure that every curve could be noticed.

I decided to speak up. “I’m very sorry...I didn’t see you coming.” I said with a slightly nervous tone. “My name’s Peter. Peter Wall. And does this beautiful angel have a name?”

She giggled at my compliment, causing her bosom to bounce quite rapidly. “I’m Shauna. Pleased to meet you.”

"The pleasure’s all mine.” I stated, as I took her hand and kissed it. “So why is it that I haven’t seen you around here? A beautiful lady such as yourself is hardly unnoticeable.”

She turned her face slightly as her cheeks turned read and she smiled. As she did I could see her cute cheeks and lovely dimples. It was truly a smile of a goddess.

“I’m actually new here.” She stated. “My father was just transferred so my entire family had to move. It’s my first time even being in this school. I was actually told to talk to Mr. Neitz, the counsellor, so I could have my classes set up. This is his room, right?”

“Oh yeah, that’s him at the desk.” I said as I pointed at the teacher.

“Thanks.” She replied. “Hey...would you like to get a cup of coffee after I’m done talking with him? I don’t know anyone yet, and...you seem like a sweet guy.”

She flashed another smile, only this one looked as though she was not as nervous.

“Of course I would!” I blurted out. “It’s not everyday I get to be with someone as pretty as yourself.”

I wasn’t sure if I was overdoing the compliments, but hey, I was just speaking the truth.

“My, my, you’re quite the one to compliment!” She said with a small laugh.

I looked down and blushed.

“Don’t worry,” she said, “I like it.”

She finished with wink. I was feeling so good at that point. “Why don’t you meet me at the front doors? I shouldn’t be too long.”

I agreed and she began to walk past me. Before I left though, I looked back at her. She had such a sexy butt! It wasn’t huge but for her size, it was quite big. Her hips swayed as she walked, and her ass jiggled ever so slightly. This was the greatest girl ever: Sweet, beautiful, and has a sense of humour. This was going to be a great day. I went through the door and headed for the front of the school.

When I reached the front doors I saw my friend, Johnny, waiting there.

"Buddy! What’s up man?” He yelled out to me. “You still coming to play football with us?”

I had completely forgot about that!

“Oh, sorry Johnny, I totally spaced. I made other plans.” I replied.

“Then cancel them! We haven’t played football with the guys in forever!”

“Man, if you were in my place, you would ditch football too. Believe me.” I stated with confidence. Just then I heard a voice, though I couldn’t make out what was being said. I turned my head to the direction of the voice, and I spotted Shauna. She was running down the hall, and my eyes were totally transfixed. As she ran, her enormous boobs bounced up and down massively. I swore that they were going to bounce right out of her top. I looked over at Johnny and I thought I spotted him drooling. She came to a stop in front of me.

“Hey, sorry I took so long.” She said, breathing mildly heavily.

“Don’t worry about it.” I assured her. “Oh, and this is my friend, Johnny. Johnny, Shauna.”

“Nice to meet you, Johnny.” Shauna said, shaking his hand.

“Likewise. Well, I can see your busy, Pete, so I’ll meet up with you later. See you.”

“Later” I replied. So, Shauna, ready to go?”

“Yep!” She said. I put my arm around her and we went into the parking lot.

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