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Thanksgiving Leftovers (SSBBW, Extreme Stuffing, Laziness, XWG)

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Jul 21, 2011
Authors Note: This is an idea i just came up with and thought it would make a good story. A havent seen anything like this on dimensions before but if there is a story like this please share. Enjoy

By Jacob286482

{For those of you who hate to waste food, but have too many leftovers from your thanksgiving dinner, I have a soloution for you! I will take all leftovers you dont want and they will be used entirely. Please respond if interested. Please only call with prepared leftovers. (374)-438-3847}

Emily looked over her internet ad that she just posted. She reread it and posted. For those of you who dont know Emily, she is a very large woman who loves to stuff herself to the brink. Emily is a very bottom heavy girl, who weighs a little over 450 LBS and loves it. She loves the way her thighs rub when she walks and the way her cheeks jiggle with every step. Her last measurements was 36'' thighs, 28'' waist, and 32' bust. She was bottom heavy, but she loved the attention her rack got from any man who caught sight.

Emily woke up the day after thanksgiving, with a rumbling gut that needed to be filled. When she went to her kitchen however, she realized that last night she had finished all her Thanksgiving feast , and a feast it had been. All alone she had finished a 18 LB turkey, 2 boxes of stuffing, 3 cans of cranberry sauce, and a whole dish of green bean casserole, and she was stuffed. She had been on the verge of tears, but she had finished it all. At this point she realized that she wanted more.

After devouring a box of cereal, she decided to look online for alternative options for her desires to stuff herself and boy was she surprised that many people would give away leftovers before throwing them away. So Emily, clever as she was, put the ad everywhere she could, and by that night she had a call.

Emily was out at her local all you can eat buffet, and when she got home, she saw her answering machine blinking. She hit play and listened. "Hello ma'am, I am Jared on the behalf of the local catholic church and we recently had a free thanksgiving lunch. Unfortunately we didn't have as many people show up as we prepared for and have a lot of food left. The church does not want it to go to waste and if you want it you can have it. The only condition the church has is that i must supervise the use of the food to guarentee it is all eaten. Call me back if you are interested." Emily immediately called back and scheduled them to come over in the morning.

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