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The Belly Boards (USSBBW/USSBHM Fantasy Gain, romance)

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Jun 9, 2006
USSBBW/USSBHM Fantasy Gain, romance, Extreme Eating -- a story of the fattest couiple ever

by Blargolis


Destiny once had a dream when she was three-years-old. An Angel kept giving her donuts and pies and cakes. She ate her fill in the dream and her belly grew. For some reason, this dream stuck with Destiny.

Ten years later she was over 200 pounds.

I met her when she was twenty-three. She was captivating. Her belly was the most engaging of sights and and she knew it. Her jeans were at least four sizes too tight, so to accomodite her massive gut she just let it hang out. Many large women with girth try to cover the bountifulness up in most painful ways.

Not my Destiny.

I was in the cheap-o store, the ones where you can get eggs and meat and pure lard for a few bucks. I was opening a door to the cheese section and it went, "Thump".


I looked left into the biggest belly I had ever seen. Destiny had only a halter-top on and some super-stretch pants that were already splitting at the sides. This left her enormous belly exposed, but pushed up and out as if she were a battering ram. Perfectly round, with a massive belly-button hole.

"Please tell me you're single," I blurted. I am not one to dally.

"Well, aren't you something," she replied with a chubby dollface smile that melted my innards.

"Love the outfit," I said, and then I made the dare of my life, the dare that comes with moment, you know, the day you meet the dream girl of your life.

"I'm a fat admirer, an FA," I blurted out. "and I'd love to bring you dinner and dessert."

She was silent, as though contemplating. Then she let out a big sigh and her belly expanded by at least two inches.

"I was hoping you'd say that. I was trying to hold it all in! I ate 12 hamburgers and 4 shakes and 12 orders of fries at McD'S. Let me open my buckle a bit; you'll like this!"

There was a distinctive "POP" as her belt flew off and her pants exploaded at her zipper. Her belly dropped a good five inches and came out another three. I was in a trance.

"Here, help me with my groceries and you can come with me," she invited."

I was more than happy too do so, as her arms were at an angle that would have made carrying bags painful. She gave me the cash for her groceries and I checked her receipt.

--- chocolate, dark - twenty pounds --- read the main item. This was my kind of lay!

I looked at her and smiled, and she smiled back. "Just a light midnight snack, " she snickered.


I was never a svelte boy myself. At the age of 12 I was 200 pounds. I liked food, and I also shared a dream, the Angel with the fattening food. I had always been attracted to very large women with enormous bellies.

"So your name is ...?, "I asked lamely as we were walking out of the store.

"Destiny ... how 'bout you?", she puffed as we were walking, her belly jiggling her thighs.

"Gordo ... it fits me well," I japed as I rubbed my 240-lb belly. She laughed and kept on walking, for a good five minutes. A woman her size in that good of shape is rare. She had two helpers who were quite like androids. The side of the van slid open and a lift came out. She got on it.

"Gordo, come here, it functions as a scale, too!"

I leaped over to the readout and read the outcome. 560 pounds. I was astonished, but Destiny seemed upset.

"What's wrong, Destiny?" I asked.

"Gordo, I need to be measured, and we need to go back to my home. Every one left me because I am too fat. I love my fat belly and I know you do, too. Will you be with me?"

My dream had come true.


We were headed South to the posh Eatston area. We stopped for a 144 glazed donuts, and I knew I had found my dream girl. She smiled as she handed me the boxes, then greedily grabbed one and ate all twelve.

"Let's measure before I eat the rest of the donuts," she proclaimed, "And then measure me after. Oh, and the scale, of course, ha ha ha!"

We pulled into the driveway of a huge mansion. The most notable thing was the width of the doors. Double doors, each about 6 feet wide, the size of garage doors. Destiny laughed at my reaction.

"Don't worry, hee hee hee, I'm the only one here except for my servents," She giggled again.

"Sure is wide!, You'll never get that big," I joked.

She looked at me with a determined stare and I was frozen. "Wanna bet?" is all she said.

She stomped inside and shouted, "Come here and help me out!"

I obeyed, and followed her to a room. There were lotions, oils, refrigerators and a host of other things. Destiny placed her huge belly on a board. It was carpetted and had a mild curve, and stood on four whels.

I then measured her belly. 91 inches. We then went to the scale, which went up to 2000 pounds. But Destiny was a measly 562 pounds. Then she did the unthinkable.

"Your turn, Gordo!" Destiny squeeled, and I got measured and lotioned. We got on our best belly-pronouncing clothes and then she pulled another surprise. "I've got two more cases of donuts here. Feed me and I'll feed you and we can weigh and measure!"

She fed me and I fed her. We ate until our upper bellies were extended to the point of pain. She not only had donuts, she had cookies and two cakes. When we finished her face was covered in chocolate, since she ate that, too.

"Measure me, and lotion," Destiny burped.

"Only if you do the same," I burped.

She laughed and the massive force of her belly in laughter caused her pants to explode. Not just a turning point but a point of fat humor.

After much laughter I said, "Sure you want the last cake before measuring? 91 inches last time, 562!"

"Yes, I do", and she ate the whole cake, her belly jiggling with every bite.

"Time for the weigh-in!' I pronouced.

Chapter 4

She stepped on the scale after a few months of Fat Admirerer treatment.

"650 pounds", she exclaimed, as her belly hung to her knees.

Her belly was huge. But she began rubbing it. Somehow she got her fat arms to put her fat hands at her belly.

"How about you", she laughed, and I got on the scale. 240 pounds. Wow.

"I am too fat for a beauty like you." I stated. Destiny was non-plussed

"Honey," she replied, "Fat is what I like. I wouldn't have even talked to you. Now start the feast!"

It was on. We ate pounds of bar-b-q ribs, potatos and corn-on-the-cob. Afterwords we measured.

I was first. I had gone from 36" to 44".

"Gordo, that's fantastic!", Destiny exclaimed.

"Yeah, let's see what you did!", I replied

It took two tape measures. She was over 97" of lovely belly. When she was weighed she hit 720 pounds. Amazing. We went to the buffet and she ate so much her upper belly once aain overtook her lower belly and busted her pants. Destiny was embarassed but she kept eating, the only thing she could do.

A few days later I was asleep and heard this, "Come here. Gordo, come here!".

I gathered my ample belly and waddled to the bathroom. There she was, all belly, using two tape measures to measure her tummy.

"I'm 100"!, she cheered. I congratulated her and then told her the dirty secret,

"I have a mobile belly-board", I blurted

'A what?" She asked.

"My aunt weighed 1800 pounds and she needed this board on wheels. She was huge and never had to worry about men, alcohol and food. She died at age 86. A fine age."

"Well let's weigh me now", Destiny said after a full week's feeding.

760 pounds

She was depressed she didn't gain as much as she wanted. She vowed to change that.


Destiny had grown used to the belly board. It allowed her to keep gaining weight in her enormous belly. Her thighs and hips had become so full of cellulite it was becoming hard for her to walk, so the belly board was a needed tool. She ate her usual 12-egg omelet and some chocalate milk. When I woke, she had already eaten 16,000 calories of food and her belly was enormous.

"Let's measure," she proclaimed. So we did. I was now 54". Her belly was a massive 120". I weighed 410 pounds. She weighed 860 pounds. Her belly was so big I nearly fainted.

"Rub me and lotion me," She asked. I obeyed, with glee. Later I loaded her onto the belly board, since her belly had grown so much as to need support. She laughed, her huge cheeks glistening with sweat, her quadruple chins quivering, her arms held perpendicular to the floor. Destiny's belly was gigantic and it took a half of an hour to cover her. After I got her on the belly board we went to the refrigerator. She proceeded to eat two cakes, three large frozen pizzas and an entire carton of lard. But that wasn't enough. She then ate 6 cans of beans, 8 cans of peaches, 3 cans of ravioli and another can of lard.

"Measure me," she said, her belly distended. She measured 130". I lotioned her as she had never had such a massive gain. She tried to rub her belly but it had grown past her reach, so she rubbed her upper flab roll. "I'm going to keep this up, you'll see, this belly board is exactly what I wanted."

Our clothing became to be a problem. Destiny was so huge she had to have special clothes custom made. Her thighs alone each measured 65", nevermind the then 132" belly. But fortunately we found a company that made clothes for our size, and expandable. The day they arrived I dressed Destiny. Her belly stretched and stretched the pants, but they never did break. "Time to eat," she said.

We ate. By my calculations I was averaging 12,000 calories and she ate on average like like 22,000. We had cakes and cookies and honey-glazed donuts and pizzas and pies and pasta and hamburgers and burritos and, well, I forget. We ate for hours. Both our bellies were so big we were immobile. It was time to measure and weigh. I was definately bigger and measured at 59" of massive belly. I was even getting a drop as my belly hung over my pants. I stepped on the scale and laughed when it hit 490 pounds. I thought I was heavier, must be air. Time for Destiny.

First the lotion and a "light" snack consisting of two dozen donuts and a pie. I need more than two tape measures usually, but the company that provided her clothing, toilet brace and new belly board also had the super tape measure that goes up to 24 feet wide.

Ah, the new belly board. When Destiny hit 800 pounds, her belly was too large for the old one. We bought a new one that can hold up to 3,000 pounds, not that I thought she'd get that large, though she wants to apparently. It had cutaway holes for huge legs and shocks on the four wheels. She also bought another van with a lift and scale and seats set far back with a belly supporter. Whnever we went out we were gawked at terribly, but I was proud of my girl and my girth and her girth.

I measured her. 138". Wow. She then took her belly out of her new stretch pants. "Measure me now," she asked. Her belly was an astonishing 141".

We continued the 12,000-22,000 calorie diet for a year.


I could barely move. My belly was so big. I finally turned over and managed to get my tummy on the old belly board. I had been gaining a lot with our huge diet. I even sneaked a few thousand calories here and there extra. Destiny loved every inch and she encouraged my gain, as I encouraged hers. I put on my stretch pants and went to the weight room, where our scale and tape measures and stacks of cakes and cookies were. I disengauged the belly board and stood on the scale.

780 pounds

Measurement: 95"

That can't be right, I thought, so I ate and ate and ate, cakes and cookies. I then re-weighed myself.

820 pounds

Measurement: 100"

"That's better!", I yelled, "Hey honey, I broke 800!"

"Well then, it's my turn," she answered, "Help me onto the belly board and get me to the weight room, I'm starved." I waddled into her room and helped her put her massive immense belly onto the new belly board. She ate over 30,000 calories of cake, ice cream, cookies and lard. It took an hour to lotion her belly. Then she was hungry again, so she ate two large pizzas and another pie. Time for the measurement.

Destiny: 1682 pounds, 212"

"1682!? Why, let me deal with those 18 short pounds!", she exclaimed.

She grabbed the largest can of lard and ate it, then grabbed a tub of ice cream, then chugged pure cream. Her already stretched and gorged upper belly was becoming enormously bloated. I actually had to stop her as she went for another cake.

"Honey, you'll hurt yourself, look at your upper belly, he he he."

"Then measure and weigh me now."

So I did.

Destiny: 1701 pounds, 230" of belly, 100" thighs

We are the fattest couple to ever live. As I type this my 1000 pound plus belly is my keyboard platform. Destiny is over 2,000 pounds and broke the scale. Our helpers and Destiny's money manage our enormous weight. Destiny even broke her belly board, but we got a new, heavy duty version.


We finally got the 4,000 pound scale and weighed and measured Destiny and myself.

As of February 10th, 2016 ...

Gordo: 1,105 pounds, 180"

Destiny: 2,325 pounds, 300"

Time for dinner.

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