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Mar 19, 2017
, male
LOOKIN FOR AN OLD MOVIE THAT I GET FRO VIDEOSTORE,EARLY 2000,OR LATE 90 IS What i remember is next,plot is in 50 -this,young male teen,live with his naive religious mother,he was in love in one girl,after he visit a house party with students,his dream girl refuse him after kissing because he is impotent,after that he crashed with the car in the tree,and the last part what i remember,was that his mother on advice from priest ,bring in her house,a guy who was in jail for raping mostly males,but after he exit out he became "religious" man and ideal sub for the role of dead father of young man,The man is super obese and strong between 600 and 700 pounds for sure older than 50,dumb,pervert,and simply hot ,the hottest scene is was after his mother said to the fat man my son he need male hand ,after his father died he get lost,she then arrange that fat man sleep in boys room above him in this two beds one above other,banding down on the young guy,the springs broke fro his weight,leaving just few inch of space between young man and fat man mattress ,scene after young man is siting in the leather couch and the super fat lard of man,holding bible in his hand,siting next to young man,approaching little by little,producing creaking sound from leather couch,telling with deep horny voice to the young man,you must let me help you with the god will,how he was aproaching,his shirt rip under poor pullover who almost tear from his immense fat belly and his huge muscle fat forearms jump out,after the young guy deppresing
runaway from home,this is drama maybe based from novel,.if somebody know about this i would like to know the title.,



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