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BHM The Doctor and The Fat Man by FireontheMountain (~BHM, ~FFA, ~Sex, ~Romance, ~Sci-Fi ~Fan Fiction)

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May 11, 2009
An imaginative retelling of a great Dr. Who episode, Love & Monsters. What if Victor Kennedy wasn't the Abzorbaloff in disguise? What would his life be like as a mysterious man in London obsessed with finding the Doctor? And what would have happened if he were to find a woman whose passions equalled his own?

As it must be said, I don’t own Dr. Who or any of the characters; all are intellectual and creative property of the BBC.

The story has a slow start, so bare with me.

The Doctor and the Fat Man
by FireontheMountain

Chapter 1 - Ood or just Odd?

Elton’s latest video on his most recent encounter with the Doctor played on Youtube while Bliss Atkinson worked fervently on her graphic novel. A story about creatures she had seen in her imagination? Or had it been her imagination? Sometimes she had to wonder if they’d gone completely mad and blurred the line of imagination and reality forever. Last week, Ursula had sworn she had seen the police box The Doctor traveled in, however, upon closer inspection it has turned out to be nothing more than a deep blue shed. Bliss sighed. She loved Elton as a friend but he got himself so worked up in these videos. After last weeks encounter, she had debated giving up her search completely. Maybe do what he mother had suggested she do. Try to live a normal life. How would she even go about doing that?

Her brother Charley interrupted her reverie. “Hey sis, hows it going?”

She looked up “Oh, oh hey Charley, didn't see you there.”

He smiled, looking over her shoulder. “What are you working on now?”

“Its a graphic novel about aliens”

“Aliens again, eh?” he teased. She knew her brother loved her, but he thought she was quite strange. Her whole family did.

“Yes, the Ood. Its the story of a slave race seeking to find their own purpose after a lifetime of enslavement at the hands of the Devil.”

“You’re ‘ood’” Charley remarked, opening the fridge for a sparkling water. “Sometimes I feel I need to remind you theres a world world outside of the ‘odds’ and ‘KAREN’ or wherever you go on Tuesday.”

“You mean ‘oods’ and ‘LINDA’?”

“Yes, that one. Look, your my big sis and I love you and I worry you’re going to become the loony old unkept spinster, wild hair and 20 cats, waiting for some strange man in an old police box. No offense, but all Im saying is, join the real world once in a while.”

“Been there, little brother, its not that great.”

“Sis, I promise there are good people out there. Good people like you. Artists, writers, people who don't sit in a basement chasing some imaginary man who travels through space and time.” He furrowed his brow “You know thats not possible in all seriousness right?”

“It could be. The American government have implied there are aliens out there.”

“Yes, those are the people to believe. A country full of obstinate hillbillies armed to the teeth. At least think about what I said, yeah?”

“Sure,” she smiled, just to get him off her back.

“I’m off to practice.”

“You’ll be there in time for my opening, right?”

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world sis! Meet you downtown after Ive showered and made myself pretty? ”

“You’re the best,” she smiled. He smiled back.

“Oh and sis,” he said.


“WOOB WOOB WOOB WOOB” he said in a high-pitched voice like Futurama’s Zoidberg, placing his hand in front of his face to make mock tentacles.

“Goodbye Charley.” She closed the door behind him.
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