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The Files of the Vindicator: Ms. Fitness - by Archangel (SSBBW, Magic, ~XWG)

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Winged Author
Jan 20, 2006
SSBBW, Magic, ~XWG - The Vindicator takes care of a little problem in Hawaii, making a gym instructor go from trim and fit to immense.

The Files of the Vindicator: Ms. Fitness
by Archangel

[Author's Note: This is the second of the Vindicator series. If you like it please let me know. Click here for the prior story.]

The ocean waves beat down on the surf outside my bungalow. The gentle breeze blew back my hair as I watched two dolphins at play in the bay. I let myself soak into the scene for a moment. This is what life should be like for everyone. Maybe not everyone can live in Hawaii, but why can’t they live happily?

I stretched my legs as I walked down the beach and came to the realization that as long as people use each other for selfish reasons, not everyone’s life could be a day at the beach.

With renewed ferocity, I silently added, and as long as these injustices were committed, the Vindicator would be needed. It seemed that callousness never took a vacation, so it was ok to ruin mine. I turned back and started the walk back to my room.

It certainly had started out as a nice vacation. I had played the part of a tourist for a few days. From historic sites to fantastic views, I had allowed myself to relax for the first time in years. I had gone on a waterfall tour with one of the local guides, a guy by the name of Kaia. Kaia had taken me up one of the larger mountains. Kaia had tried to dissuade me from the destination I had named, “Not many of the mainlanders can handle the hike, you sure you’re up for this?”

I smiled at him, “Bring it on, my friend.”

Kaia had not lied, and the climb up had been tiring. I had chosen not to use magics to aid me on this vacation, for I needed to test myself. However, after climbing to one of the higher trails, we hiked around to the side of the mountain that few saw this close, the one that faced outward southwest towards the Pacific. After that, we took a trail down about two miles into the forest. Three hours from when we had started out, I had found what I was looking for. Mailiakki Spring was rumored in the mystic world for its many uses. Kaia started into the history of the spring, and even though I had already read about it, I let him continue.

“Mailiakki Spring is named for a very beautiful maiden who lived on this island four hundred years ago. She was said to have the power to charm men by merely speaking to them. One day, an older woman in the village had grown tired of having her husband constantly distracted by Mailiakki, so she followed her one day to this very spring and drowned her. Mailakki had never tried to seduce her husband, and the anger of her death would not let her spirit rest. It is said the springs have power. One man I know bathed in the springs and was the only survivor of a shipwreck. Others claim it had the power to bring the mind into focus.”

I smiled at Kaia, as I took out fifteen vials and filled them in the spring water. Though it wasn’t visible to most eyes, I could see the aura of power within the water. “Perfect,” I said.

I was in a good mood, and so I took Kaia out for drinks at a local tavern. After about an hour, we were half watching a football game on TV when this fitness commercial came on for a local gym. A very trim young woman came on and started talking about how all of these people had been success stories at the gym. Kaia stood up and tossed a beer bottle at the TV. “Stupid Witch!” he shouted, and thinking quickly, I pulled him out the door before the bouncer could react.

After driving away, Kaia calmed down. “I’m sorry, brau. I lost my head. It’s just that woman. She’s evil. She uses people like tissues and doesn’t stop to think about it.” I asked him to go on. The lady’s name is Leilani, though on TV she is known as Ms. Fitness. It seems that Kaia’s sister had gone to one of Ms. Fitness’ gyms. His sister was on the heavy side, though that wasn’t that uncommon considering that Kaia’s family came from Samoa. Apparently the gym had used pictures of Kaia’s sister, and other larger clientele and put them in before and after commercials, thought they were always the after shot of some paid model.

“Kaia, I need to go back to the spring tonight. Ms. Fitness picked the wrong day to get on my radar.”

The sun rose high in the eastern sky. Leilani Kei woke up and stretched, greeting the day. Pulling on her spandex gym shorts and top, she smiled wickedly at the mirror. Leilani’s gyms were all over the islands. She had 15 of them in all, and she had no qualms about what she had done to make herself successful. As she was on her three-mile jog, she saw an overweight couple out for a morning stroll. “Cows,” she muttered to herself as she passed them. People like that had no willpower, and were put on Earth to be exploited by people like me, Leilani thought.

As she rounded a corner, she started to come into view of the city. She spotted a local restaurant, Venali, and almost laughed out loud. She had just purchased a local restaurant chain, and had hired a new cook, whose orders were to increase caloric and fat content. Leilani was trying to get on both sides of the cycle of fitness, the exercise, and the inevitable binge and failure. “I’ve got these poor people coming and going now,” she whispered. She just imagined people coming into the gym, paying dues and working out, then having a bad day, and going to her restaurant, and the cycle would continue.

Leilani reached the gym doors and began to unlock them. The interior of the gym was dark, and only one light in the entryway was on. As she walked into the gym, she went past the bank of mirrors next to the treadmills. She stopped to admire herself. Her long black hair was in a ponytail. Her spandex top held her perky B cup breasts and her trim stomach looked hard enough to bounce a quarter off of.

“It’s almost too easy,” she crowed.

“Indeed it is.”

Leilani tried to turn, and I muttered the first incantation. A pattern of light appeared on the floor by Leilani’s feet, and she struggled, unable to move. She started to panic, until she realized she could see me using the mirror wall.

“What the hell is this?” she screamed.

“That is an immobilizing glyph, meant to hold you in that exact spot,” I replied as I calmly strode closer to her from out of the shadows. Kaia leapt up from his hiding spot and calmly centered the video camera on Leilani.

“What rubbish is that? Let me go!” Leilani futilely tried to move, but could only move her upper body.

As I got closer into the light, she saw the black cowl and the gold scales of justice. “The Vindicator,” she whispered. I nodded slowly as fear began to show on Leilani’s face.

“You know why I’m here, don’t you Leilani?”

She started to get more frantic in her attempts to move. “No, I didn’t do anything! Leave me alone.”

“Oh, you most certainly did. You used at least 20 overweight women in your before and after commercials, most of whom don’t have enough self esteem to properly sue you for what you’ve done. You’ve made it a habit of belittling overweight people, and using them to your advantage. You’ve even concocted a way to benefit from when people lose their willpower because the gym is designed to make them fail. The mirrors on the walls, the snotty trainers you hired. It’s all a part of a master plan. My dear, you indeed have done something.” I stood behind her and whispered in her ear as she stared blankly at me using the mirrors. “Do you have anything to say in your defense?”

Leilani was clearly worried. She had read about this guy, a legend about someone who got revenge on people for supposed wrongs. A myth no more, she silently cursed. “Look, I’m sorry, ok. I’ll try to be nicer,” she lied.

“Even if I did believe you, and I don’t, that wouldn’t be enough. One of the people you used in your commercials had a breakdown and is in the hospital. Doctor’s aren’t sure if she’ll fully recover.” I nodded to Kaia and he gave me the thumbs up.

“I’d like to direct your attention to the ceiling above you.” Leilani looked nervously above herself. “That contraption holds about two liters of water. Normally, this would just be a teenaged prank, but we’ve set things up a bit differently. It is meant to drop on you slowly. Since you can’t move, it will continue to drip on you.”

Leilani laughed, “So that’s your big payback? A water balloon? I shouldn’t have wasted my time trying to apologize, you sick jerk.”

I grinned as I pulled out a silver disk, the size of a small plate. It was vibrating and humming slowly. “Well, the water is only an active stimulant to release the energy in this disk, and afterwards let you relive all the nasty things you’ve done. Imagine if you will, all 15 of your gyms. You get about 80 customers a day per gym, give or take. Each of them exercises and loses about a pound per trip. So, what if I told you I stored all that lost energy into one disk?”

Leilani blanched as she did the math. 1200 pounds of stored energy in that disk? “What if I paid you, huh, superhero? I can totally make it worth your while to just forget this whole revenge thing.”

“Hmm.. just how much money are we talking about?” I asked.

“How does $500,000 sound? Okay, a cool million. Deal?”

“Okay, sounds good to me, let’s shake on it.”

As Leilani extended her hand, I slapped the silver disk to her palm. “No!” she screamed.

“Leilani Kei, the Karmic Agent has found you lacking. The scales must be balanced,” I said as I lifted her chin with my hand. She looked totally defeated as I backed away and pushed a button.

Water slowly dripped onto Leilani, causing her to look down at herself in horror. Her slim waist started to bow out ever so slowly into a potbelly. The spandex seemed to hold her shape for a brief moment.

“You can feel the power building, can’t you? All that energy being poured into you?” Leilani’s hands went to her chest, which started to bulge slightly. Her face started to show the signs as well, as the beginning of a double chin started.

The pounds did pick up quickly, pounds and inches raced past. The spandex fought valiantly to hold her in. Her EEE breasts started to try and creep out of the neck hole just as her stomach tried to open the leg holes up slightly, but only slightly as her thick thighs fought for every inch as well. As the water reached the halfway point, I paused the flow. Leilani didn’t look like she had ever seen a gym. Her thighs touched all the way down to her knees, her belly pushed out about two feet as did her chest. The spandex was stretched so tightly that every time she drew breath, the outfit not only stretched but vibrated slightly. Leilani was flushed, and she tried in vain to move. Her face so fattened that she had significant dimples on her cheeks. Her upper arms were massive, and had started to drape over her elbows.

“Halfway through your punishment. Do you want this to end, kitten?” I asked as I grabbed her fat chin.

“Y..yes,” she sobbed. I nodded at her and started to take a couple steps back. “Leilani, look in the mirror and tell us why you’re sorry about what you’ve done,” I guided.

As Leilani looked into the mirror, I gave a slight nod to Kaia, who strategically dropped the rest of the water. “I’m so sorry for using people!” Leilani screamed as the water hit her.

The spandex suit exploded, making a sound like a shotgun blast. Her already huge belly expanded as if freed from its prison, aproning down and just grazing the ground. Her arms stuck out almost at a 90 degree angle as her sides were taken up by breast and hip fat. Her chest expanded outward and drooped to either side of her chest, touching her hips near her waist. She sobbed uncontrollably, her fat jiggling as her hysterics continued.

“You’ll be happy to know that your blossoming visage will be used to keep your gyms in business. All of that money used to support various charities.” Leilani tried to turn her head, but her large shoulders and large quadruple chin stopped her from doing so. “Don’t worry though, as my associate here will make sure you’re well taken care of.”

I nodded to Kaia, as he began stuffing pies into Leilani’s eager mouth. With a smile, I walked out of the gym.

On the airplane ride home, I did some daydreaming of the burgeoning Leilani. It was an outstanding vacation.

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