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The Girl In The Coffee Shop

Dimensions Magazine

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Jul 14, 2013
The Girl in the Coffee Shop
by tomboy27

Chapter 1

"Il take one Latte please"

Charly, at the coffee shop's counter proceeded to tend to the elderly customers order.

"That'll be three ninety nine please" she replied, disinterested in the mundane events of the early morning shift. After serving the old man his drink she proceeded to let out a yawn, pondering why at twenty seven years old she still found herself working behind a counter of this dour little shop with its pretentious abstract paintings hung from wall to wall and a garish display of what was described as modern art shamelessly displayed through the shop in a desperate attempt to get as many of the artsy students at the nearby art college to spend there mornings wasting away with a coffee in the shop before there morning lectures.

Oh the boredom of a Monday morning, the tedious smiley face she would put on serving hot drinks and brownies to whoever may walk through the door, writing an often incoherent customers name on a cappuccino and calling them up when there order was served only for them to give her a grimacing look when she would ask for the gradually inflating cost of the beverage to be paid in the dreary English cosmopolitan hotspot.

A bit of gossip would be the usual and brief highlight of a working day, the girls would natter on in the quiet hours of the shift about various things, boyfriends, cars, their kids, though Charly had nothing to contribute in such conservations. No boyfriend a barely functioning small car, and a flat with nothing more than an overly frisky ginger Tomcat that spent most of the day sleeping on her cloths or out fighting and breeding with other cats. Charly could swear that cat must have a better social life than she did.

But amongst the dreary boredom of the usual working day, Charly did have something of a bright spot in her mind to think about. The Spanish coastline that was, a few years back her older sister had managed to bag herself a wealthy Spanish property developer and she had already booked a two week stay in their house for the coming summer to look forward to. She'd even been hitting the gym in recent months to get in bikini shape to make sure she wouldn't go unnoticed if she would hopefully meet one of her brother in laws wealthy associates.

This thought almost began to feel real as she stared at a painting of the Mediterranean Sea on the wall of the shop only to be awakened from this mental image when she would scorch her finger upon the kettle.

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