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May 8, 2006
~BHM, ~FFA, Romance - A girl born to privilege, but happiness won’t come on a silver platter

The Main Line
by Ashblonde

(Author's note: I've written and re-written the beginnings of this story many times. It will likely end up rather long and will probably take some time to become the novella that's taken form in my head).

July 2001

"Allie Cat, darling, are you there?"

"Yes, Jane," Allie sighed looking at the clock. She usually called her mother by her first name, especially when she was peeved. It was only 6:15 in the morning. "Have you forgotten that it's six hours earlier here?"

"Oh dear, sorry," her mother sighed, "Well, this will get you out on the courts early. What's the weather like there?"

"Hot," Allie rolled her eyes. It was July, what did she think it would be like?

"How were the fireworks?" Jane wanted to know.

"The usual," she didn't feel like having a big conversation about who did what at the country club, and definitely didn’t want to discuss Jimmy Oliver.

With her brother now living in California, Allie had the place to herself for the summer, not including the cleaning crew, grounds service and security watch. Her parents were both in Europe. Her father, Kenneth, was spending a few months commuting between Prague and Zurich to become acquainted with the major international offices of a Fortune 500 corporation in his new role as the CEO. Jane decided to take a sabbatical from her professorship and join him overseas. She was researching her latest work, delving into Marie Curie's impact on nuclear physics, staying in Paris during the week, and traveling to Zurich to be with Kenneth on the weekends.

She was due to reunite with them in Geneva for a few days of sightseeing and a couple of more days with her mother in Paris before heading to Rome for her junior year abroad with her best friend, Maia. It was going to be fabulous, she figured, getting away from the moneyed suburban Philadelphia crowd of her youth and the pretentious Lilly girls she ended up living with at her sorority at Cornell.

She wasn't particularly fond of the Greek life, but her mother and grandmother were Alpha Phi; she was pledged by default. Allie had rejected Jane's wishes that she attend Bryn Mawr nearby so that she could study at one of the finest architectural schools in the world. Going along with the sorority plan was a compromise to ease her mother's disappointment she wouldn’t attend the family alma mater.

"Savor your summer vacation," Jane had urged Allie before leaving in May. "You have your whole life to work, so just enjoy yourself while you can." But Allie now regretted heeding this advice. She had to admit to herself that she was a little bored. Her volunteer work at Children’s Hospital only filled about 20 hours a week, and a girl could only play so much tennis and swim so many laps. It was getting old. But it was July now, too late to get a job or take a summer class.

Aside from her athletic pursuits and work at the hospital, she filled her time sketching building concepts and layout plans for museums and urban green space that harkened back to classic yet ornate styles and still incorporated modern, sustainable building and design principles. Her dream was to work in urban planning, and her passion was historic preservation.

"Your father told me to call and remind you that the contractors start tomorrow," her mother's voice sounded tinny from an obviously poor roaming signal on her mobile. "So don't get upset if you see some strange men walking around the grounds."

Allie's heart sunk. She liked to lounge by the pool in private and not get leered at by some dirty old men. She really should have gotten a full-time job. "Great. Do I have to let them in?" She asked.

"No, they were given a temporary access code so you don't have to worry about managing the gate. They're just doing some stone repair and maintenance around the grounds, so you should be able to sleep in all you want," Jane offered with a hint of sarcasm in her voice. "But it would be nice if you offered them water or lemonade once in a while. I didn't raise you to be a snob."

Oh please, Allie thought to herself, we are total snobs... just bleeding-heart liberal ones.

Now wide awake, she took her mother's suggestion and rode her bike over to the Cricket Club tennis courts and played a few sets with friends. Well, they weren't really her friends, really, just privileged girls her age who had plenty of free time. After a couple of short matches she joined them for iced tea and listened to them complain about their lives despite the advantages staring all of them in the face.

"Hey Allie," she felt a tap on her shoulder. It was Jimmy Oliver.

"Hi Jimmy," she beamed back at him. He looked especially handsome today with his summer tan in tennis whites; there was no question about it. James Newton Oliver III had always been considered the hottest guy at the club. When they were younger he rarely spoke to her, but once she shed her chunky adolescent awkwardness and transformed into a svelte sorority co-ed, he began to take notice.

When she came home from college after her freshman year, he was already friendlier to her, saying hello and exchanging pleasantries. He spoke more to her in a few weeks time than he had in their entire lives growing up in the same social circles. Fast forward to a summer later, at the club's annual Independence Day party, he invited her on a private walk and kissed her behind the pro shop.

His attention and flirtations were exciting yet confusing to Allie. He was the guy that all the girls wanted. It was like an annual competition, every summer; as far back as she could remember. Which girl, or girls, would win the affections of Jimmy Oliver? Not only was he extremely good looking, his family owned a chain of car dealerships, allowing him to zip around the wealthiest neighborhoods in the Philadelphia suburbs in his black Porsche 911.

Allie never imagined she would be on his list. But now, her youthful insecurities seemed like they could be finally put to rest by his newfound interest in her. He was a great catch and she found herself primping and posing for him whenever he came around. But buried in her heart, she felt an underlying annoyance that he only took an interest in her once she became pretty enough for him... however shallow people define pretty. If he was such a great guy, what was his excuse for treating her like chopped liver when they were younger?

"You should really sign up for the Hackers tournament. You were kicking some serious butt out there today," he praised her, ignoring the girls sitting next to her who's butts she just had kicked.

"I don't know, I'm not really competitive like that," her modesty was always close to the surface and she shied away from his suggestion.

"You've gotten really athletic, Allie, you’d dominate."

She smiled politely but said nothing. Her neck felt hot with embarrassment and irritation that he had alluded to her weight loss like that, as if her modest reduction suddenly made her a good tennis player. She had always been good; he just had never noticed until now that she was a size 4. If anything, she was less fit. She knew that her periodic starvation tactics had reduced her strength and endurance.

"We should catch a movie or something," he was almost asking her out.

"Sure," she smiled nonchalantly. She couldn’t tell if he was serious or just making flirty conversation. She couldn't assume anything with a boy that perfect looking.

"Friday?" he suggested, his perfect teeth now gleaming from the sunlight through the window. "I'll pick you up at seven?" He made his intentions more clear.

"Do you need directions to my house?" She asked him, feeling a little shocked, but triumphant that she hadn't acted too eager.

"No," he laughed at her offer, "Everyone knows where you live, Allie, just be sure the security team knows I'm coming," he joked. "See you Friday," and with that he sauntered away.

Allie felt stupid for acting like she lived in a normal house tucked away in the suburbs. She lived in an American palace with enormous architectural significance. But she often felt ill at ease with her family's status and wealth, which made even the more prosperous in her community seem quite ordinary.

The seven-acre estate had been in her mother's family since its nineteenth century construction. Jane often joked privately that her position in academia didn’t cover the property taxes. It was Kenneth's career as a high-ranking corporate executive that bankrolled their daily lifestyle. And all the while, as sole heir to the family's trust, Jane accumulated thousands of dollars in compounding monthly interest.

Allie's birthright was evidenced daily by a picture that hung in her bedroom. It was a black and white photograph of her great-grandmother, the young maven of her family's railroad fortune, posing with her carefree Bryn Mawr College contemporaries, including a very young and gorgeous Katherine Hepburn. Allie adored the picture, as if she didn’t entirely realize how much pressure it ladled on her. She was the next in a line of Beaumont socialite beauties tasked to carry on the legacy of poised, accomplished young women who do just as they should.

Her mother, in her youth, briefly took exception to those rules. A striking beauty in her own right, Jane had broken from the debutante mold for a few years, having participated in the civil rights Freedom Schools movement while still in college. After graduating from Bryn Mawr during the Summer of Love, she pursued a bohemian lifestyle in Greenwich Village, ensconced in art and intelligentsia culture at New York University. By the mid seventies she had earned her doctorate in cultural studies with an emphasis on Victorian science.

In 1975, when Allie's great-grandmother passed away, Jane was bequeathed the estate. Upon her return home, she took an academic position at Haverford College and later at Villanova. Within a couple of years, she was married to Kenneth Turner, the Wall Street wizard son of a family friend, and quickly found her way back to Main Line society. The year after her wedding brought the birth of their son, Holden Montgomery, and three years later, Alexandra Catherine was born.

Somewhere along the way, after settling down with marriage and a family, Jane's progressive ideals became watered down by her duties of marriage, motherhood, the tenure track and their increasingly conservative society. So much so, that Jane's presence in Allie's life had become more as a social guidance counselor than a philosophical or feminist mentor. As such, Allie figured Jane would be thrilled to know Jimmy Oliver asked her daughter out on a date, which seemed like a good reason to keep it to herself, at least until the Main Line social grapevine news made its way over the ocean.

"Holy shit, girl, Jimmy just asked you out," Tara whispered loudly as he sauntered away.

"So you're the lucky one this summer," Beth added in a backhanded reminder that he never stuck with any one girl for very long. Allie didn't care though. She loved that they were green with jealousy. Tara and Beth were pleasant to her now, but they hadn't been very kind to her during their teenage years at the Baldwin School.

It never stung more than memories of a horrifying mother-daughter fashion show. Allie was in her peak chunky phase was about two sizes too big for the size 10 dress that her mother had chosen for her. The girls snickered in the changing room as her mother fiddled with the zipper, trying to pull it up over her bulges that were enhanced by the silk blend that couldn't reach around her burgeoning tummy.

She never forgot the humiliation as she walked red-faced along the fabricated stage, feeling her pudge test the seams of the ugly drop waist, sleeveless flower print dress. After the show was over, she overheard them laughing with some other girls about her "flabby rolls." She wasn't that big of a girl, but to their rigid standards she might as well have been morbidly obese.

She spent the rest of the afternoon swimming and obsessing about what she would wear on her date with Jimmy. Perhaps something body hugging and fabulous would extinguish any lingering memories he might have of her from her chubby years.


Allie awoke to a loud humming sound. She peered out of her window and saw a large case of tools on a good-sized workbench. The humming sound continued from what sounded like the other side of the mammoth house, near the front. Annoyed and wanting to know the source of the obnoxious sound, she descended the stairs to the library and peered out the front window. There, just a few feet away from the window, she saw the back of a plump figure pressure washing the stone walkway that trailed around the vast home and into the gardens.

Not wanting to seem creepy but still strangely curious, she quickly tiptoed away from that window and headed over to the alcove window in the great room so she could peek around the corner and see his face. She found herself smiling and her body warmed as he turned, allowing her to see his jet-black hair, great cheekbones and flawless yet slightly freckly tan skin. She couldn't help but think that he was gorgeous, even if he was quite chunky too. But boys could always get away with a few extra pounds... which only reminded her that it was her duty to stay thin. She snuck out through the garden entrance, hopped on her bike and slipped away to the club for her morning workout.

Allie avoided seeing Jimmy at the club that day by confining herself to the fitness room and working on the elliptical and treadmill. She felt more self-conscious now that he had commented on her smaller body. She wished that she could go join a public gym so he would only see her socially when she had her hair, makeup and outfits just right. Not to mention how nice it would be to be able to go somewhere and not be known as, "the Beaumont girl."

Of course she knew that her mother would never agree to buy a membership at a public club. She could hear her now... "Why would we send you to some sweatbox in Ardmore when we already pay for you to use the best money can buy? I'd rather donate an extra gym membership to charity, wouldn't you?" That was Jane; only the best... and give away the rest.

As she pedaled home, she remembered that she probably wouldn't be able to sneak back through grounds and would have to ride right past the cute and chunky pressure washing guy to get her bike back into the garage, which made her feel inexplicably awkward. As she came up the drive, she saw that he was shirtless now with his body displaying a distinct jiggle as he continued his work around the very lengthy circumference of her home.

Her timing was terrible. As she got closer, he was right there in front of her pathway to the garage. Staying on her bike, she set her foot on the ground and paused while he worked. She noticed his long shorts were a little tight around his rear, and did nothing to hide the mild but noticeable thickness of his thighs. When he turned to find her there, just a few feet away from himself, his big, dark eyes bulged from surprise. He immediately stopped spraying.

"Hi, um sorry," she managed to say as she walked her bike over the stones he had been so diligently cleaning. She glanced down his bare body and witnessed beads of sweat trickling down his smooth, blubbery torso. He was clearly a bit fatter than she had initially thought. Allie felt a funny feeling in her lower abdomen that she couldn't explain but she knew she felt attracted to him; after all, he had a lovely face. But what she was feeling felt more forbidden and it was very unnerving... and embarrassing. Imagine, letting one's fat belly hang out in the open like that? Who would do such a thing? She moved quickly toward the garage, feeling the heat of his eyes on her while she entered the code, waited for the garage door to open and dragged her bike in.



Aug 20, 2007
It's a great day when a new ashblonde story pops up on here.


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Jun 21, 2008
It's a great day when a new ashblonde story pops up on here.

:wubu: Totally agree! It's wonderful you have some time to write again!

Can't wait so see where you take this one Ashley! I love posh family sagas and a heroine whose into architecture.... I'm only wondering if there is a special significance to the year 2001 ....


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May 8, 2006
That is the highest praise coming from two of my very favorite writers. I'm totally addicted to both of your most recent works!

Enough of the mutual admiration society, though ;) there's more story to tell...


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May 8, 2006
Allie had developed a bad case of restless nerves about her date with Jimmy. She was on the schedule at the hospital, so at least she had something to do the rest of the day besides think about how little they had in common besides the club and living in the same general vicinity. She felt inexperienced and tongue-tied around him, as if the part of her brain that was funny and interesting simply shut down in his presence.

Stepping out of shower, she heard the familiar sound of the pressure washer emanating from below her window. A few days of intricate cleaning had moved the cute, chubby shirtless boy around to the area below her wing of the residence. She wrapped herself in her bathrobe and tiptoed to the window, as if he could possibly hear her approaching from down below, over the whining din of the machine in his hands. He had his shirt back on this morning, but she wondered aloud with amusement, "It’s going to be another hot one, so... when is it going to come off today, Tubby?"

She felt a pang of guilt saying it out loud, despite the fact that no one was around to hear her. It all seemed very improper, taking perverse joy in his plumpness and then mentally teasing him like that. She was not immune to the ache of having been ridiculed for her own formerly chubby figure; it didn't seem right for her to turn it around on someone else, did it? But she couldn't control those kinds of thoughts...

Even so, she forced her brain back to her volunteer work where her humor and wits never failed her. She always looked forward to spending time with the children there; they seemed to bring out her very best. They regularly astounded her with a maturity and insight that seemed so lacking in the entitled, ungrateful complainers she knew from her college and social circles. It was a talent she was happy to find within herself, to help, in some small way, get these kids through their challenges. And more importantly, she was proud she was strong enough to save her tears for the commute home, where they couldn’t see her aching over the unfairness of illnesses that disrupted their beautiful young lives.

After arriving back from the hospital, Allie snuck down to the pool to clear her emotions. She ended up swimming a few extra laps in an attempt to work off the extra dressing she ladled on her strawberry spinach salad at lunch. She hated that she had become consumed with calories in and calories out, but it had become a way of life for her. She had begun to fall down the slippery slope of body obsession after the humiliation that haunted her at that mother-daughter fashion show. It started with a prepackaged food plan and twenty lost pounds. She was down to a size 8 in time for the annual family ski trip to Aspen, where she broke her leg and consequently gained most of it back. Once her leg healed and she resumed regular exercise, she spent another year struggling to get back down to a single digit size.

The sorority pressure to be even thinner was instantaneous and brutal. That's when Allie's eating habits became more obsessive and disordered. She knew in her head that it wasn't healthy to skip meals and over-exercise, but there seemed like so much chatter and scrutiny over any extra pinch of flesh on one’s body. Most of girls in the sorority were neurotic about it. There was a sense of normalcy around diet pills and marathon workouts. Being "couture thin" just seemed to make her life easier. She tried not to think about the price she knew, deep down, she was paying.

Allie pushed herself with a few more laps before she needed to head in and get ready for her date with Jimmy. As she walked up the steps she saw the adorable shirtless boy, working his way closer to the pool area. The sight of his plump torso made her feel very naked and self-conscious. She threw a towel around her body and made her way toward house. As she passed him, she gave him an embarrassed smile, hurrying along the newly washed walkway.

In the shower, she found herself touching her body and thinking about him. She imagined he would lie along the edge of the pool while she swam. There was a box of rich gooey éclairs he was grabbing from, eating them all, one by one. He would lick his fingers with satisfaction while rubbing his bloated belly, chocolate and cream filling smeared all over his chub. She imagined that she would surprise him by coming out of the pool and climbing on top of him. Kissing his nice lips, she could taste his chocolate-y indulgences, while feeling his flabby rolls and hanging belly. Then he would get into it, and she’d let him put his sticky, messy fingers into her bikini bottoms. Then after teasing his pudge a bit more, she would forcefully have her way with him.

Allie had never had sex before, but scenes like this provided her self-pleasure material more frequently than ever. She knew she had a weird thing about fat, but the way her fantasies were becoming more vivid, it was more obvious to her that this cute, big boy made her feel jittery; the nice kind of jittery that heated up between her legs.


"I've been wanting to see this movie," Jimmy leaned over to her grabbing a handful of popcorn from his bucket and popping it in his mouth. "I used to read the X-Men comics when I was younger." He offered her some popcorn, but Allie put her hand up. "Yeah, I know, your diet," he shrugged his shoulders.

She shuddered. Why can't he just pretend that he never knew me growing up? "I ate a late lunch." She had become an expert at making up excuses for declining food. At least he couldn't say anything about it during the movie. She figured that if they just spent all of their time together at the movies, then they wouldn’t ever have to talk. But during the movie he made subtle moves, brushing his hand along her bare leg and glancing over at her while she pretended not to notice.

Of course, she couldn’t help but notice the plump, cute guy in her driveway when Jimmy came to pick her up. He was loading his truck up after a long day of work when she came out to greet Jimmy. As Jimmy pulled her in for a deep hug, rubbing his hands along her body, she glanced over at him, and their eyes connected. It was an odd moment. It might have been in her head, she knew she was sensitive, but she felt a sense of shame over how cliché she must have looked in her tight pink polo shirt and matching plaid miniskirt, hugging a pretty boy with a 911.

During the date, her thoughts kept drifting back to that same boy, his shirt off, tanned and sweaty, looking at her intensely with those big, gorgeous dark eyes. He’d be the one to pull her in for that deep hug, and a deeper kiss. She imagined he’d be the one to lift her up and carry her up to her room while she enjoyed the feeling of his soft skin and intense weight, blanketing her with lust.

After the movie, Jimmy drove her back to her place and walked her up to her house. He put his hands around her waist and pulled her close, "I had a great time with you, Allie," and leaned in to kissed her. It was surreal to her that Jimmy Oliver was standing in front of her, looking her in the eyes like he really wanted her.

"I did too," Allie didn't know what else to say, though. She was confused. She liked the feeling of his wanting eyes, but those feelings scared her as well.

"Are you going to ask me in?" He had a mischievous look in his eye.

"Um, I better not tonight, security cameras," she pointed toward the house. It was partly true, but they weren't that intrusive. Still, she felt uncomfortable, like she'd screw up kissing him, or he would want more than she was ready to deal with. Or he would realize she wasn't that pretty, or thin, or cool, or whatever a girl needed to be to be with Jimmy Oliver. Or, perhaps she was just too preoccupied with someone else.

"Can I see you again?" He persisted.

"Yeah, sure," she smiled, not knowing how to say no to another date.

"Sunday?" he demanded, surprising her with his intense interest.

"Okay," she agreed, feeling incredibly flattered. But she couldn't shake the feeling she was being flattered into submission.


Another morning came with the sounds of clanking tools. Allie peered out of the window, and the shirtless boy was back, but he was shirted again, much to her disappointment. She went about her morning routine, slipping out of the house, biking to the club, playing some tennis and biking home. After showering, she went down to the kitchen to make lunch: crust-less cucumber sandwiches on low carb bread with non-fat cream cheese. She glanced out of the kitchen cove window and saw the chubby guy eating what looked like a large hoagie sandwich, seated on a large bucket he fashioned into a chair by turning it upside down. She found herself enjoying watching him eat, thinking that a meal that big could be adding to his lovely fat. And, perhaps he might even break the bucket with his weight. Why do I think these things? I must be so weird.

Allie decided the only way to deal with her awkward feelings was to be a gracious hostess, one becoming her Beaumont lineage. She made a batch of lemonade, just as her mother suggested. She added a little extra sugar and a dollop of honey, figuring that with his physique he might have a sweet tooth too. Her heart pounding, she loaded a tray with a pitcher and a glass of ice, and walked toward the door.

Just then she looked down, remembering the white Lacoste tennis dress she was wearing and knew it wasn’t right. She ran clear across the mansion and up to her room, digging out worn pair of short denim shorts and a cotton-lycra ice blue tee shirt. Simple, minimalist clothes, that still showed off her legs, her favorite part of her body. This seems like something a guy like him would like, right? She had a lot of practice trying to seem like a “normal” person and not an heiress. She learned early that people were sometimes uncomfortable around an heiress. It was no wonder she never quite felt like she belonged. Some people relished that feeling of social separateness in their advantage, but she was not one of them.

As Allie walked out the side terrace toward where he was sitting, she realized that no amount of dressing down would remove the feeling that she was very different from a boy who was doing hard labor around her home. Time seemed to stand still as she walked through the French garden and approached him, feeling positively foolish. But she couldn’t turn back when he looked in her direction and saw her coming.

"Hi," she found herself standing in front of him, feeling nauseous when she saw the surprised look on his face.

He adjusted himself on the bucket, and then spoke guardedly with a puzzled look on his face, "Hi.”

"It's really hot today, I thought you might like some lemonade," she offered, trying desperately to keep her eyes on his face and not drift down farther.

He picked up his bottle of orange soda, showing her he already had something to drink, "Thanks, anyway."

"This will quench your thirst more," she persisted, forcing herself to smile brightly, summoning her will to look confident.

He shrugged his shoulders stood up and accepted the glass, "Thanks."

"No problem," she replied, feeling the hot sun on her neck. "You're welcome to use the veranda for your breaks," she pointed her thumb behind her to the loggia below the upper terrace.

"It's okay, I'm used to it out here," he didn’t seem too accepting of her hospitality.

"I can see that, your tan is pretty intense," she blurted, now allowing her eyes to glance along his body. He glanced at hers in return and smirked a little.

She then realized that her clothing choice also showed off her milky white skin. With her auburn hair, she had always hated the freckles that came along with her Anglo-Saxon line, going out of her way to cover her exposed skin. "I'm eternally pale," she rubbed her arms self consciously, "I buy sun block in bulk."

"That's probably wise," he nodded politely.

"I'm Allie, by the way," she held out her hand and Sean shook it while she explained, "Well, Alexandra, but no one calls me that; just Allie."

"Sean," he told her his name with a nod.

"Nice to meet you Sean," she liked that name. She could really detect his North Philly accent and found it utterly endearing.

"Well, my break is over, I better get back to work," he cut the conversation short.

"Sure, okay, let me know if you need anything," she offered, realizing too late how stupid that was to say. She was kicking herself; let me know if you need anything? I just sounded like his waitress! She had totally embarrassed herself in front of Sean, but at least she knew his name now.

She began to analyze and over-analyze how she must have come off so awkwardly to him. But he was calm and cool. Despite his sweaty, flabby appearance, he acted very comfortable with himself, and it didn't quite seem fair. He was so handsome though, he probably had no problem getting all the girls in his neighborhood, save those phony, superficial type of girls who would never be seen with a chubby guy.

Then again, she was superficial too, she figured, worrying so much about her own body. Would I be seen with a chubby guy? She asked herself. Yes, she smiled inside, I know I would.



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Apr 3, 2011
:smitten::smitten: One of my favorite writers is back! Hooray! Can't wait for more!
Apr 22, 2011
Badger State, USA
Finally! I have been waiting and watching so long for another one of your wonderful stories. Off to a great start. I like the way you mention real places in your story, it really adds a realistic, concrete element. Is he going to have a Philly cheese steak? Yum! I hope you don't mind if I say it, but your earlier stories were among the first ones that I read on this site and they really inspired me to try my own writing (I am not worthy, I am not worthy :bow:), along with a great fat fiction story by Hanne Blank entitled "Denial." Thanks so much. More soon, I hope?


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May 8, 2006
Allie had been trying to avoid Jimmy at the club, but it was no use. He found her in the smaller fitness room using the weight machines.

"So this is where you hide," he joked.

She just smiled and shrugged her shoulders.

"You are a serious these days, aren't you?" He crossed his arms grinning.

She wanted to die from embarrassment. "I've always liked working out," she finally defended her formerly chubby self.

"Well, something changed in your favor," he wouldn't let it go.

"You want to know what it was?" she crossed her arms too, feeling angry and wanting to scream at him that she was on the verge of a clinical eating disorder just to shut him up about it.

"What?" he maintained his cool smile.

In that moment, she realized he was totally clueless and wouldn't understand anyway, so she just said, "I switched to diet soda and started drinking more water, that's about it." But she knew better... as if that alone could make her drop three sizes in less than a year.

"Hmmm," he said, shrugging his shoulders, "that makes sense." Then he walked over to her and sat facing her on the exercise bench. "So, when do I get to take you out again?" He rubbed his hands along her outer thighs and gave her a kiss on the lips, angling for a third date.

On their second date, he had taken her to dinner at Savona, a romantic Mediterranean restaurant. It was a nice enough time, but she felt self-conscious about eating anything really delicious in front of him, choosing the boring Dover sole and skipping dessert. Jimmy actually ate quite a bit, which irked her more. He was probably one of those naturally thin people who couldn't possibly understand how easily other people could gain weight and ‘let themselves go.’

But his hands on her thighs made her feel desirable, something she had craved her whole life. And when Tara and Beth walked in and saw him kissing her, she enjoyed that guilty pleasure even more.

"Didn't mean to interrupt anything," Beth rolled her eyes.

Jimmy glanced back at Beth with annoyance on his face but didn't verbally acknowledge her. He turned back to Allie flashing his winning smile, "I'll call you."

* * *

"More lemonade?" Allie wanted to try to break the ice with cool Sean. This time he was sporting the shirtless look, and once she saw him and his soft belly pooch through the window, she couldn’t resist the opportunity to get close to him again.

"Uh, sure," he took the glass and took a big gulp.

"You want to sit down?" She pointed toward the veranda, feeling more confident around him, now that he seemed a bit vulnerable with his soft chest mounds and plump middle out in the open.

"Um, okay, I guess, it's time for a break anyway," he submitted more readily than the first time she had introduced herself to him. He grabbed his shirt and draped it across his shoulders, like he was vainly attempting to cover up.

"This is a lot of work to do it all by yourself," she sat down, noticing the glint of sun reflecting off if his dark hair.

"I'll have help here next week, once I finish the pressure washing and calculate out how much stone I'll need," he informed her, taking another drink from his lemonade.

"You're bringing in new stone?" She didn't realize he was replacing the fractured pieces. Her interest in architectural preservation always made her protective when it came to any restoration work done to the estate, even down to the stone walkway.

"Special flagstone; I have to keep close track of what will need replacing and record it. We can't just bring in anything here. It's Trumbauer's vision, so even the exterior stonework has to be just right."

"You know the history of this place?" She was happily reassured he knew what he was doing.

"This is Philly. Masons here have to know about more than just slapping concrete down. There's history, rules, preservation."

"Yes, of course," she smiled, slightly surprised by his ardent tone.

"It's a stunning structure," he looked over the expansive wings of the Chateau-like mansion from one side to the other.

She nodded in agreement with a meek smile.

"You don't even realize it, do you?" He crossed his arms in front of his yielding, delectably smooth, bare chest.

"Yes, I appreciate what my family has, believe me," she countered defensively, surprised by his forceful tone.

"No," he continued with more force in his voice, "I mean, how architecturally important this place is, and how singular the stonework is. There's not many left like this, I'm just glad your family is treating her well," he took another gulp of lemonade.

"By hiring you, no doubt," she smirked playfully. Allie loved that he seemed to harbor a passion for building preservation; but she kept her academic training to herself. It was more interesting to let him talk about what he knew than to put an end to his side of the conversation with her boring book knowledge.

"Of course," he smiled openly. It was the first time she saw how much more adorable he was when a big smile spread widely across his face. "I grew up in a row house in Mayfair, so this..." he waved his hand over the massive home, "is a different perspective."

Allie looked down now, feeling that old discomfort of her privilege. She had been all over the world: France, Sweden, Japan... even Tahiti, but she had never been to Northeast Philly; not that she could remember anyway. It made her feel very bourgeois. Before the conversation could go any further down that road, she made an excuse to leave. She found mental sanctuary from the world in developing her senior thesis design project. She had been delving into it deeper in recent weeks to prepare for her next meeting with Dr. Porter, before leaving for Europe next month.

David Porter was with her advising professor at Cornell. She had harboring a girlish crush on him... well, an academic crush, nothing overly sexual, like the way she had been feeling about Sean. She simply loved conversations with him about building conservation, from architectural elitism to the philosophies behind stylistic movements. When she learned he had grown up on the North Shore of Long Island, in one of the “lesser” mansions in that region, she opened up to him about her background. She trusted him with information about her home and family that she rarely shared with anyone, and certainly no one at school, save her most trusted friend, Maia. She hated that a few of the sorority sisters had learned of her family situation through the society grapevine, needling her on occasion about it.

Allie was many months away from declaring her thesis, but it was an idea she’d had swirling around in her head since high school. Her father had given her a book about Philadelphia’s architectural history, which delved into the amazing historical structures that had been lost to the whims of progress and politics. She dug deeper in her research, learning of many aged estates, threatened by an economic aggressiveness that often rendered preservation a losing battle. It was the unfortunate side effect of modernization that Allie lamented.

Her idea was that igniting a Beaux-Arts revival in new developments could encourage feelings of sentiment and public protection for the old structures. She wanted to design something that took the splendor and elegance of the Gilded Age with the practical infrastructure and available materials to meet the requirements of a post modern society. Surely there was a place for both classic beauty and structural longevity among the sea of mirrored glass geometric beasts that had crept into the landscape of constantly evolving cities. She hoped that Professor Porter would be proud of her progress, since she valued his opinion higher than just about anyone she knew, except perhaps, her father’s.

* * *

"I made cookies," she brought out a plate full of freshly baked oatmeal butterscotch chip cookies.

Sean's eyes grew a little and then he shrugged his shoulders, “Sure.” He still seemed nonchalant about her daily gestures of generosity, but hadn’t rebuffed her either. "Thanks," he grabbed one from the plate as she set it down on the wrought iron table.

"Are you going to have one?" he asked her.

"No, I already had a couple," she lied. One of those cookies was the calorie equivalent of about 10 more laps in the pool, which would only make her hungrier.

"I can't eat all of these myself," he quipped, flooding her brain with images of him polishing off the entire plate and licking his fingers in satisfaction while his belly expanded before her eyes.

Then she felt guilty about encouraging his gluttony and tried to cover it up, "I baked like, ten dozen for work."

"You work?" He asked bluntly. She was slightly annoyed by his shocked tone but she liked him too much to care.

"Well, I don't get paid, so I guess it's not a real job," she teased him for his presumptuousness. "I volunteer at Children's Hospital."

"That's cool," his face brightened up. "What do you do?"

"Some days I do family services, you know, just helping parents find their way to what they need; and other days… well, my favorite thing, is reading to the kids. And some days I spend in the neonatal unit and I get to hold newborns. It's an amazing job."

"So is it a full time job for you?" he asked.

"No, unfortunately. Because I'm going back to school in the fall they can't commit me to longer hours, but I spend a little extra time there anyways."

"Where do you go to school?" he was more inquisitive today.

"Cornell," she answered.

"That's far enough away from here," he noted, considering how many highbrow institutions there were much closer to home.

"My mother wasn't thrilled with me turning down her ivory tower down the street," she pointed over her shoulder towards Villanova, "but Cornell's architecture program drew me in."

Sean's face brightened up, "So then maybe you do know how amazing your place is," smiling smugly, alluding to their conversation the previous day.

"My emphasis is architectural conservation, so you know I do," she beamed.

He launched into conversation about their favorite downtown Philly buildings. When she shared her sadness about the deterioration and demise of Memorial Hall, he commiserated. “I always loved that place. When I was a kid, my parents would take me to Fairmount, different parts each time, and I’d spend hours just walking around, looking at the sculptures and studying stonework. I still ride my bike through there all the time. There was talk of renovating. My dad was going to bid it, but I guess the money dried up or something," he shrugged his shoulders.

"So you work for your father?" She turned the questioning toward him, happy he was opening up more.

"Just in the summer," Sean answered. "He taught me the trade, but I'm in school the rest of the year."

"Where?" Allie demanded, intrigued by every word that came out of him. Before today he had been so tight-lipped.

"Temple," he smiled. "I stayed closer to home than you did."

"What year are you?" She asked with interest, hungry for more information about him.

"Well, I just finished my third year, but I'm in an accelerated program so I segue into medical school next year."

Allie was shocked he was pre-med and tried to hide her surprise. But apparently she didn't do a very good job, because Sean furrowed his brows and mocked her, "I know, laborers are just supposed to be laborers, right?"

"No!" she tried to cover her embarrassing faux pas with flattery, "I was just thinking that it's pretty amazing, to be so academically smart and also really talented with your craft," she pointed to the sample stone he had been working down to just the right shape. "Besides," she laughed, "tell me you didn't think I was just a rich bitch when you first saw me?"

"The rich part was pretty obvious, I'll admit to that," he laughed back. He was so cute when he laughed, with his gorgeous face and jiggling little belly. His tubbiness redirected her thoughts back to the cookies on the table and her job at the hospital.

"Well, I better get going to work while these are still fresh," she hopped up with the plate. "Here, take a few more," she set a handful down on a napkin for him and started back inside, "See you tomorrow," she waved at him, feeling elated over the connection she had made with her big crush.



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Jun 21, 2008
Yeah ... a new chapter!

But it was only an appetizer .... do we get some mooore soon? :bounce:

Seriously, you always manage to create such suspense and get my imagination whirring because your characters just take their time!


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May 8, 2006
"Why don’t you ever return my calls?" Jimmy slid behind her putting his hand on her waist and whispering in her ear. He found her again, this time as she was leaving the club after a morning of tennis. She had thought she escaped…

She flinched from his touch. Her waist was a sensitive spot, especially with a boy who always seemed to have such high standards for physical beauty. "Oh, my cell is being weird, I need a new one," she lied keeping her eyes on the ground. Allie wasn't getting any more comfortable with his aggressive pursuit, even if it was somehow gratifying. She had been avoiding him for days, but it was a matter of time before he found her again.

"What are you doing tonight?" He asked, unfazed by her stall tactics.

"Hospital fundraiser event," she was glad she had an answer.

"Do you need a date?" He pressed.

"I'm working there, not a guest," she explained, a little perturbed by his presumption she wouldn't have responsibilities there.

"So when do I get to take you out again?" He wasn't daunted, pressing the date issue harder. Allie could almost physically feel the pressure he was putting on her. She imagined this is what he would be like about sex too, which made her feel queasy to even think about.

"What did you have in mind?" She didn't know how to find a way around the question.

"How about something fun? There’s a new club downtown... I know the owner,” he started. Allie had dabbled in nightlife with trips she made to downtown Philly with sorority sisters the summer before. It was eye-opening enough to know she wanted nothing to do with the drunken douchebag and coked up Manhattan-wannabe crowd. She must have made a pretty disgusted face, because Jimmy changed his tune quickly, “Or, how about mini golf?" he offered.

"Yeah sure," she agreed, relieved. Mini golf was neutral, harmless fun.

"Monday night?" He suggested.

"I work at the hospital until 4, how about you pick me up at 6?" She found herself setting the time.

"Awesome," he smiled, squeezing her waist and kissing her softly on her lips.

* * *

"Maia!" Allie cried happily, lounging in her bed on a quiet Sunday morning.

"What are you doing?" She heard Maia's excitement on the other end of the phone. Allie met Maia in her Design Studio class during freshman year and was captivated by her French Canadian accent and exotic beauty. They were put together to work on a collaborative project, quickly bonding over their mutual love of chimera and ornamental figures in gothic architecture.

"Trying to get motivated to go play in a racquetball tournament today with girls I loathe," she told Maia honestly.

"You seem to spend your life stuck with people you do not care for, quel dommage," Maia joked, alluding to Allie's contempt for many of the girls in her sorority.

"And then I don't get to spend my summer with the friends I love," Allie flattered her best friend. "Speaking of, how is Montreal?" Maia was spending the summer in Canada with her father, working for his architectural firm as an intern.

"It's been miserable," she pouted right through the phone. "It's hot, humid, and my father is a tyrant to work for."

"You knew that going in," Allie teased her. The two girls also shared the experience of having successful and demanding fathers. "How's your grandmother doing?"

"I talked to her yesterday, and she’s still not doing so well." Maia's mother was in Brazil taking care of her parents, who were both quite ill.

"I'm so sorry, Maia," Allie tried to soothe her best friend.

"I feel like a selfish brat because I want her here with me," Maia sounded even sadder. "She protects me from him."

"Is it that bad?" Allie knew what Maia was talking about.

"He signed me up for Nutrisystem and a gym the day I came home," she sighed.

The first time Allie saw Maia she didn't even notice that Maia was plump; just that she was exceptionally beautiful. A product of her French Canadian father and Brazilian mother, her enormous eyes and gorgeous, long black hair were striking. She was only somewhat plus-sized, with a great hourglass shape to her curves, but Maia still had a lot of issues with her weight, especially considering her father's severe criticisms.

"Can I come visit you?" Allie suggested, hearing the despair in her friend's voice and wanting to be there for her.

"Allie, we're spending a year in Rome together. I can wait one more month to see you if I have to," she joked in the guilty knowledge that Allie had the means to travel anywhere on short notice.

"Just for a long weekend? It's a quick flight," she insisted.

"Really? You think you can come?" Maia sounded hopeful.

"Definitely. Besides, it will get me away from someone I need to get away from," she alluded to her flirtation with Jimmy. "I'll tell you all about it when I get there."

After sorting out the details with Maia, Allie called her father in Europe.

"Daddy?" Allie pulled her 'sweetest daughter in the world' routine out of storage.

"Yes Al," her father responded in a knowing tone.

"I don't suppose you have a few thousand frequent flyer miles just lying around waiting to be used," she tried to make light of her pending request. "Can I get your blessing to go up to Montreal and see Maia for a few days?"

"What about your commitments at the hospital?" He countered skeptically.

"I'll have no problem trading schedules; people are always looking for nights and weekends off," she argued. "Besides, they're loaded with volunteers this summer. I wanted to get more hours and I couldn't."

"I suppose," he sighed, "it's too late for you to have done anything else this summer."

Allie winced, feeling caught between her mother’s and father's advice. "Dad, Mom arranged the hospital job for me, and I actually really love it. And I still have time to go to the club-"

"Al," her father interrupted her, "I know your heart is in the right place,” he paused and continued, “But between the sorority, the volunteer work and the club, you're putting all your stock into your future as some guy's rich wife. I think you can do better than that."

She was used to her father's lectures about seeking more professional opportunities instead of social ones, but she had never heard him criticize her all in one breath for what amounted to following her mother's wishes. She burst into tears, "It's been made clear to me my entire life that nothing would be better than being another Beaumont girl. Mom wanted me in the sorority, even though I don't really care for it. Mom wanted me to do volunteer work. I actually enjoy that and I think I'm making a difference there, which is better than pushing around paper in an office."

"Al-," he tried to stop her.

She was too upset to stop herself from purging her resentment at being caught between her parents' conflicting demands. "And don't even bring the club into this, because it's always been made abundantly clear that I need to be in perfect shape."

"Damn it Allie, would you stop?" her father interjected. "You know we love you more than anything in the world."

"This isn't about how much you love me, it's about how disappointed you are in me," she spat back coldly.

"I have never been disappointed in you," he spoke solemnly, "I just want more for you. With your fortunate situation, you'll be a target, Al. You're too damn bright and talented to get sucked into socialite society."

"I can't win with you two, can I?" she sighed, tears welling up again.

"I don't agree with everything your mother says or does. But honey, we're not the same people. You are an adult; you are your own person to heed the counsel of your parents as you see fit. My management team doesn't always agree with each other but I take the best of their opinions to make informed decisions."

"I'm your daughter, not a corporation," she chided him.

"You'd be surprised at how sentimental stockholders are about their money," he joked.

"Dad," she half-laughed in protest, but knew that deep down he had a point.

"I'll have Diane help you with your flights," her father relented and offered up his assistant. "Just let her know when you want to go."

"Thanks Dad," Allie was grateful but still a bit raw that her father couldn't just say yes or no without making her pay an emotional price.

* * *

"I'm going to Montreal for the weekend," Allie nonchalantly shared her plans with Sean, taking a drink from her iced tea, "so you won’t have me bugging you for a few days." It was only 7:30 in the morning, but Allie had already brought out an iced jug of lemonade in a cooler for Sean to drink throughout the day while she was gone to work at the Hospital.

She had cut her date short with Jimmy the night before. She felt annoyed the entire time with his physical advances and feigned a sick stomach so she could get home without more sexual pressure. Except she found herself in bed that night, pleasuring herself to the thought of sweaty Sean, tearing off an outgrown t-shirt, pressing her against one of the library windows under the terrace vestibule. It was quiet and fragrant with flowers from the garden, a perfect place to experience his soft flesh against hers, her fingers lifting his belly to help his pants off…

"Why Montreal?" he raised an eyebrow, snapping her out of the latest Sean-related fantasy that had been playing over and over in her head.

"My best friend lives there," she explained.

"Is she from your Sorority?" he smirked.

"Actually no," Allie answered sourly, sensing his weakly veiled contempt for sorority girls. "She's in my architecture program. We're going to Rome next month for our year abroad."

"Oh," Sean answered curtly.

Allie was smiling to herself, thinking about how much she was enjoying building this odd friendship with Sean when two lanky young guys walked around the side pavilion hauling what must have been heavy flagstone slabs on a large dolly. When they saw Sean they set the dolly down and ran up the steps of the veranda to greet him.

"Seannie, how ya doin there?" The taller boy smiled widely at him, shaking his hand with his other hand on his shoulder. "Haven't seen you since the Volksfest."

Then the other boy greeted Sean with a light slap on the belly, "Looks like you've still been enjoying the college life."

Allie felt her face flush over that belly slap when the two boys noticed her. The taller one asked Sean, "So, is this your new girlfriend?"

"No more Janine?" The other chimed in, making Allie incredibly curious about who the heck Janine was.

"Allie lives here," Sean corrected them. "Allie, this is Mike," he pointed to the taller boy, "and Charlie. They're helping with laying the replacement stone."

Allie stood up and shook their hands, "Nice to meet you."

"Verrry nice to meet you," Charlie blatantly checked out her body, scanning down her legs.

Allie grew uncomfortable with his leering looks and excused herself, "I've got to get to work, it was nice to have met you both," she nodded politely, turned and walked away, as quickly as she could, back to the house. Still, her ears couldn't avoid hearing Charlie say, "You got no shot, McTubbs," with his laughter ringing in her ears.

Overhearing Charlie's unkind words made her skin crawl. She may have enjoyed her own bizarre inner thoughts about making fun of Sean's chubbiness, but she was disgusted hearing some stranger try to knock him down a notch over it. And then using her as a yardstick made her feel even worse. The last thing she wanted was someone to discourage Sean from thinking of her romantically. She so wished he would.

Allie couldn’t stop herself from listening to more of their conversation from around the other side of the garden where she couldn’t be seen. She heard Sean send Charlie back to the truck for some equipment and then she heard Mike’s deeper voice. “So this chick is hanging out with you while you work on her family's museum?" Mike asked Sean.

"She's just bored, I guess," Sean shrugged and took a drink of lemonade. Allies heart sank over how flippant he was about their new friendship.

"She's incredibly hot," Mike responded, "and loaded. If a girl like that doesn't go for you, it has nothing to do with your gut. Main Line chicks have no need for Northeast Philly guys like us." Allie felt like a jerk for thinking she could be more than friends with Sean, after hearing Mike remind Sean how different they really were. And that his adorable gut had anything to do with anything other than turning her on.

"Who said anything about me wanting her anyway," Sean shot back. Allie felt her throat closing and tears forming hearing Sean move on to football. "So what do you think Mikey, is McNabb gonna take us to the Promised Land this year?"

"He's fun to watch; should've been MVP," Mike shook his head. "Gonna be a big year for the Birds."

With that, Allie forced herself to forget about Sean and focus on getting to work without the evidence of a tear streaked face and puffy eyes.



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May 8, 2006
"Al!" Maia hugged Allie tight as she came off the jet way at Dorval. "I am so glad to see you!"

Allie hugged her very tightly. She had come to view her as the sister she never had. Sure, Allie was close with her brother Holden, but he was living across the country. And it wasn't like having female kinship. "I’m so glad I'm here," she exclaimed. "I've missed you so much."

"Mon dieu, you look even skinnier," Maia brushed her hand down Allie's arm, seeming partly concerned, partly jealous, and partly joking.

Allie knew she couldn't deny it, so she did her usual dance around the issue, "Some days are so busy, at the hospital... I've missed a few meals."

"Allie," she frowned. Maia knew Allie's issues.

Allie deflected more by praising Maia, "You look awesome!"

"I've only lost a little," she shrugged her shoulders.

"No, not that, I mean just in general, you have that summer radiance," she rubbed Maia's arm. Being around Maia made Allie feel instantly safe. She never had a solid, trusting female friendship until she met Maia.

"So who's the guy this summer?" Maia asked, prodding further into Allie's admission that she's been dating.

"You mean Jimmy?" Allie pursed her lips and smiled with guilt.

"Tell me, tell me!" Maia adored talking about men, something Allie had always felt slightly awkward about.

"This guy from the Cricket Club," she began to reluctantly explain.

"Is he hot?" Maia demanded.

"He's very good looking, and nice. But it's nothing serious," she tried to play it down.

"Why not?" Maia was clearly thirsty for juicy details and wasn't going to relent until Allie explained herself.

"Jimmy is the guy at the club that dates a different girl every summer, and this is my summer. I feel like a contestant winner, not his girlfriend."

"Uh," Maia seemed disappointed, "Sounds like more of the same for you."

"What does that mean?" Allie felt defensive.

"I mean that you always seem to surround yourself with people you don't particularly care for," Maia lectured Allie. "Why are you even seeing him?"

"I guess at first it felt good," she sheepishly shrugged. "He was who I was always supposed to wish for and it was nice to be on the 'hot girl' list for once."

"I get that, I wish I was on that list for once too."

"Oh gosh, Maia, just stop it. You are literally the most beautiful woman I know."

"If I'd only lose a huge amount of weight," she made a bitter face.

"No way Maia, not even close. I mean just the way you are, you turn heads. I see it all the time." Allie had often thought about encouraging her best friend to get into plus-size modeling, but knew that would ignite another weight discussion, so she kept it to herself.

"Whatever, Allie," she waved her hand and pressed her straw into the ice at the bottom of her glass.

Allie was desperate to elevate Maia's mood, so she rekindled the 'boys' topic. "There's another guy this summer..."

Maia took the bait, a smile redrawn across her face, "Really? Who is he?"

"My parents are having this masonry work done on the house and this guy is refurbishing the stonework," Allie started to explain her friendship with Sean.

"Oh yum," Maia became dreamy, "Like topless and muscles, right? Oh you are so bad! What have you done with him?"

"Nothing," Allie stopped her, laughing, "We just talk. He's actually pre-med at Temple," she decided not to contradict Maia's assumptions about his physical description, especially since he was all shirtless and muscles. Did she really need to share that his muscles were covered by a nice amount of chub?

"Oh and he's intelligent too," she swooned. "So are you going to be able to fit in a quick summer fling with him before we leave for Rome?"

"I’m pretty sure he doesn’t think much of me," she confessed. "I think he thinks I'm just a shallow, entitled bore."

"No way Allie, all you have to do is open your mouth and people realize you're a total sweetheart,” she smiled, and then frowned. “So you’re juggling two amazing guys this summer? Ugh, so unfair,” she smiled devilishly. “I know you don't want to hear this, but I am going to really try hard on my diet the rest of the summer. I want to meet a hot man in Europe!"

Maia took Allie sightseeing and shopping, although Allie was careful to stay away from skinny stores. She felt horrible when Maia couldn't find anything in her size. Mostly because she knew it bothered Maia, but it also brought up painful memories of her own shopping experiences with so-called friends in high school. They would always seem to rub it in to Allie that the racks were 'too full of fat sizes' like junior 9s and 11s, when Allie was struggling to fit into her women’s 12s and 14s.

Meeting Maia's father was another uncomfortable experience. He seemed pleasant enough toward Allie, but was obviously cool and distant with Maia. It gave her a whole new appreciation for her own father. No matter how tough Kenneth could be about Allie's goals or work ethic, he was usually affectionate and supportive too. Allie respected Maia all the more for her strength in the face of such cold parenting; that she could be as kind and compassionate as she was after being raised by a father with almost no warmth or sensitivity.

Allie dragged Maia out to eat for every meal because she couldn't stand the critical looks he would give Maia with every bite of food she ate. Allie finally admitted to Maia how upsetting it was to witness. "How can you stand it?" Allie let it burst out her mouth as Maia was explaining the mundane tasks he gave her to do at work.

"I have to start somewhere, Allie," Maia referred to her difficult working environment.

"No, I mean, how can you stand the way he watches every single bite of food you eat?" Allie couldn't contain her anger.

Maia's eyes grew wide in shock, "He's my father, Allie," she whispered, even though they were alone in the middle of Mont Royal Park eating a picnic lunch.

"That doesn't give him the right to humiliate you like that," Allie responded, feeling tears well up in her eyes. She had so much anger bubbling under her skin for the way in which people seemed to make someone else's body their business, from perfectionist boys, to catty girls and demanding parents. Allie felt it like a constant cloud over her head, and hated to watch Maia was suffering the same pressures.

"Hey," she gently touched Allie's arm. "Is this about me? Or about you?"

Allie's shocked look made Maia continue, "I know you want to protect me Allie, but the whole world can see that I'm a fat girl. And I'd like to not always be la grosse amie, I know you can relate to that, so please stop telling me I should be happy with myself, because it makes you a hypocrite."

"But," Allie started to interject, feeling horrible that Maia was now on the offensive.

"Wait, Al," she continued, "I just keep getting the feeling that you're really struggling with your issues too. You've never been skinnier, you eat like a bird, and you work out all the time... you know you need to eat more to fuel yourself!"

"I'm fine," Allie cut her off, growing defensive.

"I just want you healthy. I know, I should mind my own business, but I love you like a sister. Or what I think a sister would be," she corrected herself with a smile.

"I feel the same way about you," Allie softened. "Let's just drop the weight stuff, I hate talking about it."

"Fine," Maia waved her hand, but then smiled and hugged Allie.


"Did you have a good time?" Sean asked Allie, as she watched him smooth some finely crushed limestone over the soil where he would be laying down the replacement stone.

"Yeah, it was nice to get away and see Maia," she smiled, relieved Sean was being nice to her, even if he wasn’t into her. "I got to practice my French, so it was good preparation."

"I thought you were going to Rome?" Sean quizzed her.

"I'm going to meet my parents in Geneva first, and then my mom and I are going to take a train to Paris and spend a few days there before I fly from there to meet Maia in Rome."

"Sounds pretty amazing," he kept working, his eyes on the ground. She felt stupid for explaining all of that. It was just a family plan to her, but it must have sounded tre prétentieux to anyone else.

"I was actually kind of dreading spending that much time with my parents, but after meeting Maia's dad, I have a whole new appreciation for them."

"Why wouldn't you want to spend time with your parents? You haven't seen them for a while, right?" he asked pointedly.

Allie shrugged, "I don't know. It's like everything can be fine and then something critical comes out of one of their mouths and makes me feel like crap, and then they argue about it. It gets old..."

"My parents can be the same way, but can't we all be critical of our families? I mean, they probably just want the best for you,” he stated with a maturity that made her feel like a jerk for complaining.

"I suppose," she was surprisingly accepting of his interpretation, "Especially when I compare it to what Maia has to live with. My mom makes occasional weight comments or diet suggestions that annoy the hell out of me, but Maia's father is downright cruel about it."

"You mean your mom wants to get you to eat more?" he confused her with that question.

"More? God no, not my mother. 'Eating light is ladylike,' was all I ever heard growing up."

"She wants you to lose weight?" He questioned incredulously.

"Not anymore," Allie looked down, crossing her arms in front of her, growing uncomfortable.

"My mother always piled my plate with food," Sean joked, "I guess it shows," he patted his belly. Allie's face and neck turned red and while she tried desperately not to gawk at his middle.

"I've never seen anything like it though, the way her father hounded her about dressing on her salad and sauce on her food. It was sickening," she was back to talking about Maia, venting feelings that came from more than just her weekend getaway.

"That's pretty rough," he agreed with her. "I get crap sometimes too, from friends, or my dad, but it's not that extreme."

"She's not even that big," Allie accented the words 'that big," and immediately regretted it.

"You mean as big as me?" Sean laughed, catching Allie in her words.

"No," she felt pained that he could be offended by the implication. "I meant she's not that big compared to... I just mean she's really, really beautiful. She's so striking; you don't even notice she's heavier. I wish I were as beautiful as her. She's just... I don't know," Allie was struggling to find the right words,

"What do they call it? Like pleasingly plump? Nothing wrong with that." Sean showed a flash of confidence about his plump body that Allie found herself very excited by. "I'm going to start to use that to describe myself."

Allie laughed nervously, feeling the large pit in her stomach turn into floating flutters as she heard Sean utter words that she had said to herself, watching him through the window of her room upstairs or the kitchen bay. Standing alone, no one else to hear, the whispers had come tumbling out of her mouth, imagining sneaking up behind him with a heaping plate of fattening chocolate goodness, slipping her hand around to support his belly... Sean, you're so pleasingly plump, why don't you try a few more of my homemade brownies?

Sean snapped her out of her fantasy, "So you're working today?"

"Yeah, but not until 10, so I guess I'm just hanging around here bugging you while you work," she grinned through her guilt.

"You don't bug me," he responded without looking up.

Allie felt hopeful, "Good, I like talking to you. It's nice to talk to a normal person."

He looked up with curiosity, "Normal?"

"You're easy to talk to," she realized too late that the word 'normal' could be misconstrued so she overcompensated, "In a good way." And then she felt stupid; it sounded like such a dumb line.

But Sean paused, his eyes bearing into hers, "Like us 'normal' common folk?"

"No," she looked away, feeling her heart pound.

"Do you talk to me because I'm one of the simple people who take such good care of the ground you walk on?"

"Hey, that's not what I meant," Allie's heart pounded harder.

"Really?" Sean glared at her with obvious anger.

Allie reacted the only way she knew, with honesty, "No! I meant that you're comfortable in your own skin. You don’t care what people think, and I admire that," she looked away, feeling horribly embarrassed. She couldn't look him in the eye again, shivering from his anger and mumbled, "I gotta go to work," and hurried away.

Allie felt sick to her stomach every time she played the angry exchange with Sean through her head. She was building up such a crush on him and yet he obviously couldn't stand her. All the groundwork she had done developing a friendship with him seemed pointless. It had been hard, actually, pushing herself to socialize with him, overcome her shyness at every turn, and now a few poorly chosen words and she was back to being an annoying snob. She decided that she would probably die a virgin. The boys that liked her, she didn't like. And finally, there was one she really, really liked, and she wasn't ever going to have him.

Allie avoided Sean for a few days, but found herself in front of the house about to leave on her bike when she overheard a conversation Sean was having with Mike and Charlie.

"So what's the deal with Janeane?" Mike asked Sean. There was talk of this Janeane girl again, and Allie was paralyzed by curiosity.

"Nothing," Sean responded.

"I know she comes 'round your place once in a while, she told my sister," Mike admitted.

"We still see each other, nothing official." Allie had suspected this Janeane person was Sean’s girlfriend, or ex, or something in between, apparently.

"I know she's my sister's best friend, and you probably still care for her, but she's trouble, man. I'm serious; you're not the only guy she's seeing." Allie wanted to slug this Janeane girl now.

Charlie spoke up, in his usually vulgar way, "If you're only in it for the goods, go for it man, just stock up on jit bags," he laughed. She didn’t hear Sean’s voice respond.

"Big storms coming through tomorrow Buddy, you should take tomorrow off," Mike warned Sean.

Allie heard their voices coming closer and took off on her bike before they could see she had been eavesdropping.

So maybe Sean was just hung up on this Janeane person and Allie would never have a shot no matter how much she broke down the other barriers. She decided that if she kept avoiding him, she wouldn’t see his cute face and round body, and maybe forget all about him altogether. That seemed like the best solution. And yet, she still kept thinking about him, more than ever. When she lay in her bed at night, feeling most alone, wishing his warm body was next to hers, his hot breath on her neck, his chubbiness enveloping her... how could she ever put those fantasies out of her head?


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Jun 20, 2008
I'm really liking this! And your characters are fantastic. I felt like I was really feeling all of Allie's ups and downs, and I hate Jimmy so much it made me queasy to read about him. Which of course means that you captured them both perfectly. So excited to see how this turns out!


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Sep 29, 2005
The great white north, eh?
I really enjoyed this last chapter, and am super curious to see where you take this story and the characters!


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Apr 3, 2011
.... another lovely story that needs to be continued asap, please!


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May 8, 2006
It was a week into August and a heavy summer rain was coming down in full force. Allie raced home from the club on her bike, having been drenched from the moment she left. The feeling of the rain now pelting her face was more than uncomfortable. Relieved to have made it home in one piece, she headed up her driveway, hopped off her bike and quickly moved it into the garage. She felt like a drowned rat, looking down at her soaked tennis whites, sighing at her muddy legs and ruined tennis shoes.

From the garage, she went into the mudroom to grab a towel and wipe herself off. She glanced out the window and spotted a dripping wet Sean under the veranda, kneeling down over his toolbox, drying each of his tools off with an old towel. In another week, Allie was going to leave for Europe and hopefully forget all about him, but scenes like this made it very difficult. She forgot all about her own soaked condition, admiring the way his wet t-shirt clung to his body, showing off his bulges and rolls in a way that made a wave of pleasure completely overcome her. She instinctively pressed her legs closely together to fend off the flush desire that was quickly heating her up, but it wasn’t working.

Her eyes lingered over his side roll, folded over into his belly droop, which seemed to struggle for room in his lap. He was obliviously, yet completely destroying any hopes of ridding herself of the fluttered feelings mounting in her stomach that migrated further south between her legs. It didn’t help any that he looked so handsome too. His black hair was wet, dripping down his soft, smooth, beautiful face and cute double chin. Allie surprised herself in realizing the intense affection she felt for him, beyond the peculiarly gratifying sensations that the sight of his fat had been stirring inside of her all summer.

Then, It was as if he knew she was watching him with lust. She was bound to be caught; that kind of heated energy doesn’t stay hidden for very long. He looked up exactly where she was behind the window and found her gazing admiringly at him. He smiled and waved, making her feel hopeful again. Seeing him helplessly trying to avoid the downpour, a surge of protectiveness came over her, making her forget all about the cool distance she had been dancing around for weeks. Within seconds, she was doing a slow jog through the rain, along the garden path towards him under the veranda.

"Come on," she grabbed his hand and ran, dragging him into the pool house. She opened a linen closet and pulled out a white terry robe and handed it to him, "You can get out of those wet clothes in the changing room," she pointed toward another room that had deep blue carpet and paintings of ships on the walls.

"I can't," he protested.

"You can't just stand out there in wet clothes, it's going to pour for a while," she countered, surprising herself at how bossy she was being with him.

"I should just pack up and call it a day," he reasoned.

"No, you can't drive all the way home like this; you'll get sick,” she insisted on his compliance. “It will only take a few minutes to dry. Just go change out of those clothes. There's a washer and dryer over there," she pointed to another side room.

"This... is a pool house?" Sean questioned her with an eyebrow raised high.

"It used to be a servant's cottage. My mother converted it to a pool house when the servant thing became politically incorrect for a family of four living in a mansion," Allie answered honestly.

"Oh," his eyes scanned across the other rooms from the main living area they were standing in.

"Go, change. I will too. My brother's old PlayStation stash is in there if you want to kill some time and wait the rain out," she offered.

Sean's eyes brightened, "Really?"

"Wet clothes off," Allie commanded playfully, pointing to the blue changing room.

After a couple of minutes, Sean walked out of the with the robe cinched tight just underneath his belly and wet clothes in his hand at the same time that Allie emerged from the other room in her pink robe with a silver "A" monogrammed on the front. She grabbed his clothes and threw them in the dryer, "they should be dry in a little bit."

"Nice robe," he complimented her as she walked back over towards him.

"Thanks," she shrugged her shoulders, “It was an 18th birthday gift from my brother," she stretched out her arms showing off the plush material draping over her hands.

"Looks a little big on you," he blurted. She turned a brighter shade of pink than the robe, her eyes darting away from noticing how tightly packed into his robe he looked.

"I suppose you don't get too many fat guys here," he patted his belly, acknowledging the tight fit of his robe with self-deprecating humor.

She had been trying not to stare at his plump body, which was barely contained by the belt of the robe, and his commenting on it made her aware that she was visibly trembling. She quickly changed the subject, "You want to get the PlayStation out?" She pointed at the cabinet under the TV, noticing that even her hand was shaking a little.

"Totally," he smiled casually, seemingly oblivious to her nerves. She was relieved to find something to distract him and pull him out of his shell too. He knelt down on the floor and dug out the equipment and games. "Wow, this is a great collection."

"Yeah, my brother used to come out here and play when he wanted to get away from my parents' nagging," she shared, without mentioning that she was guilty of the same nag avoidance scheme.

"Tomb Raider, Jet Moto, Doom..." his fingers sorted through the game discs, "Oh, the original Grand Theft Auto! Sweet," he smiled. "Wanna play?"

"You think you can beat me?" Allie teased him, knowing she wasn't very good at Grand Theft Auto and preferred SimCity. She'd play alone for hours when her brother started getting into his band and was spending less and less time at home. She bristled inside, remembering her hours in front of this very TV were a contributing factor to her highest weight; a sedentary habit she indulged in while snacking on convenience store contraband she hid from her mother.

"No way, I played this all the time at my buddy's house in high school," he smiled, his eyes fixed on the TV. "My parents wouldn't buy me video games when I was a kid. They wanted me studying," he smirked.

"Sounds smart," she laughed, "Look at how successful you are."

He rolled his eyes, "They bought me a computer thinking I'd use it for school work, but I snuck in some games too. I was rebellious like that," he winked at her.

She gazed at his adorable profile as he looked back at the TV, setting up the game, "Vice City?" he suggested.

"Sure," she smiled, still admiring his perfectly shaped nose, his soft, flawless cheeks and his wavy black hair. He was so perfect looking, she wanted to kiss him in the worst way.

He glanced back at her and she looked down at her controller, pretending to reacquaint herself with the buttons.

"I'm always Bubba," Sean selected his player.

"Aw, Bubba is cute," she joked, "I'll be Kivlov," she offered her preference.

"Eastern European badass," Sean deadpanned.

"That’s me," Allie shrugged sweetly.

As they began to play, she couldn’t help but continue to glance at him, her eyes drifting down on the strained belt around his belly that made her feel distracted and lustful. She tried to refocus on the game but didn’t do very well.

"This is so wrong," Allie giggled about the hooker she had just run over, "I can't believe little kids play this."

"It's not so bad," Sean laughed, "Just another day in North Philly."

"Shut up," she smiled, knowing he was exaggerating.

"Closer to it than here," he countered. "Can you imagine? Beating up dudes at the country club with your tennis racket? Jacking up a BMW from your polo pony?"

Allie rolled over laughing, allowing Kivlov to crash into a building. "I suck at this," she laughed more, turning to her side and looking up at him with a huge grin.

He smiled, but quickly turned away and looked back at the screen, trying to get the game back on track.

Allie sat back up. Sean was obviously annoyed that she wasn't being serious about the game, "Alright, I'll try harder."

"It's okay, we don't have to play this anymore if you don't want to," he tossed his controller to the side.

"No, you're clothes aren't dry yet," she reasoned, and pointed toward the window at the rain that continued to pour down outside, "We have more time to kill, I really will try now."

"You wanna play something else?" He offered, his voice revealing a lingering frustration that he was stuck inside with her rather than getting his work done.

She crawled over to the stack of games in the media cabinet, just inches from him. Glimpsing sideways, she caught his eyes on her with a bit of his own lustful look; something she hadn’t seen in him before. From somewhere within herself she found the courage to move into him and kiss his lips.

To her astonishment, he kissed back. It was like drinking warm, creamy cocoa after skiing on a mild winter day. Allie felt bliss ooze through her body and out through her lips. It never felt this thrilling with the handful of college boys she had kissed before. She kept her eyes closed, fearing that if she opened them, he would be gone.


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May 8, 2006
"Allie?" He spoke.

She opened her eyes, and his lovely face was there, right in front of hers, with a surprised but content look on it. "Sorry?" she half-smiled, her nerves kicking back in.

"Don't be," he smiled back. "Unless you regret doing that..."

"No!" she interrupted him, not wanting him to pull away, and feeling elated that he was receptive to her overtures. "It was nice. Does that mean we can do this instead of Playstation?" she asked playfully.

"Uh, yeah," he agreed with a guilty grin.

She moved her hands carefully at first, across his shoulders, her fingers running down his arms and knelt over him. And then, more boldly, her hand moved across his love handle and gently squeezed in, something her hands had wanted to experience since the first time she saw his plump body from her window.

"Do you do this with all the help?" He blurted with a smile, shifting slightly from her touch.

She withdrew her hands from him, stunned. He was just making a joke, but the underlying tension of their different social strata that had bubbling under the entire time of their acquaintance and just hit her with full force, especially given the intimacy they had finally shared. “Is that what you think this is? The bored, rich girl getting her kicks?" She felt her heart clench up.

"I don't know what to think, honestly. You have to give me a little credit for wondering what a girl like you, who could have any guy she wanted, is doing making the moves on a fat guy from Mayfair."

A tear rolled down her cheek as she sat there, motionless, studying the beige, plaid carpet to keep from sobbing. It struck her so clearly in that moment that this was her life; this would always be her life. She didn't choose to be born into wealth yet it seemed to confine her as much as provide for her. She had never felt comfortable in her attempts to connect with most people, much less the boys she felt attracted to.

Now it had all come to a head, staring her in the face in the form of a cute, sweet guy like Sean that she just wanted to be with. She had somehow summoned the strength to show him that she was interested, and now he was questioning her motives, relegating her actions to something phony or meaningless. "Is that what you think of me?" She asked him, her eyes still fixed on the intersecting lines of the dated Berber pattern on the floor.

"I didn't mean to insult you, Allie," he apologized.

"That doesn't answer my question," she countered, now feeling sorrier for herself than angry with him.

"Well, I mean, it's hard to understand why you're going out on dates with that Porsche-guy and then coming on to me here with me in the pool house."

Sean's reminder of Jimmy’s presence this summer forced her to step outside of herself for a moment and realize that he had a point, as painful as it was. He didn't know her heart, her desires, and her lifelong feelings of not belonging to this superficial world. He could only see her wealth, a summer of leisure, and dates with buff guys who drive hyper-expensive imports.

She acknowledged his unease with a nod, "I get it... I can only imagine what my life looks like to you. All I can say is that I really like you, and... I'm so not interested in Jimmy, he's not my type," she admitted and then regretted sounding trite. "But I'm kind of afraid that you'll get mad at me again if I tell you that I admire you."

"Why would I be mad?" Sean’s mouth was still drawn open in bewilderment.

"You kind of chewed me out for calling you 'normal’ that one day,” she reminded him.

"My head was somewhere else," he explained, prompting Allie to remember his Janeane problem, wondering if that was an underlying issue. She had been thinking too much about Janeane, a girl she had never met, but who made her feel inferior anyway.

"I shouldn't be so sensitive, I know," she countered. "But I can't do anything about all of this, Sean," she gestured to her family's massive estate. "I see you as a really interesting and intelligent guy. And you're cute," she smiled and looked away, stopping short of too much praise of his good looks; and heaven forbid, her attraction to his plumpness. She didn't know how he'd react to it after his 'fat kid from Mayfair' comment. "And I can't help that I want to kiss you," she whispered looking back in his eyes, feeling her emotions well up to her throat again.

Without explanation, Sean moved back into her space for another long kiss. Her hands jumped right back on his body, moving down to his chubby sides her fingers pressed back into his flesh, delivering a mixed sense of pleasure and unease about what she might or might not touch.

But what she did touch felt like she had always hoped it would: velvet soft, comforting yet exhilarating. Those hints of pleasure she had previously felt flow through her body when she looked at him were now coursing through every vein in a frenzy when she grazed her hand along his fat belly that was now pouring through the robe and over his belt.

She didn't mind anymore that he questioned her motives; she didn't care that her own robe was falling open and revealing her modest chest. She didn't stop him when his hand ran inside and over her right breast. She didn't stop him when his hand pushed her robe down off her shoulder and landed on the ground revealing her bare middle. And she didn’t stop him when his hand slipped down between her legs, grazing lightly over her stark nudeness.

She had always stopped other boys, but she had no control to stop Sean. It was what she wanted, so desperately, for the first time in her life, she truly desired sex. Would her first time be in the pool house? Better than drunk at a frat house... or with someone she wasn't attracted to, much less in love with. Was she in love with Sean? Is this what it was?

As their bodies moved to a horizontal position on the floor, she felt his trepidation by the way he tried to keep himself beside her rather than on top of her. "This is a little uncomfortable on the floor, isn’t it?" She paused from the kissing, cracking a demure smile.

He rubbed his hand along the carpet, "Berber is not great for making out," he joked.

Allie stood up, now only her panties, dampened from the rain, to cover her. She didn't even notice. She could only feel the craving to be next to him and feel everything there was to feel with him. She motioned for him to follow behind her into the same room that Sean had changed into the robe. He followed her...

The humidity from the storm made the air warm and heavy. She sat on the bed, smiling in admiration of the way his robe was totally open now, standing and facing her. She got more excited by the way his tummy jiggled a little as he moved toward the bed. He looked her in the eye, sat down next to her and eagerly leaned in for more kissing.

Even though he seemed to have let go of his inhibitions, he was still hesitant to move on top of her. He ran his hand down her side. Her body language was unmistakable that she wanted him, but he still asked, "Allie, do you really want this?"

"Mmmm hmmmm, yes Sean," she murmured, feeling out of control in her desire for him.

He tested the waters further with his hand, running down her abdomen and reaching between her legs. His fingers lightly stroked her, slowly sliding in, playfully hinting at what may lie ahead. She felt her face flush and she smiled and kissed him deeper, "that feels so nice, Sean," she whispered.

He very worked cautiously but decidedly more into her, finding her sweet spot and making her moan loudly. She was relieved he knew exactly what he was doing, because she didn’t have the experience to take charge. "You really know how to do that," she murmured in his ear as he made the lower half of her body tingle. Her hands kneaded into his love handles again, making her feel the rush of desire coming. She unlaced the belt of his robe that barely contained itself anymore, opening up her view of his round belly resting on the bed sideways. But he wasn't so fat that she couldn't see what hung underneath it.

She took her hand and stroked him, amazed by how hard he was. "Do you want this?" She asked him, trying hard not to stare at the jiggle of his flab, even though it added to her stimulation. He moved over her, but carefully not letting his weight collapse on her.

It hurt a bit, when he first went inside of her, but he had gotten her so excited that once he was in, the feeling was smooth and natural. Now she could see why people were obsessed with sex. It felt so good! The pressure built up in her, watching his belly rub against her body, and she couldn't stop from releasing and letting it wash over her. The pent-up desire she had been experiencing all summer, prompted by Sean's sexiness, exploded throughout her body, sending shockwaves to her toes.

Allie was astonished by how she had come, so naturally, in spite of feeling inexperienced, fumbling around before he took over and guided himself inside of her. And yet was surprised at how boldly she took a hold of his fattest, blubbery parts, coming at the moment her hand was cupped under his belly. It was a rite of passage in her self-knowledge that she was a woman who needed a fat guy to feel sexually complete. It wasn’t just in her head as a weird fantasy anymore; she had finally lived it out and it was perfect.

"I never imagined that this day would end up like this," he stroked her hair while she lay beside him, lightly exploring his sparse chest hairs.

"Me neither," she looked up at him and smiled, kissing his soft chest mounds.

"The rain stopped," he pointed to the window.

"Who cares?" She grabbed around him and held tightly.

"I'm on the clock, you know," he reminded her.

"I'll have them take it out of my allowance," she joked, snuggling into him.

"I don't think I can put gigolo on my medical residency application," he joked back.

"Why did it take all summer for this to happen?" she wondered out loud.

"Had you been plotting to seduce me, just waiting for the perfect storm?" He laughed.

"I guess I did, kind of seduce you," she laughed back. "Strange..."

"Strange that it wasn't the other way around?" His tone changed.

"No, no," she didn't want him to misunderstand her meaning, "Strange because I'm not usually like this. I'm pretty shy with this… stuff..."

He looked at her in disbelief, "Yeah, right."

"No, honestly," she stopped him, "I'm sort of," she paused, "inexperienced," she whispered.

"So what made you jump me?" he grinned.

"Honestly?" She wasn't sure she could say it out loud.

"Yeah," he nodded, "Considering what we just did, you should be able to be honest. I can take it."

She turned red and looked away, and took a deep breath.

"Come on, Allie," he tickled her tummy, making her almost jump out of her skin, "out with it."

"Okay, okay, just don't tickle me," she pushed his hands away from her middle. "I already told you I thought you're very attractive," she avoided being more blunt honesty about the appeal of his tubbiness encased in that robe.

"Cute doesn't make girls come," he laughed.

She turned deeper red, knowing she should just tell him what made her get so horny for him, but she couldn't find words that didn't make her freeze up in fear. Fat? Blubber? Flab? Chub? They couldn't come out of her mouth, it was just so forbidden. So she tried to do it with her hands rubbing along his flabbiest parts, "You just feel so good, like pleasingly plump,” she joked, referencing their conversation a week earlier.

"You like a teddy bear," he ran his hands though her hair.

She grinned, so relieved that it seemed he would understand, at least a little. Let him think it's a teddy bear thing. He doesn't need to know that his growing porkiness makes me wet between my legs, does he?

"Do you go on dates?" she asked him, hoping that wasn't lame to ask, hoping she could get more time with him before she would be far away from him.

"Yeah," he smiled, "We sometimes date in North Philly."

"Would you be willing to go on a date with a spoiled Main Line brat?" She smiled back.

"What would we do?" He asked.

"How about a walk in the park and some ice cream?" She offered, thinking it was romantic without the date pressure of dinner and a movie.

He looked at her strangely, but then agreed, "Sure."

"Tomorrow's Saturday, are you free?" Allie asked with a large smile across her face.

The Sun had come back out as afternoon rays shot through the window, “Yeah, Fairmont, right?”

Allie smiled and nodded. Fairmont Park was perfect.

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