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The Mr. Night Chronicles: Choices (WG, Magic, Pregnancy)

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Jun 6, 2008
The Mr. Night Chronicles: Choices

Mr. Night was taking a lunch break in the food court at the mall, where his antique shop is, and was watching 27 year old Mary Addison play with her 3 and a half year old daughter, Nancy. Mary stood about 5’7” and had long brown hair, tied back in a ponytail. She was wearing her comfort clothes, which were powder blue sweats and a lime green shirt. She also weighed about 300 pounds, so her clothes were stretched tight across her apple-shaped body. That is when 24 year old Elizabeth Carpenter walked in, or rather, sashayed her way into the food court like a bad feeling one gets in the back of their head. She was bad karma and, to Mr. Night, she was a person-of-interest. Elizabeth stood about 5’5”, had long, flowing red hair, and looked like a million dollars with her trim waist and toned body. She weighed about 120 pounds and she showcased her body in some tight blue jeans and white v-neck blouse. But what really got Mr. Night’s attention were her thoughts about Mary.
Now, where is that stupid blonde— OH MY GOD!!! SHE’S HUGE!!! How could anyone let themselves go like that?!?! That is just disgusting! Oh, and look, the hog has had a little piglet! God, why can’t fat people just stop being able to produce more fat people! They are eye-sores and just fugly! Eww, she’s feeding the little butterball. Rebecca better show up soon or I’m leaving her ass here! God, her husband is probably fat too. GROSS!!
At that, Mr. Night had heard enough and decided it was time to teach Ms. High-and-Mighty a thing or too. Checking to see if he had his tool on him, he changed his perceived physical form from the old man to a young, 20-something male with rugged features, then walked over towards Elizabeth’s table as he caught her eye.
Oh.... wow. He is HOT!!! Make up something, get him to come over here. “Hey, you. Where do you go to college?” Elizabeth asked as she puffed her chest out a bit. They were C-cups and the v-neck left little to the imagination. It was a trick she had used countless times before to get men.
“I’m... out of state right now. You?” asked Mr. Night.
“The local university. What classes? I’m a drama major myself,” she said smuggly. “I’m an actress. Name’s Elizabeth.” She stuck her hand out, expecting him to shake and introduce himself, but he ignored the hand and sat down.
“Oh, that is cool. I’m into stats and predictions myself. Say, I’ve got a trick for you. I want you to think of a number between 1 and 10, including 1 and 10,” Mr. Night said.
“Um... okay, sure.” What’s this guy’s game? Let’s see, should I go with 4, no 9, no 2, NO 10. Ten’s a good number, because I’m a perfect 10. “Alright, got it. Are you going to try to guess it?” she said flirtatously.
“Close. Acutally, I’m going to roll a 10-sided die,” he said as he pulled one out of his pant pocket, “and it is going to correctly roll your number. Watch,” and he rolled the die. It bounced on the table a couple of times before coming heads-up with a 10.
“NO FUCKING WAY!!! How did you do that!?!? Do it again,” she said, looking completely dreamy-eyed at him.
“Actually, no. What this just determined was how many years back we go into her life,” he said as he pointed at Mary, “and whatever life choices she made up until she was your age, you will take upon yourself,” he said quite frankly.
At first, Elizabeth just laughed, but when she saw how serious he looked, she gave him a quizzaled look. “Excuse me, I don’t know what game you are getting at here, but talking about past life choices that a hog made is not the best way to get into a girl’s pants. I’m outta here,” she said as she attempted to leave.
“If you so much as move, I’m going to make you look just like her, minus the child. I can’t create life. But everything else, her weight, her age, even her job. So, if I was you, I would sit my bony ass down. Right. Now,” Mr. Night said sternly.
Elizabeth gulped for a second, then looked at Mary again, shuddered, and sat back down. “Look, what did I do to you to make you so angry? She’s just a hog,” she said with a straight face.
“It’s that attitude, Lizzie, that is what. Now, be quiet,” he said as he closed his eyes. When they popped back open, the last 10 years of Mary’s life dumped into Elizabeth’s head. Apparently, when Mary was 17, she started doing meth. When she was 19, she was caught, but instead of jail-time, she gave up her dealers and her friends and got probation with a bi-daily NA meeting. At this point, she weighed 90 pounds.
“Oh my god, she is so tiny. How the hell did she blow up?” Elizabeth asked. It was then that she realized they were no longer in the mall, but actually at the NA meeting. The meetings were held in the new community center, so everything was still recent and fresh, an attempt to get the addicts to see a brighter side to life.
“Just watch. This is where it gets good,” Mr. Night said.
Turns out, they were at the meeting where Mary met the man of her dreams, Mac Addison. Mac was a tall, toned guy with short brown hair and a “can do” attitude. He became her personal coach after her 20th birthday, then they became more. He got her a job at his mom’s restruant as a waitress. By her 21st birthday, she weighed 120 pounds.
“Okay, so this is how the hog started out,” Elizabeth said as they sat in one of the booth’s at the Addison restruant.
“Will you please be quiet or I might go back and just change you,” he said, not even looking at her, but with enough aggressiveness to shut her up.
Then, right after her 22nd birthday, Mary and Mac married and 7 months before her 24th birthday, she weighed 160 pounds.
“Wait, why does it matter that it is 7 months before her 24th?” Elizabeth asked, a puzzled expression on her face. Suddenly, it dawned on her and the fear on her face was priceless to Mr. Night. “NO! I refuse! I won’t throw away my life for some little piglet!”
“You made your choice when you decided to sit back down at the table,” he said frankly.
“But I thought you said that you couldn’t create life? So, how am I going to be 7 months pregnant?” she said with another smug look on her face, like she just figured out how to get out of this craziness intact.
“Weren’t you listening earlier? All of her life choices for the last 10 years, you took upon yourself. You got addicted to some drug, in your case heroin, at the tender age of 17. Got caught and reformed when you were 19. You got married when you were 22. Now, at 24, you and your husband, Zac McKenzie, are 7 months pregnant and you weigh 210 pounds because your pregnancy, like Mary’s, has awakened a fearsome hunger in you. If you want, look down and watch,” Mr. Night said, again rather straight-forward.
As Elizabeth looked down, she saw her trendy clothes become a pink tee-shirt and gray sweats. Then, she felt herself expanding as her C-cups became EE’s and her belly ballooned out in front of her. Looking over her shoulder, she saw her butt getting bigger too.
“No, please, don’t! I’ll do anything! I’m sorry about my attitude, I’ll get it changed, I PROMISE!!!” she yelled.
“Yeah, you will. When I snap my fingers, you will be Lizzie McKenzie, with no recollection of me or your life from before. Also, as further punishment, after your son is born, you will continue gaining weight until you hit 350. Afterward, you may try to lose the weight, but you will never weigh under 300 pounds. Never ever,” he said as she sobbed in her chair back at the food court.
“Please...please...don’t,” she cried. “I’m sorry.”
“Just a little late, Lizzie,” Mr. Night said as he snapped his fingers. Suddenly, Elizabeth’s eyes blurred and she felt herself become quite disoriented. When her vision cleared, Lizzie was looking through them. She felt like she had forgotten something, but an angry kick from Danny told her that whatever it was, it would have to wait. It was time for her second lunch.
“Geez, Danny, you are going to make me a real big girl,” she said as she rubbed her enlarged abdomen. Slowly, she tried to rock herself out of the chair, but she failed on her first try. Fortunatly for her, Mary was just waddling by and noticed the hapless pregnant woman.
“Would you like some help?” Mary asked, a slight bit of southern drawl in her voice.
“Yeah, I could use a little help,” Lizzie answered with a bit of defeat in her voice.
Once they got Lizzie up, Mary asked, “So, how far along are you?”
“I’m about 7 months, but I’ve gained close to 50 pounds. Danny here has got one helluva an appetite,” she said as she stretched, causing her shirt to come up and expose several inches of belly and love handles. “I’ve practically outgrown everything in my wardrobe,” she laughed.
“You know, Nancy did the same thing to me. And, of course, I never lost the weight after, instead I gained more, as you can see,” Mary said as she gestured to her hanging paunch of a belly.
“The worst part is my butt. It seems to be getting the most out our ‘little’ eating adventures,” Lizzie said as she adjusted the waistband and seat of the sweats. “But, that aside, I don’t care about my weight. It’s just a number, and as long as I’m happy with my life, then who does it hurt to be a big woman?” Lizzie asked with a smile.
“Exactly,” Mary laughed.

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