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The Race (FtF, WG, WS, Magic)

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Jul 27, 2014
(A girl is challenged to a race with hefty consequences for the loser.)

Kara pumped her arms and legs in a smooth rhythm as she made her way around the track, her blond ponytail bobbing behind her head. She had run the 800-meter competitively in high school and college and now 8 years later she still liked to use the structure of the laps to get a workout in. Even though she was no longer competing these days, Kara was still in incredible shape.

At 5’6” tall her strong, yet toned legs and arms carried her limber 125 pound body around the spongy red pavement effortlessly. Short black running shorts flapped around her legs as they moved and her small A cup breasts bounced unnoticeably within the sports bra and loose blue tank that she wore on top. Lightly tanned and freckled shoulders swiveled back and forth, a result of the many outdoor workouts she’d partaken in over the summer. Her flat, almost concave, stomach could be seen occasionally from under the hem of her tank top as it loosely flapped along with her movements, her shallow navel peaking out to say hello.

She was no longer hitting the times she used to hit in actual races, but she still kept track with her trusty stopwatch and her splits were nothing to scoff at. She still had a competitive side to her and liked the idea that if challenged, she could probably beat most in a race.

She pinched the stop button on her watch as she slowed to a jog on her 4th lap, one mile down and 7 minutes later. She had planned to do a quick three this morning before heading back home to rustle up some breakfast and get her day started, but something was bothering her.

Most days she had the track to herself, Saturdays did tend to be a little busier, but nothing she couldn’t handle. Today however, some poor girl had decided to finally start getting herself back in shape and was hogging the inside lane, really it was two lanes. This was causing Kara to have to shift outside of the girl on her right every time she passed, which was messing up her rhythm and the timing for her splits. Kara was all for people getting healthy and back in shape and she commended the girl for making the effort, but she wished she to stick to the outside lanes as she waddled her way around the loop.

Kara watched the obese girl as she got ready for her next mile. The brunette had her hair up in a messy bun as she jostled laboriously along the inside lanes. What might have been considered a jog for this girl was equivalent to the pace of a brisk walk for Kara. The girl wore a large t-shirt on her upper half that was stretched tight to cover all of her mass. Thick, ham like, arms pulled the short sleeves taught as they pumped back and forth to the awkward rhythm of her waddle. Her boulder-like chest bounced heavily, no doubt barely contained by some unseen sports bra doing its best to keep everything at bay. Her huge belly stuck out in front of her and filled the shirt completely. A noticeable crease could be seen beneath the shirts fabric near her waist, which must have been caused by her black leggings being hiked up and over the soft jiggling mass of her belly and restraining it from flopping around from all the movement. Wide hips and rotund thighs shuffled past one another, most likely preparing to start a fire with all the friction they were causing by rubbing against each other. Her rear shelved out behind her in two massive, dimpled, globes that bounced to and fro with her movements. The material of the leggings was stretched thin to contain her huge butt and wide hips and the faint outline oh her butt crack was somewhat visible through the semi-transparent fabric.

“How does someone let themselves get that way?” Kara thought to herself as she took in the sight before her.

She shook her head as she started up her next mile, smoothly picking up pace as she made her way around the bend.

“On your right!” Kara called out with annoyance as she quickly came up behind the girl for the fifth time.

Normal track etiquette was to pass on the left, but Kara was having to pull far out to the third lane to pass the large girl on her right every time she made her way around. 3 more times it happened before Kara completed her second mile and came to a stop at the finish line. The poor girl hadn’t even made it around once in the time that she had completed her four laps. The girl just so happened to be slowly approaching the finish line on her single lap where Kara now stood and she decided to speak up, her annoyance getting the better of her.

“Hey there.” Kara waved shortly at the girl to grab her attention.

“You know, if your going to be on the slower side you should keep to the outside lanes. You may not be familiar with the etiquette, but it’s just like driving.” Kara said rather condescendingly to the girl who had come to a stop in front of her, huffing and puffing from exertion.

A look of confusion crashed in to a look of shame and then anger as the girl listened to Kara speak and attempted to catch her labored breath. Sweat dripped down her brow and her full cheeks somehow turned a shade redder than they already were as she took it all in.

Hands on her boney hips, Kara looked back to the girl awaiting a response. She could tell she had upset the girl, but she didn’t care. The she needed to learn the rules of the track if she was going to continue to waddle her fat butt out her every Saturday. It was doubtful she’d actually keep up with it though, judging by how her habits had shaped her thus far.

There was a moment of silence between the two before the girl finally decided to speak up.

“You could say it a little nicer you know?” She said to Kara with a hint of venom in her tone.

“And you could stay out of my way when I am trying to get a workout in.” Kara shot back.

That flipped a switch in the large doughy girl. The gloves were off.

“You don’t have to be such a stuck up bitch about it, geesh.” The girl spat back at Kara.

“Oh no, you did not just call ME a bitch.” Kara said her voice rising with anger.

“Oh yes I did. Tell you what; lets settle this on the track. One lap. Winner gets the track, loser goes home.” The fat girl proposed before Kara could sling another insult.

Kara was stunned by the proposition. Was this girl dumb? Of course she’d lose, she was easily hundreds of pounds heavier.

“Uh, are you serious!? Okay, sure, but you better leave immediately after I smoke you on this lap.” Kara replied with surprise, accepting the challenge.

“And same goes for you if I win.” The girl said as she lined up on the starting line.

“This girl must be delirious from all the physical effort she is clearly not used to partaking in.” Kara thought to herself as she rolled her eyes.

“On your mark.” Kara said to the girl mockingly.

“GO!” Boomed deeply from the fat girl beside her and Kara took off.

Kara tried to shake off the goose bumps that had appeared on her arms from weird vibrations that seemed to have emanated from the girl at her call to start the race. She was quickly leaving the girl in the dust as she made her way around the first bend. 100 meters down and she still couldn’t shake the odd feeling that had enveloped her. Something felt off as her legs propelled her into the straight, but she couldn’t put her finger on what it was. She knew she didn’t need to go so fast, she could probably power walk and still handily beat this waddling obese mess of a girl, but she’d decided to turn it on and show this fatty just how much faster she was.

It was then that she noticed she wasn’t moving as fast as she wanted to be. Normally able to turn up her pace with ease, Kara suddenly found it more difficult. She was about halfway down the straight when a slight pulling sensation made itself known around her middle. Confused, she looked down only to be greeted with the sight of a small belly, bouncing happily as it pushed out above the waist of her shorts.

“What the fuck!?” Kara said aloud as her hands shot to the small mass that had accumulated in front of her.

She slowed to a jog and then a walk as she poked and prodded the small fat pouch, bewildered by how it could have formed. It was then that she noticed it was continuing to swell, oozing further out of her fingers as she grabbed at the soft flesh. Looking past her budding potbelly she quickly realized that her stomach was not the only thing changing. She felt her thighs lightly touch one another between her legs and realized they were also inflating along with the rest of her. She noticed her small running shorts pinching around her widening hips and her sports bra filling out as its straps tightened at her shoulders. She was getting fatter all over. Kara was pulled out of her body inspection by the girl’s voice.

“Winner takes all, just like we agreed.” She yelled with a laugh as she lumbered along the first bend still.

“What the fuck is that supposed to mean?” Kara thought, becoming distracted once again by the sensation of her clothes tightening further around her swelling body.

“No, she can’t mean…” Kara thought as she watched her pudgy stomach spill out the bottom of her tight tank top.

A sense of panic racked through Kara as she began to take off down the track once again. With all the time she had been standing there processing what was happening, the fat girl had made decent progress on her. She also appeared to be picking up speed as she moved closer and thinning down along the way from what Kara could see. The girl was still very fat, but her arms and legs seemed a bit slimmer and her wide hips took up slightly less of the two lanes she needed.

Kara now realized needed to win this race, her life depended on it. She had put on some 50 pounds already and she had no interest in knowing what the next 50 would feel like. She struggled against her increasing weight as she made her way to the second bend. She was becoming out of breath from having to haul the extra weight around the track. Her gait had widened as her thighs began to touch further and further down her legs as they continued to thicken up.

Sweat was pouring down her face as she hit the second bend. Each stride Kara took was harder than the last. Her belly had begun to hang out in front of her and over the waist of her shorts, her lightly tanned skin on display as her tank top bunch up above it and beneath her swelling chest. Her sports bra was now painfully tight as her breasts searched for ways to escape it’s tight confines. Her back hurt from having the painful straps dig further and further into her puffy freckled shoulders. Popping noises sounded off around her waist as hips continued to push outwards and away from her sides as they rolled over the tight shorts. They had begun to wedge themselves between her fattened butt cheeks looking more and more like the underwear as they sunk into her increasing mass.

Hitting the final straight, Kara swiveled her head to look for the fat girl following her. She noted the sensation of her chubby cheeks bunching up into her doubled chin as she looked over her shoulder, resisting her necks movements. The girl was there and quickly closing in. She looked to weigh much less than when they had first encountered each other, more of a thick gym bunny than the obese slob Kara had started the argument with. Dread crept over her and she turned her attention forward pushing as hard as she could against her increasing weight. She had to finish, she was almost there.

Her form had devolved into an awkward waddle as she struggled her way down the final stretch to the finish line. The sounds of her heavy breathing and her tight running shoes slapping the pavement filled her ears as she gasped for any air that she could take into her lungs. Her belly now slapped at the tops of her huge thighs as it jostled wildly against her struggles. The upper and lower rolls were now completely uncovered from her tank top and doing their best to hid her tiny shorts from view. The shorts were wedge tightly between the creases and folds of her hips and butt. She could feel them swaying out of rhythm with her legs, just seconds off her stride and pulling her off balance with every step. Kara noted her swollen fists, clenched tightly into little puffy balls as she forced them back and forth at her sides. She’d had to adjust her pillowy arms higher and outwards to allow them passage at her sides as they had started to collide with her rising hips. Her chest had crept into her peripheral view from below as her inflated breasts bounced heavily up and down against the shelf her stomach provided. Her tank had ridden up completely and was now acting as a secondary sports bra.

Kara was 25 meters away from the finish when something else crept into her periphery. It was the girl, now at her right side and nimbly jogging along, surely taunting the slow pace Kara was now managing.

“On your right!” The girl called with a cheeky grin before she pulled up ahead of Kara.

The girl turned around and started to back peddle as she took in Kara, her devilish smile more severe than ever.

Kara looked over the girl’s new form. She was now in great shape, no more that 130 pounds if she had to guess. The leggings she wore clung to toned, yet shapely legs that looked as powerful as Kara’s once had. Her t-shirt gently hugged her perky B cup breasts and flowed loosely below, hints of developing abs on her flat stomach hiding beneath it. The girl was strikingly beautiful now that her features had been unearthed from the layers of fat that had previously engulfed them.

“Almost there!” She teased Kara as she easily kept her pace just in front.

The look on Kara’s face was pained, both from the extreme exhaustion she was experiencing as well the inevitable loss of the race and her body with it. She was still trying her damnedest even in the last few meters, not wanting to give up. She knew she couldn’t catch the girl even as she jogged backwards in front of her, just out of reach.

“Almost there, who will win?!” The girl laughed in her face before swiveling back forwards and leaning into the finish line in dramatic photo finish style just 3 meters before Kara.

It was done, she had lost. Her huge legs came to a stop, her body taking an extra moment to cease its jiggling and swaying, as she gasped for air. Tears welled up in her eyes at the realization of just how much she had lost as she leaned over to plant her puffy palms on her dimpled knees. Usually a stance that had allowed her to catch her breath more easily, now her belly bunched up against her huge thighs and actually made her breathing more constricted. She could see her trainers looking as though they were about to burst off her fattened feet as she stared down at the track before her and cried. She was practically indecent in the comically tight running clothes that had somehow managed to hold on to her fattened frame. Kara was scared to move too quickly as it felt like anything could cause the finally straw that would send her clothes snapping off of her body.

“Awe don’t cry, it’s just a silly race. Besides you were so close.” The girl said patronizingly to Kara as she approached her.

“And its juts a little extra weight, besides I think it suits you well. You make a rather cute fatty you know?” She teased her more as she grabbed a handful of her belly and gently shook it.

All Kara could do was lightly weep as she used her fat forearm to try and clear the tears streaming down her face. She didn’t have the energy to swat away the girls poking and prodding. This was much more than a little extra weight. If she had to guess, based on the previous size of her opponent, she had to be somewhere around 350 pounds. It was a lot of extra weight, Kara was now massive.

Slowly, she regained control of her breathing and was able to look up to the girl. She stood there with her hands on her slim hips, tapping her foot and look back at Kara as their eyes met.

“As cute as you may be fatty, a deal is a deal. This is my track now so if you could kindly leave?” The girl said to Kara in a matter of fact way before slapping her on one of her exposed blubbery butt cheeks.

She was right, Kara had lost, she had to go. In her mind all she wanted was to run more laps until she’d lost all the excess weight, but that was not an option. Kara’s shoulders slumped with a big defeated sigh as she gathered up whatever energy she had left and hauled her huge body off the track and through the gates. Her slow methodic pace forced by titanic thighs struggling past one another.

“Hope to see ya around gorgeous.” The girl called after Kara as she watched her huge ass sway too and fro through the chain link gates before easily starting up another lap in her newly fit body.

“What would she do now? Would anyone recognize her? Could she even lose this weight?” Kara thought as she made her way to her car.

The light popping of stitching reminded her that she would have nothing to fit this obese body she now owned. She squeezed into the seat of her jetta, the entire vehicle canting to the driver’s side as it took on her new weight. She quickly had to adjust the seat back away from the steering wheel to accommodate the belly rolls that filled her lap. She had moved beyond the sadness and tears of the loss and now was numb to her experience as she sat there blankly staring out the windshield.

Just then a low rumble sounded from the heavy gut that rested in her lap, a new feeling making itself known. Hunger. She really should head straight home, but maybe one stop along the way wouldn’t hurt. Another rumble sounded almost as in response to her thoughts. Okay maybe two stops and then back home.