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The Revenge of the Nerd- by klk23 (~SSBBW,~USBBW,Revenge XXWG)

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Sep 2, 2007
~SSBBW,~USBBW,Revenge XXWG - Every nerd gets his day

The Revenge of the Nerd
by klk23

Shirley and her twin sister Betty had been waiting all month for her 10 year high school reunion. Shirley and Betty were fair skinned Italians with long black hair, small breasts, long legs, and in their late 20s. Both followed strict exercise programs keeping them both lean and thin.

Shirley was particularly excited. She worked as a receptionist at a small paper company office and had long imagined what happened to all her friends that she had lost track of.

It was the big night and Shirley and Betty were a gussied up for the occasion wearing stunning black evening dresses. At the event both noticed that many of their friends were missing.

“Probably happily married and are in some fancy European mansions” said Shirley. Nevertheless both had an excellent evening. The only thing weird about the evening was the way Cory Freedman was acting. You see, Cory was a nerd in high school who was the butt of many pranks and jokes. Betty and Shirley were cheerleaders who had once tricked Cory into believing they go out with him. Betty and Shirley also verbally attacked Cory’s only girlfriend who was quite fat.

Betty went over Cory to apologize for her actions and make sure there were no hard feelings. Cory accepted her apology but seemed to be looking at her as if she was some sort of science test subject. He made no mention of where his girlfriend was.

At the end of the reunion Shirley and Betty agreed to go get a few beers with their friends at the local pub. Shirley got quite drunk during the night and lost track of time, luckily Betty was her designated driver.

The next day Shirley woke up in her sister’s apartment with a wicked head ache. Shirley looked for her sister and found a note written by sister. “Dear Shirley, after seeing all of our friends” dreams come true I have decided to travel the Earth to follow my dreams, Love Betty.”

This strange message was plausible to Shirley because Betty was prone to emotional outbursts like this. She was sure Betty would return in a month.
Days turned to weeks; weeks turned into months, and still no return of Betty. Shirley began to worry and wondered if she should call the police. Then a break happened, she received a letter from Betty asking her to meet her in the local park at dusk the next day.

So, the next day Shirley waited diligently on a park bench for her sister. After awhile, Cory sat down next to her. Shirley was so excited she hardly noticed Cory sitting next to her. He turned quickly and sprayed her with a sleeping agent.

Shirley woke up dazed and confused. She was naked on a massive bed with her hands tied to the bedposts. The bed itself was under a large spot light with the rest of the room surrounded by darkness. She heard a door open and then foots steps come closer to her. Cory stepped into the light and said “You probably want an explanation for all this.”

“You bet I do you sick perv. What have done with my sister?”, said Shirley.

“All in due time, first I will tell you why you are here. After high school I wanted revenge for what you did to me and my girlfriend. But, I waited for the perfect opportunity. I graduated with a degree in chemistry and took a job working for the government. After developing many inventions, I formulated a liquid with concentrated calories to be added food for soldiers on the fields with limited rations. It worked beautifully except for one problem: it left subjects hungry after consumption. It was then I put together my plan. I retired early and with all the money from my inventions and investments, I built this house. I worked out the kinks of extreme obesity and put my plan into action.”

“You still have not told my about my sister,” retorted Shirley.

“Ah your sister is right here”, he clapped his hands and a second spot light came on. Underneath the spot light was a woman with tree trunk thighs, a stomach that reached to her knees, breasts that the size of watermelons, and arms as wide as hams on a massive dolly sleeping.

“What have you done with my sister!”, screamed Shirley.

“I just made her fat. Don’t worry she is perfectly healthy”, said Corey. His watch began bleeping.

“It is feeding time”, he said with a cold tone of voice. He promptly left and the light above Betty turned off.

“Wait get back here you animal!”, said Shirley. Soon the sound of a door was heard followed by the sound of a man pushing a cart. The cart was filled with slices of pie and cake.

“You want me to eat after I saw what you did to my sister?”, sneered Shirley. Corey looked at her and quickly shoved a piece of pie in her mouth. The instant the pie touched Shirley’s tong she experienced a sensation better than sex.

“GIMME MORE”, demanded Shirley.

“I see you like the additive to the pie. It is a chemical that causes instant pleasure by using brain receptors”, said Corey as he began to shove more pieces of pie and cake into her mouth.

After every feeding session Shirley would be bloated beyond belief and would fall asleep until the next feeding session. Shirley didn’t care though as the food was just too good. Soon her flat stomach turned into a potbelly and her potbelly into an apron of fat. Her small breasts grew larger and larger. Her thin legs turned into tree trucks. Her petite butt seemed to pumping up as if it was a balloon. She had more chins than a Chinese phonebook.

However, after time she grew aware of her condition and began to plan her own escape. Soon she was so fat Corey unbound her hands; this gave Shirley her chance to escape.

“Eating time”, said Corey one day.

"Not this time," thought Shirley. Corey began to place cheeseburgers on Shirley’s belly. She knocked one off her stomach on to the floor.

“Can you get that for me?”, said Shirley in a helpless voice. As Corey kneeled to get it, Shirley shifted her weight and with all of her might fell off the bed onto Corey. He was knocked out for the moment. Shirley nearly fell on Corey again as she tried to get up and balance her weight. She took baby steps to get to the door. In the hall way there was a guardrail which Shirley appreciated very much. An arrow pointed to a massive door on the end of the hallway saying Feeding Room. She wondered if that is where her sister was. Shirley waddled as fast as she could and reached the end of the hallway.

Inside the “Feeding Room” was an unimaginable sight. Woman maybe up to 4000 pounds were feasting on a long table filled with inconceivable amounts of food. Then Shirley realized the chilling fact that every woman in the room was her friend in high school. Walking down the massive beds she watched the women gorging themselves on food. Then Shirley saw her even lager twin.

She yelled, “it is me sis.”

No response. Shirley tried everything to get her sister’s attention.

Shirley began crying and saying, “Betty it is me your sister!”

Still there was no response. Shirley walked away crying and at the end of the corridor she saw an empty bed engraved with her name. Shirley waddled even faster to the doorway. In the next hall way there was food on pedestals lining the walls. The food smelled so good to her, but she knew if she stopped to eat Corey would get to her. So she persevered to the door way at the end of the hallway. Inside the next room was a 10ft by 10ft cheesecake. The aroma drove her crazy. However, the doorway at the end of the room had an exit sign that could lead her out of her nightmare. Fortunately I was in the room as well, but Shirley didn't notice as I circled behind her.

Do you want to know what happened? I am a cook that works under Corey. Also his girlfriend. We've since made sure Shirley is now the most massive women here.

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