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Xyantha Reborn

- Actually Very Tame!
Jul 23, 2014
Warning - this is more 'off brand' for me. Less romance, backstory and flow...more analogy, weight gain, current state and slices of time...

Chapter 1

Hexguya stared down at the cage of small creatures. Their pasty skin and odd patches of hair were rather offputting, as was the way they bared their teeth and scrabbled at the glass as they squeaked. “These? Really?”

Yujmulo cast her friend a long-suffering look. “Yes. Get a pet. You need something in your life to focus on – he is dead, and you need a reason to get out every day. A pet will help.”

The older female continued to stare down at the cage for a long moment. “I don’t know…they are so…energetic. I don’t think I can handle that constant chirping and running. Maybe a different kind?” She added, sounding less than optimistic.

The shopkeeper, undeterred and apparently relying on the inherent charm of the creatures, scooped out one and deposited into Hexguya’s arms, despite her protests.

Her first experience with them up close did not inspire any more confidence or appreciation than her first impression had granted her. The tiny creature squirmed and chattered, making her terrified she would drop it. Shoving it back at the shopkeeper, she made her escape outside.

The younger of the two followed more sedately, eyeing her friend. “Babies are always higher energy – what if we look at ones that are already full grown?”

Hex rolled her eyes towards her as she came abreast. “What’s the difference?”

“Well, they are larger, sturdier, calmer, they don’t make as much noise – but they are generally just as affectionate. And cheaper.”

It sounded a bit too good to be true. Hex wrinkled her brow. “If they are so amazing, why get a baby at all?”

“Well, they can be easier to train – and some of the adults have had bad experiences and behavioural problems. Not everyone is nice, some of them are abused, or even eaten.”

Revolting. But perhaps it was worth looking at – after all, an excuse to get out of bed would be quite a welcome change after the months of a deep and abiding anguish plaguing her. “Lead on,” she finally sighed, resolving herself for disappointment.

It was, apparently, not an inappropriate sentiment. But she would have been better off to harden herself against the sometimes piteous appearance of some of the adults. Most appeared hale and of sound mind, making calm eye contact without rushing their glass enclosures. Some appeared to have suffered severe physical injuries – from among the crowds, small faces with only one sombre eye peered at her. Some lacked limbs, others had ropes of silvery scars. And there were some which appeared to have been broken mentally – severely pacing from one end of their enclosure to another, tapping their heads against the glass, shredding their bedding as they rocked back and forth.

Ironically, the deep pallor of sadness hanging around the air gave her comfort, and she inhaled the pain as her own. It was deeply, deeply disturbing to see the end result of poor ownership so clearly before her. “What is the difference between buying and adopting?” she asked the young one behind the counter, after eyeing the sign beside the counter.

He came forward at once, looking up at them with the condescending air of one who is supremely informed. “Purchasing is unethical. Adults are held in captivity and forced to breed over and over again, and their babies are ripped away and sold. Adopting is the only ethical choice – taking the adults who should never have been born in the first placing and giving them loving homes!”

His vehemence was rather offputting, and his logic was weak. These adults were held in captivity just as surely as the young. And considering the adoption fee posted on the wall, this was not a purely altruistic endeavour. Would it not be expected to pay half price for an adult, given they would only live half as long?

“That isn’t true,” Yujmulo sighed. “There are many ethical breeders.”

“Not that you would find in a store! Any reputable breeder will never have babies on the ground all year long, and would never consent to letting the little ones go to just anyone!” He seemed to pull himself up short. “I apologize – this is my passion, and as you can see, many of these poor beauties have been horribly treated,” he murmured, body rigid even as he paled. “The fee on the wall you see is just enough to cover our costs to keep saving these poor little ones. And we only adopt them out to those we trust.”

Hexguya shimmied between two tight cages, listening to the two bicker back and forth. The adults were far more distinctive, she noticed with interest. The hair on their head ranged from darkest black to whitest white, with every shade of brown, yellow and red in between. And some, she noticed, had an unhealthy hairless appearance. Unlike the young, the adults also had a smattering of hair over their bodies, centralizing around what, she could only assume, were their genitals.

“Are you looking for a male or female?” he asked from behind, making her jump.

She continued forward. Neither. “Er – male?”

“Do you see any which catch your eye? I can tell you more about each one, so we can see if they will be the right fit for you.”

Instead of answering, she pointed along the back wall, which held smaller cages, each with only one inhabitant. “Why are these ones alone?”

“Those either do not get along with the others – some of them have been forced to fight each other for sport their whole lives. Others keep getting beaten up, so we have to keep them isolated for their own safety.”

“That is a…male?” she guessed, pointing at one which had a small protrusion extending from the centre of his body.

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Xyantha Reborn

- Actually Very Tame!
Jul 23, 2014
Right. The male she had pointed at was half hidden in the bric-a-brac at the bottom of his cage, and shrunk back at her scrutiny, refusing to make eye contact. As she approached, the young male flicked on the light above the cage, making the inhabitant flinch and turn his face away. “What’s his story?” Timid little thing…

“Fighting ring.” was the terse reply.

The skin she had noticed thus far, though predominantly shades of pale beige, also had a smattering of dark skin tones. Regardless of the colour, they had been relatively consistent throughout. This pitiful creature was crisscrossed with marks ranging from a soft silver, pink and angry red. “What are those?” she asked, staring intently at the terrified creature.

“Scars,” the boy replied as he reached into the cage. “Here, let me catch him to show you what I mean. He is a pretty new addition, we just rescued him last week. He’s gone through his assessment and although he is fearful, he is not at all aggressive with the others or with people. It’s actually not uncommon – they don’t want to fight, they are forced to.”

Unlike the young at the shop, who had clambered for attention, the older male raced around his cage silently to avoid being picked up. When he was finally caught, he squirmed so badly that the boy lost his grip.

A gasp tore through her, and before she was aware of what her body was doing, she had caught the tiny creature in her arms.

He froze.

She froze.

She had no idea how to read the body language of the small thing, but he was probably just as uncomfortable as he was. “Er – what do I do with it?”

“Just hold him, don’t squeeze him too tight, they are surprisingly fragile. He will be scared, so just be patient.”

He was scared? She was terrified! He was at least two or three times bigger than the other shop, and he was surprisingly warm and firm. He was so thin and fragile, and lay there as if dead in her arms. “Did I hurt him?” she demanded, her anxiety drawing her friend closer to look.

“Oh, you found one, Hex?” she peered over Hex to get a better look.

The tiny creature flipped around and buried his face into her, as if to block out the sight.

“No, you are not hurting him. That’s just how they act when they are scared. If their eyes get wet or they start wailing, it usually means they are hurt, and if they don’t stop, they need to get professional care.

“How old is that one?” Yu asked, leaning back at her friend’s glare.

“We rarely know the exact age of those that come in, but based on what we know, he is anywhere between twenty and forty.”

Startled, Hex blinked at him. “How long do they live for?”

“It really depends on how well you take care of them, but it isn’t unusual for them to live between sixty and eighty. Some even live as long as one hundred.”

So little time before they died. Like her mate. Lowering her head, she paused to let the familiar burning pain rip through her. “So short a lifespan…I don’t know if I want to adore something so…fragile. I’ll end up grieving it before I have ever fully bonded to it!”

Her friend had nothing to say to that, and shrugged her acquiescence to that thought.

The boy, however, shrugged in a different way. “Sometimes…it isn’t about us.”

Surprised, Hex raised her gaze. “What do you mean?”

“Having a pet can give you a higher purpose. It gives a consistency and regularity to life. Some say it is wearing, but I like knowing that I have to care for them every single day. That I cannot sleep the days away, or get lost in too much contemplation. No matter how bad my day is, when I come home, they are waiting for me. They provide unconditional adoration, and nothing in the world is like it.”

“You have some of your own?”

Another shrug. “I try to foster as many as I can, to give them as much socialization and exposure as I can. It isn’t good for them to remain in their cages. We also try to have a network of fosters, which also increases their chances of being adopted. The ones in the front have gone through foster care and rehabilitation and are ready to be adopted. As you can see, some of them are not quite ready yet.”

Hex pulled the small creature closer instead of relinquishing him to the obvious ask for its return. “Foster? Explain that, please.”

“It is where they go to a home, on a temporary basis. Many love pets but cannot commit to caring for them for their entire life. So as their schedules allow, they take one or two to train them, groom them, and get them ready for their forever home. If a foster does not work out, they are returned.”

That sounded far more appealing than long term commitment – and if it did not work out, it could be returned. Hex carefully shifted the small, curled bundle. “Can I foster this one?"

A look of doubt crossed his face, and he looked away to avoid disrespecting her with his soft rebuke. “I do not think you are qualified for a difficult a case as his – why don’t you foster one of the ones at the front?”

“The ones who have already been fostered, and are most likely to be adopted?” she retorted. “No, I want to actually provide a difference. And this one does not seem as opposed to me as he was to you,” she added as she pointed at it. “I think we might get along quite nicely.”

Xyantha Reborn

- Actually Very Tame!
Jul 23, 2014
Chapter 2
Being stuffed into that box and transported had been intensely unpleasant, but the end result was…not what he had expected. Yet again.

He had been about to make a break for it when one of the older males had bellowed at him, “Stop your struggling! You are about to be adopted! Mind your manners and it might last forever!”

He had gone still, as he had learned to do in the ring. Watch, assess, then make a move. After what seemed like hours, his newest captor had gently slid him into a box. Movement, swaying, and smells had assaulted him, and he had curled up in the corner of the box. He had always known his escape from the ring had been too good to be true, and he resigned himself to a short life.

Too nervous to sleep, he stared into the dimness, interspersed with a few tiny holes that let light in. When the box was tipped on its side, he stayed at the back of the box as long as possible, determined to extend his stay of execution.

When no rattling or tipping of the box ensued, he released his death grip on the holes in the box. When the deafening drumming of his ears ceased, he finally perceived a quiet, whispering shuffle around him. And when he cautiously creeped to the opening, he sniffed, expecting to smell the sour scent of fear, the tang of blood, and excrement. Instead, a dry, not unpleasant smell drifted over him.

He moved to the back of the box.
He moved forward.

He moved back.

He moved forward.

Carefully eyeing his surroundings, he darted for the closest object, sliding under it. Success!

When no move was made to topple his protection, when no tentacle slid under to grasp him, he let out a long sigh, waiting for his uncontrolled shivers to die down. The creature who had caught him midfall was still here, and there was no way to predict when it would begin to give chase.

They were dangerous! Accordingly, he stayed hidden, ignoring the tantalizing scent of food and the burning in his throat of thirst.

He had not even known that he had fallen asleep until he jerked awake, and he scrabbled backwards instinctively, eyes wide. He yelped at the surprise of backing into the wall, and tumbled forward. Laying flat, he carefully crawled to the edge of his protective canopy.

Six eyes stared back, horizontal pits of darkness which followed his every move. He scrambled backwards, heart pounding as the long, powerful, tentacle like limbs shifted forward gracefully. This was it – he was about to be grabbed and put in the cage. He knew it, this was –

Three objects were slid towards him, then those grey tentacles withdrew.

It was only when the door closed that he peered into the dishes. Food, water, and litter. Gulping the water and food, he relieved himself before curling up into a ball for warmth. He had never seen grey tentacles, he mused as sleep began to drag at him.

Once again, he jolted awake, freezing, heart racing. And once again, nothing happened in the long moments it took to calm himself. Once again, he crept to the edge of his protection, peering up at the huge creature who had fed him. Once again, six eyes looked back at him.

This time, he did not retreat, but eyed his captor thoroughly. He had never been able to fully determine sex, but he suspected the larger ones were females. This one was quite large, and other than the oddly disturbing grey of her scaly skin, looked just like every other “Namuh” he had seen. That was the sound they made most often, but they were often jocularly referred to as Grabbers, Snatchers, or Cuppers. Named of course for their long, mobile tentacles, ending in gripping cups.

Like all of her kind, the back of her head was extensive and large, her body mostly a web of tentacles. He had never been up close to one that stayed unmoving for so long. He could actually make out that its head pulsed with a regularity that was probably breathing. Their eyes could and did move independently, only focusing together when they examined something intensely.

She was resting quietly on the floor, limbs relaxed. One slowly raised, and he flinched, ducking backwards. After a long moment, he unscrewed his face to see it slowly tip his food bowl. Another tentacle creeped forward to drop more life-giving sustenance into it, and his stomach growled – loudly.

She recoiled, tentacles flaring.

He slammed face first into the ground, ready to be squeezed or thrown. His ribs protested the abuse on their half-healed state. When no sound or movement came, he slowly raised his face. After a long moment, she shifted her limbs back to a relaxed position, the whispering of her skin loud in the silence. “Unk.”

He had never heard one make that sound before, and he eyed it suspiciously as he grabbed the handful of food and scarfed it down.

She once again placed food inside. “Unk.”

He once again ate it, stomach stretching to accommodate the influx of food.

This repeated several more times until he found himself stuffed, once concave stomach bowed out, skin itching from the pressure. His very breath seemed short, compressed by the food he had greedily stuffed into his face. Who knew when he was going to eat again?

Xyantha Reborn

- Actually Very Tame!
Jul 23, 2014

Food and water, it appeared, would not be a problem. Day after day, he waited for the other shoe to drop. For him to be snatched up, thrown into a ring. For food and water to be miserly meted out, and only when the fight was successful.

Day after day, his expectations were foiled. As was any plan to escape.

Food and water were regularly forthcoming – in fact, based on that ‘Unk’ sound she made, it seemed to mean food. The door, when she left, was carefully opened and closed, her body close to the ground to prevent escape. Normally they walked upright on those tentacles, so it was pretty clear she knew what he planned.

Not that it was the worst thing in the world. Perhaps this ‘adoption’ thing was not half bad.

Yesterday, taking his life in his hands, he had touched that grey tentacle as it tipped his food bowl. She had frozen, and a rosy, orangey hue had pulsed briefly over her thick skin. She had left it there as he ate… and he had let her.

Today, he decided to step out from his shelter for the first time. She pretended not to notice him, facing away, but three of her six eyes swiveled to track his movement. Taking this as permission, he took a few steps. He was brave! He could do this!

The other three eyes locked on him, her face following his movements. Apparently he was not as brave as he imagined, because he immediately darted back inside. Gritting his teeth, he looked up at her. “Once you are asleep, I will try again,” he told the creature. After all, it wasn’t like she could understand him, and he really did need to explore this place for escape routes and hidey holes for when her mood inevitably shifted to aggression.

Xyantha Reborn

- Actually Very Tame!
Jul 23, 2014
Chapter 3

“So…how do you like him?” Yujmulo wheedled, her skin a beautiful contrast of teal and brown today.

Hex stared down at her own dull tone, wondering when she could ever bring herself to care about her appearance again. “Actually, I quite like him. Though the list of things to do and not to do was so extensive I despaired of remembering it all at first. But the poor little thing just seems to want to be left alone and eat – not moving quickly or standing up seems to give him a bit more confidence.”

“He was rather thin and unhealthy looking – is he any better?”

“I think so?” It was hard to see any changes, but he was not dead. Which was promising. And even more promising, the little thing had started to wander about when he thought she was not looking.

It was odd, how her maternal instinct to nest with him had taken over. The chemicals flooded her brain with instinctive urges to protect and feed the little cutie, and she had to keep forcing herself out of her apartment lest she cease eating herself to care for him. Which was probably why she was starting to think of the ugly little thing as cute.

“Admit it – my recommendation was a good one.”

“I admit nothing.”

Yu pulsed with irritation and cast a glance her way. “Fine, don’t admit it – but you are more active than I have seen you in a long time. Getting a pet was a good idea.”

No way – she was not looking to take on that kind of responsibility. “I am just fostering him. I don’t want to bond with a creature that is so short lived. I’ll just end up grieving again. Then what would I do?”

“Get another?” her friend offered.

For some reason, the idea of simply replacing the little creature filled her with irritation, and she barely contained the urge to flash a warning of rapid colours. “I’d rather just…have some companionship for a while, and then he can find a more suitable long-term home. It gives me a purpose. That is all.”

Apparently she had not been able to suppress the urge to flare a warning completely, as Yu dulled her colours in response. “How long are you planning to keep him?” she asked.

Her contrite tone and colours soothed Hex, who shrugged. “I suppose until he gets a better? He is still quite fearful and timid. However, he is eating, drinking, and just started to explore. I think those are good signs.”

“Have you taken him to the vet, yet?”

“What is that?”

“A vet checks on their health and can give recommendations to ensure they stay healthy. And immunize them. I assume that since he was in a fighting ring before that he was not inoculated. Oh, by the way, does he bite or scratch?”

“No.” Not that she was aware of, but then, she was not constantly scooping him up and fussing over him as she saw others do to their pets. Inoculations, hm…what if he did bite or scratch? Was there an illness which could be transmitted to her? Perhaps a visit would be in order… though, perhaps her friend could tell her if he looked healthy. “Would you like to come over and see him?”

It had been a long time since her friend had received an invitation, and pulsed with pleasure. “I would love to! Can I bring Hijun?”

Perhaps another of his species would draw him out and give him confidence. “Of course.”


“You are right, he really does hide, doesn’t he?” Yu had settled, cradling Hijun in her arms, staring at the pale face hiding under the shelf. “Does he think he is safe there or something? That we cannot see him or reach him?”

Hex shrugged. “Who knows what they think. He seems content there for now, so I am leaving him be.”

Hijun wriggled free, sliding down an arm to scamper closer, peering at the shadow with interest.

“Maybe he does think he is hidden – Hijun looks like she cannot see him very well.”

Not surprising, given their two small, semi rigid small eyes. “His name is Unk.” At her words, he popped his head out, pleasing her. She was succeeding in him learning his name, at least.

Hijun darted forward, and Unk retreated. Uneasiness settled in her belly, and she whipped a tentacle at the small female. “I don’t think he likes her that close, Yu!”

When Hijun ran closer, the reticent Unk burst from his hiding spot, a strange sound escaping his throat. Instinct took over, and Hex found herself engulfing the small creature, flattening her body and winding her tentacles around to create an impenetrable box. Purple rings erupted over her skin, flashing brilliantly. “Get her away!” she growled. “She is scaring him!”

“I am so sorry!” Yu wailed, snatching up her pet and carefully ensconcing her in her carrier. “Did she hurt him? I have never seen her act like that before! I swear!”

Slowly, carefully, Hex reached under her body, capturing his thin form and withdrawing him. His heart hammered weakly against her hold, and his breathing seemed abnormally fast. A quick review of his body showed no new cuts or bruises, so she set him down reluctantly. “He seems unharmed, just scared.”

He was not the only one whose blood was up. Hex forced herself to be still, observing her charge with a protective eye. Rather than darting for his normal hiding spot, the male stayed where he was, his thin form looking frail, even compared to Hijun, who was complaining of her treatment loudly. “Does he look thin to you?”

Yu looked him over. “I think so – you are not supposed to be able to see his bones like that. The vet would be able to tell you for sure, though.”


Taking the small creature to the vet had proved to be one of the more harrowing experiences of her long life. Not only had she been forced to force him into his carrier, but she had been inflicted with his wailing the whole way. And opening the box had revealed him shaking, cold to the touch, eyes wet.

“My pet is hurt!” she exclaimed to the female as soon as she glided in. “His eyes will not stop leaking!”

Until she learned he was not hurt – he was merely ‘upset’. Which, apparently, was ‘normal’ for visiting the vet. So why would someone subject their pet to this discomfort, unless they were truly ill?

When she arrived, she was forced to hand him over to the staff, who handled him impersonally, ignoring his protests and struggles.

The part that was the most painful for her was not that he was struggling to be free. He was struggling to reach her. He was staring directly at her, small arms reaching, his small voice swallowed by the doors as they closed behind them.

It took everything in her power not to slam the other aside and take back her baby.

Unk was in fact malnourished, and the vet recommend that she switch his food to something higher quality than the shop had recommended. “There is a special food we carry which contains a very mild sedative as well as an appetite stimulant. It will help him put on some weight. It’s the one with the orange label. Come back in a few weeks and we will reassess how he is.”

When they brought him from the back, he strained, tiny arms reaching for her, eyes wide in his face. Finally giving in to her urge, she waved off his handler and gathered him in her arms. His shaking immediately quieted, and he pressed his body into hers for comfort

Like she would be bringing him back any time soon. Poor Unk!

Walking back to her home, she the cage and bag of red food dangled, half forgotten in her arms as she crooned to him.
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Dec 14, 2012
Super interesting, I've long had a musing about what it would be like if humans were pets for another creature, and obviously, the idea of getting fat like a lot of pets do. I'm curious to read more!

Xyantha Reborn

- Actually Very Tame!
Jul 23, 2014
Chapter 4

For whatever reason, his captor seemed determined to make him eat more. After the traumatic trip to that place, he had been cocooned in her tentacles, having bits of food shoved at him.

He was already satiated, but the intensity of her gaze and gentle but inexorable hold on him, combined with the oddly tasty food she shoved his way, told him he would not be released until he ate all of it.

The odd thing was that despite the knowledge that he was full, he kept eating, his brain telling him he was hungry even as his stomach filled. It was only when the last bite was swallowed that he was released. Stupefied, he lay down where he was put, his middle distended to the point of pain.


Unk, he was coming to realize, might be what she called him, not food. It was as good a name as any, and he found himself willingly coming towards her when she called for him. It didn’t hurt that calling for him usually meant more of that yummy food.

“Unk.” She called, startling him from his thoughts.

Pushing himself to his feet, he walked towards her. He was aware he was putting on weight, the feel of his ribs being replaced by a sheath of flesh.

The small female was back, and as energetic as ever. She squirmed, waving at him as she was carefully deposited on the floor. “Hi! Hi! Don’t run away this time, ok? I won’t hurt you, ok?”

He found himself cringing as she flew across the floor, but a glance towards the his Namuh gave him the courage to stand his ground. He let out an involuntary grunt as she slammed into him, the hair on the back of his neck raising at the repeated ‘hahaha’ sound gurgling out of her throat. After a moment of no pain, he chanced a glance down.

She bared her teeth at him, making him flinch, but looked oddly happy as she slid down the front of his body, releasing her hold on his neck. “Hi there, hi! My name is Hijun, what’s yours?”

Her small hands felt oddly warm on his chest, and he found his face heating oddly. “Uh, Unk. I think.”

“Hi, hi!” she burbled, grabbing him by the hand and tugging him forward. Her long dark hair bounced as she trotted along, fairly dragging him behind her. “Look, dinner time!” she crowded, plopping down beside their bowls, positioned next to each other.

Bemused, he found himself seating himself. Chewing and swallowing, however, was oddly difficult with seven pairs of eyes boring into him. Life here was so different – sometimes he still woke up, covered in sweat, trembling at the memories. The feeling of flesh meeting flesh, the taste of blood from split lips, the twinge of agony from his broken ribs. They had healed, but sometimes he still found himself breathing shallowly, expecting pain. Here, there was only warmth, food, and freedom. “What?” he asked, blinking as her words finally penetrated.

“I said, why aren’t you eating?” She asked through a mouthful of her own food, her legs splayed in front of her, her toes kicking lightly.

He shrugged, toying with the food in his hands. It smelled incredible, but – “What are you doing?” He yelped, scrambling backwards as she slid in beside him.

She rolled her eyes at him. “Stop twitching, you are making me crazy!” she groaned, grabbing a piece of food from his bowl.

A low growl slipped from between his lips, instinct taking over at the sight of her raiding his dish. He was tensing in preparation to fight, his fists closing, eyes narrowing, when she twisted to hold the food towards his mouth.

“Eat!” Hijun insisted, placing it against his lips.

He felt his face heating again when she patted his belly with a satisfied gaze, his member giving a twitch of interest. “I can eat it on my own,” he groused, reaching for his bowl as he rearranged his legs. His stomach gave a snarl as the flavour burst over his tongue.

She sat in his lap, her bright grin morphing into something a little more serious. “Yes, you can. But,” she murmured, placing another bite in his mouth, “I like feeding you!”

He stared at her as he chewed, debating his options. It was not as if she was hurting him, and he would be eating anyway. Her weight on his thighs was quite pleasant, and she smelled rather nice, he noted. He gave an internal shrug as he opened his mouth for another bite. Eating always made him feel relaxed.


Hijun and her Namuh became regular visitors, and Unk found himself looking forward to her energetic presence – even if she was at times rather pushy and annoying.

Like right now, when she was quick to point out his change of appearance.

“You are getting fat,” she told him gleefully. “Every time I come over, you seem to be shoving food in your face!”

“No I’m not,” he replied - around a mouthful of food. He straightened his back, trying to tighten his stomach muscles.

Hijun snatched a piece from his bowl, ignoring his warning growl, and chewed thoughtfully. “It is pretty tasty. There is no point trying to suck in,” she added, poking his firm belly. “You are going to be a big round ball soon.”

That poke rather hurt, and he raised a hand to soothe the afflicted area. Unk snorted, shoving another piece into his mouth. “Stop eating my food, Hijun.”

White teeth flashed as she crawled towards him on hands and knees. “Want to see a trick? Hurry up and eat it so that we can get more!” she cried, popping a piece into his mouth. “Just sit there and chew!”

“More?” he queried, curiously aroused to have the pushy female half sprawled on top of him, shoving food into his mouth.

“Mm,” she nodded. Her close-cropped brown hair barely moved as she shifted her head. A few visits ago, her change in appearance had startled him, but was a regular occurrence, according to her. “You didn’t know you can ask for more?”

If he was honest, e hadn’t realized he could ask for anything, or communicate at all with his Namuh. Unk watched with blatant curiosity as Hijun dragged his bowl out from under the area he had made his home.

Dragging it between the two Namuh, she clasped her hands under her chin. “Please, can we have some more?” she begged, jumping up and down a bit.

The two made noises back and forth between them until his Namuh filled his bowl to the brim and slid it back towards him.

Hijun swaggered back, a smirk on her face. “Told you! That’s all it takes.” Squatting beside him, she grinned. “Now, eat up.”

“Why do you care?” Unk asked, eyeing her even as both his hands shot towards the bowl. His stomach, already comfortably full, seemed to physically, heavily sink as he chewed mouthfuls out of both hands.

She laughed, placing her hands on his middle and gently rubbing each side in a slow circle. “Who knows?”

It felt amazing, and he gave a little sigh of contentment as his stomach expanded into her hands. “Well, you can come over any time, if it means you get me extra food,” he offered, feeling rather generous.

Xyantha Reborn

- Actually Very Tame!
Jul 23, 2014
Chapter 5

“I am so glad to see them getting along,” Yujmulo told her friend. Hijun was cuddling with him, and he seemed quite content. “They are sharing food and everything! Look how much she dotes on him!”

“Mm,” Hex murmured, content to watch them wrestle. “I am glad – I think Unk was lonely by himself.”

“They are social creatures,” her friend responded. “And I am glad to see that Unk isn’t so thin as when you first got him!”

Hex was as well. “Though – do you think he is getting a little too…thick?” His belly, first concave, had quickly bowed out and was now beginning to sag softly.

Her friend waved a negligent limb. “I free feed Hijun. Even if Unk overeats at first, it’s only because he was denied food. Leave enough food out and he will get tired of eating. You probably aren’t feeing him enough – he still thinks he needs to gorge because his bowl is empty.”

“I see…that makes sense. I’ll try that. Remember that upcoming trip? I’ll be away, so I will leave out a bunch of food and water for him. It’s going to be more than a few days though – probably almost a month. Will you check on him, and feed him for me? He might not come out, so just leave a bunch of food out.”


“Wow. I see you took my suggestion,” Hijun giggled as she peered at him. Sauntering forward, she placed a foot on his middle and gently prodded.

His stomach shifted back and forth under the motion. He would have swatted at her, but he was feeling rather lazy today. The idea of getting up seemed oddly unachievable. “Yep. Worked like a charm.”

“Unk – you are so cute,” she informed him with a grin, eyes gleaming.

He was slouched against the wall, his nearly empty bowl by his hand. When she had last visited, his stomach had been firmly rounded whether standing or sitting. Now, it had widened, lowered, and softened. Although his stomach was not resting on his thighs, given his placid chewing, it was an inevitability.

He eyed her. “Go make yourself useful and get more food.”

She placed her hands on her hips in token resistance, tossing her head. “Why don’t you do it?”

He shrugged, drawing attention to his softening arms. “Too lazy.”

Rolling her eyes, she did as she was bade. As the refilled bowl was gently pushed back to him, she sat on his lap.

His eyes widened, and a red glow rose to his cheeks as she shifted his belly slightly to accommodate her new position. “What are you doing?”

“Feeding you. If you are too lazy to get up to get food, I bet you are too lazy to raise it up to your fat face. Open up!”

That wasn’t what he had meant – her moist center was smack dab above his rising arousal this time. After a moment, he opened his mouth, feeling himself harden under her, nearly touching. Bite after bite was placed between his lips, and his breathing shallowed with arousal and discomfort. “I can’t eat any more,” he wheezed after a while, hands clutching his taut sides.

“Keep eating,” she ordered, rocking slightly as she lowered her sticky hands to his gut, kneading the flesh until several burps escaped. Slipping a hand between the heavy underhang of his middle, and his slowly plumpening thighs, she met his eyes. “Almost touching. I wonder how long it will be until this gut rests right on your thighs.”

The thought shouldn’t have been arousing, but he moaned as she pulled his stomach down to rest on said thighs, then slipped her hands under it, wobbling it lightly. Shoving another mouthful into his face, he chewed frantically, trying desperately to ignore the pleasurable friction her motion was bringing on.

“Good boy,” she murmured, petting his hair and caressing his cheeks when he finished, hiccupping weakly, hands grasping his sides as if he could physically reel in the doughy flesh into a more comfortable position. “Keep this up and I won’t be able to keep my hands off you,” she murmured, brushing a hand along his swollen length.


He sat beside the overflowing bowl and began to shove the nuggets into his mouth with both hands, only stopping to gulp the water beside him.

Perhaps his captor had died, he had mused a few days ago as he licked the bowl clean, his stomach comfortably full. At some point, that overflowing bowl had gone from impossibly filing, to comfortably filling, to easily eaten. Standing, he ran his hands down his stomach, heavy, aching, and delightfully warm to the touch.

Recently, she had begun leaving out multiple bowls, and the size was bigger. He couldn’t possibly eat it all, but it was definitely comforting knowing that it was available!

Or that is what he had thought two days ago. Now, every bowl was empty, licked clean. And his stomach snarled, hunger pangs rippling through him.

Normally at this point that scent, impossible to resist, would have dulled. Today, however, it continued unabated, and his stomach snarled a demand. Padding heavily through to the other room, where he knew the food was stored, he stopped.

His mouth dried, then began to water. He swallowed several times as he saw multiple bags, towering over him, with that familiar red label. Shaking, he crept forward, dull nails tearing at the packaging. It seemed a hopeless endeavour until he got through the outer coating. Panting, stomach swaying heavily, Unk moaned as he sank to his knees, a veritable waterfall of food spilling onto the floor. Eyes glassy, he began to chew on hands and knees, stomach arching heavily towards the floor.


He had done a bad thing – something told him that he was not supposed to tear open package after package of food and gorge on it. Or hide the evidence. Or glut himself on the now tiny-in-comparison portion dumped in his bowl afterwards.

Or to do that day after day.

It was too good to pass up – this heaven might end at any time! And so he ate voraciously every morning, nibbled absently throughout the afternoon, and then stuffed himself into a stupor every morning, only stopping was when he was so stuffed that his stomach was hard, rounded, and he felt practically pinned to the floor by its weight.

Unk was not unaware of the changes in his body, and often ran hands over his softening form, confused by the pleasurable wave that crashed through him. It was not really a problem, however, until it was. If he was going to be abandoned, at least he would not go hungry.

It felt like weeks had passed, though he suspected his sense of time was distorted from the lack of visitors and his constant naps to digest. Unk was sprawled on his back, his fleshy arms shoving nugget after nugget into his mouth. It was laughable, in comparison, he mused. He had thought that he felt heavy before. Now, with his belly so big it rested on his thighs when sitting, he literally felt the drag on his body when he tried to stand. He was so enraptured, hands gripping and fondling the fat on his hips and stomach, that he almost failed to hear the door open.

Cursing, he scrambled, eyes scanning for the nearest hiding spot. To his shock, his stomach landed on the cold floor, making him hiss as he crawled into the food cupboard. Hiding, shaking, pulse thundering under his skin, he watched with trepidation as a lurid tentacle shoved several mountainous bags of food between him and the door.

“Unk! Unk? Where are you, Unk?” Hijun called, peering around a bad of food. Her eyes widened, and she gasped.

All he could do was stare at her in trepidation as she crawled and squeezed around the bags, then gasp in pleasure as she sank down on top of him. “Hijun?”

Heavily lidded eyes met his as she shimmied her way under his swollen middle, the sides of his belly lapping at her smooth thighs. “Good boy,” she whispered as she guided him inside her. “You are such a bad boy,” she immediately contradicted herself, gathering handfuls of buttery soft flesh as she rocked on top of him.

Eyes rolling back in his head, Unk made an inarticulate sound.

Leaning forward, Hijun placed her lips beside his ear “Eat…or I stop.”

Blindly clawing at a bag next to him, he snatched several pieces and brought them, shaking, to his mouth. “How much?” he asked, feeling helpless to resist.

“All of it,” she groaned, the friction increasing.

“This is getting out of control,” he mumbled around his mouth full of food. “I can’t stop eating – when I try to go on my hands and knees now, my stomach is so heavy and gets in the way,” he admitted, cringing even as his traitorous body shivered and pulsed in delight.

“Good,” she gasped, head falling back. “Don’t stop until that gut drags on the floor.”

He whimpered helplessly as he came inside of her, heart thundering, covered in sweat. Nuggets spilled around them, and crunched under her feet as she stood. “Where are you going? How will I get out?” He demanded as she began to squeeze her way through the opening of two bags.

She cast a smug look back at him. “I guess you’ll have to eat your way out, Unk,”
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