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Visceral fat issues?

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Well-Known Member
Apr 20, 2020
Dallas, Tx
So… I’m closing in on the big 5-0-0. Much bigger than I ever thought I would be, and while I finally started gaining in other places, the vast majority of my weight had been in my belly. And most of that is visceral fat, giving me a big round ball belly that’s mostly firm like a beachball, as opposed to the more desirable subcutaneous fat that makes for squishier, jigglier, more cuddleable bellies.
Visceral fat is also worse health wise because it’s linked to heart disease and diabetes. So far I’ve been lucky. I have a pretty serious case of hypertension, but meds keep my blood pressure in the healthy range.

Anyway, as I started making my way up past 430 or so, I started noticing a tightness. Sort of like I was full even if I hadn’t eaten. Around 450 this became uncomfortable. Now I’m at around 480 and the tightness is mildly painful. I feel like I’m internally pressurized and it only gets worse as I steadily gain. (I’m not trying to gain at this point… but life style changes are hard and it’s happening anyway, albeit much more slowly than it used to…)
I’ve been to the doc multiple times about it and he hasn’t found anything “wrong” per se, other than my being morbidly obese of course. My blood pressure is slightly higher than normal, but still shockingly good for someone my size with so much visceral fat. Around 145/85 usually. The theory is that my abdominal wall is stretched to its limit, having so much fat built up behind it. But we can’t find out for sure because I’m too big for an MRI. Doc says the best he can tell me is to start losing weight. I know I need to lose weight. Or at least stop gaining, and I’m working on it. Sorry, I know weight loss can be sort of triggering to some people in this community.

I haven’t found many other people to consult who are as big as me with primarily visceral belly fat. Is there anyone here with a similar issue? I know visceral fat is more common in men, so any bhms/ssbhms with lots of visceral fat, have you ever experienced this “pressurized” feeling in your gut? Obviously, other than from overeating.

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