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"Why are the plus-size champions shrinking before our eyes?" by Chloe Elliot

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John Smith

Well-Known Member
Jan 31, 2015
Laval, QC (Canada)
A very interesting article, anyone:

What I find most frustrating is when a respected plus-size celebrity or a model chooses to lose weight, they claim to have a new lease of life now that they’re slimmer.
This really doesn't sit well with me as they’re essentially saying that their life wasn't OK when they were bigger - not a great message to project to a potentially all plus-size following.
I can even see why some women would feel ‘betrayed’ to see their favourite curvy role model three sizes lighter.

That person they admired for loving their bigger body - different from the ‘norm’ - celebrating their rolls, stretch marks and curves has essentially sold out and conformed.
If these women chose to change their bodies for whatever reason - that’s fine.
Your body, your life.
But it still makes it difficult to digest when there are barely enough plus-size role models as it is.
I can’t wait for the day where we regularly see body confident plus-size women in the media completely unashamed of their bodies, and proving that you CAN be happy without striving for weight loss.
It is a shame that even as adults, so many successful plus women in the media still feel the pressure to shrink, meaning one less curvy role model for the rest of us."

- Chloe Elliot, Plus-Size blogger.


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