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why so few ssbbws for ssbhms

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Dec 21, 2006
Instead of suggesting my own theories do you people have any idea why there are so few erotically obese couples over 350 to 500 plus? The only attention i get is from thin ffas not to mention gays. I know the difference between fat and sexy and just fat. if i werent fat and sexy i wouldnt get even the attention i do.
out of a half dozen reasons im only going to give the most basic: slender, beefy, and fat are the 3 body types each with its own eroticism. being sexually aroused by fatness is publicly unacceptable and only desired covertly in this society. Thus the closet fas vastly outnumber the ones who would become very fat sexy couples knowing they would have a limited social circle, whereas its possible for a 'normal' fa/ffa can simply not mention their very fat lover/ spouse to those that are intolerant. This is obvious so: other reasons for so few ssbbcouples?

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