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Wls sadness

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New Member
May 10, 2009
Hey All.
So my wife and I are together for 10 years at total ans marries for 4 years now. She was a bbw when we met and has been gaining some more over the years she is till a bbw now.

A few weeks ago, she decided going for the surgery, which we talked throughly over it about the pros and cons, benefits and risks etc for both herself myself and our relationship. Anyways the outcome was:
She was going to have it done.
I was going to experience how I feel about her look and try to not loos my interest on her.

But if you want the truth, both she and I now that I am an fa who wants more meat in my lady not less and every pound she loses will have a negative effect on me.

So though she understood and felt that inside, at the moment she was concentrated on her surgery and now she went through it which I respect totally. I am with her to support her and ease her process. I wish her to have a healthy body. Which our 2.5 year old baby girl deserves a healthy mother either.

In the contraversy I am not sure how can I continue a relationship where I am physically not attracted to anymore. sex and physical attraction importance percentages for couples may differ for each relationship. But in ours it had a big part I guess. I am both hapy and sad right now. Anyone that has one through this path, what have you felt?

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