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Writing real-life fat fiction in times of Semaglutide & Co.....

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Library Girl
Staff member
Library Mod
Jun 21, 2008
A randomly specific question but one that has been bouncing around in my head for the past few days.

The issue of all these new weight loss drugs - the first ones that actually seem to realistically work with half-way manageable (short-term) side-effects - has been conspicuously absent from Dims. Even though it's obvious that the availability of such drugs will have massive effects on fat acceptance, body positivity, etc. - most likely unraveling the minor social advances achieved so far.
Covid19 - with the likelihood of obesity having been a contributing factor to severe forms of the illness - already brought a notable backlash in the public sphere regarding tolerance for and respectful treatment of weight issues. The availability of working weight loss drugs is just another hit in the same direction.

Now the question how these new pharaceuticals will effect writing weight fiction with realistic/real-life settings (fantasy, historic, etc. genres logically are not affected) and characters is admittedly an extreme niche problem. But it has been going through my head that - if I had wanted to create believable characters with their weight issues, seen from today, the story of probably 2 of my BHM characters would most likely not have been written. Because in the real world, they would have succumbed to the internal and external pressures of taking semaglutide for weight loss.

I'd be interested to hear from other writers if I'm overthinking here or going paranoid - or also from readers or others posters how they view the wider effects of the new generation of weight loss drugs on anything related to fat acceptance.

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