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    UK ladies over size 32... WHERE do you get clothes?

    ebay is a good place to start. Another option is having it shipped from america. One of my favourite catalogues now ships over here and they go up to a UK 46!!!! OneStopPlus do not go to the uk website as it only goes up to 32 :( But this website sells a little of everything. I ordered...
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    uh, who the hell still logs into MySpace? LOL
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    Recent Picture of You Part X !!!!!!!!!!! :D

    That's a realllllllly cute pic:)
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    Recent Picture of You Part X !!!!!!!!!!! :D

    One more headshot :)
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    Concern over approaching doctor

    Thinking of you:) My experience here in England is that if you own your weight and talk about your health concerns like a educated person, they are pretty neutral about fat.
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    Concern over approaching doctor

    ok dude. Im super duper fat! I have had a 6 month super heavy thought I was bleeding to death "period" before. I had the same issues and concerns as you. It was actually one of my women's studies professors who made me go. She encouraged me to be my own advocate and own my body...all of...
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    Recent Picture of You Part X !!!!!!!!!!! :D

    This is me as of 2 hours ago:)
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    SSBBWs on scooters

    I don't think the police would do anything as fat is not a protected category in the general sense. However, the UK does rock for disability rights and employee rights. Since I am fat AND disabled...the law is on my side most of the time. But as for general public harassment...nope...gotta...
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    SSBBWs on scooters

    All I have to say is....I feel your pain. I've stopped talking about it though because ass holes come on here and tell me I am wrong and that it's all in my head. I will say I am a stronger person now after living here 4 years. I talk back alot. Most recently in hospital and woman was...
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    "I WISH they wouldn't do that..."

    Just for the record, Woman Within and Roamans are NOT comparable to Macys.....they are more like walmart quality! And when you compare what thinner women pay for walmart clothes, we are paying out the nose. Fo sho! As for frumpyness, fuck it. I do see a divide...the older more confident women...
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    Belly To The FlOOR!

    Hey Candy, Gorgeous as always! I have the problem, except the bed being on the floor is too low. you can use cinder blocks to raise the best if it ever gets too hard to get up:) *muah*
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    Internet Dating: Crazy First Messages

    It wasn't just big girls lol mike got the same message lololol
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    What to do when someone's perving on your girl ?

    could you have switched seats with her?
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    Internet Dating: Crazy First Messages

    just received in inbox, lol "hello hun, interested in a slave ? :P" I don't currently NEED a slave, but if anyone is interested, I will pass on your info, lol
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    Is plus size clothing a regional thing?

    I did notice last time I was in So Cal that the walmart there went up to a 5x and yet all the other walmarts I had been to in idaho only went up to 3x.