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    Fat Man Dancing

    I've noticed men get fat shamed just as much as women, and in fact it's a lot more open. When I was a kid and teen, I would get fat comments on the DL all the time, but the fat boy my age would have fat shaming done to him open and public ALL the time and by adults.... I don't think anyone has...
  2. Lamia

    RIP CastingPearls

    So sad. I only knew her through dimensions and facebook. Such a sweet person and so sorry to hear this happened.
  3. Lamia

    Fat Man Dancing

    Someone tried to body shame this man for dancing because of his weight. Anyone see this twitter blowing up. These women in California are throwing him a dance party.
  4. Lamia

    The One NON-DIMS RELATED Thing Annoying You Most Right Now Part Trois.

    My family is annoying me, not just immediate family, but the tons of aunts and cousins on my facebook. They're all racist homophobes. I have maybe two cousins that I can think of that aren't. I have three nieces that aren't. People think we have come a long way, but I got to tell you I have...
  5. Lamia

    What is making you SAD right now...

    My dad's wife of 25 years died in March. He was in a new relationship by June. She moved into house in August. Some men and women just can't stand being alone and have to be in a relationship. Try not to be too sad. You could also say that maybe if he can move on that quick that it's a good...
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    Dimensions Friends on Youtube

    Thanks! :p My mom asked my niece if she thought there was something wrong with my mental state because I posted this on my facebook and some other videos. :doh:
  7. Lamia

    Post your random Youtube links here... i love this girl.
  8. Lamia

    Rep Your Pets!

    I got two new kittens last year. After losing my two cats in the same year I didn't think I would want anymore, but my niece's cat got pregnant and she had two kittens. So I took them both. They're so beautiful and loving. This is Echo This is Willow: Funny video of them fighting...
  9. Lamia

    Dimensions Friends on Youtube Me being gooofy. :)
  10. Lamia

    FA Frustrations

    Thanks. It's one my frustrations as a fat woman and as an FA. My boyfriend is 6'4 and 350 lbs and it's really hard for him to find shirts that don't leave his gut hanging out, because he's all torso. I think it's cute, but other people are going to judge you when you look sloppy. :mad:
  11. Lamia

    FA Frustrations

    Well, one of the frustrations was why fat people dress so sloppily. It wasn't out of the blue. I am not sure why there is a need for being an ass about it, because it wasn't a topic you're interested in.
  12. Lamia

    Au Naturale?

    I like men with a hairy chest and arms. I myself have a thyroid issue so I have very little body hair and lucky me the hair on my head is thinning too and I am losing the hair on the outside of my eyebrows
  13. Lamia

    Fat Fashion

    So in another thread the OP was talking about how a lot of larger women dress sloppily because of perhaps low self-esteem. Another said it was due to poor choices in fashion for fat women. I didn't want to derail that thread so created this one. Please share your fashion failures (or...
  14. Lamia

    FA Frustrations

    Case in point. I ordered a 7X gown for my nieces wedding. We had already ordered one that wasn't the right fit and color and it was down to the wire, so I ended up with a gown that the arms were WAYYY to tight and short and was about 2 feet too long. I am 5'7 so I assume they thought someone 7x...
  15. Lamia

    What Are You Into?

    I have a new hobby. Catography i.e. taking pictures of my cats. This is Willow. She's the most beautiful cat ever. Did I mention that I love cats? Here is my most recent cat picture I'm not sure why it is loading the picture upside down...