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    Fat Journal

    Does anyone have current links to any of these people?
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    AMA says obesity is a disease

    I think you are all looking at this wrong. Synesthesia is considered a disease or condition as well. Most people that have synesthesia find it advantageous. Many are highly successful artists and entrepreneurs. A disease is by definition dysfunction of the body. And, obesity is not...
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    I am intrigued. Good writing so far.
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    I need a moan

    In the athletic culture, motivation often comes in the form of berating or criticizing harshly. Think about the locker room during halftime - they aren't usually holding hands and singing Kumbayah in there. People in this culture, sometimes I think they learn that this is the only way to...
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    More evidence obesity is not about what and how much you eat.
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    Banned from prom as too busty

    I am married to a busty woman with lots of curves. Unless you custom design and make a dress (and I mean you personally design it, because most designers can't handle plus sizes), you WILL have cleavage. Not that I mind. I have seen the struggles my wife has with formal wear, and I have a lot...
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    Banned from prom as too busty

    The problem with this school's rule, is that it is impossible to enforce without unfairly penalizing people with a larger chest. Yes, they knew the rule, but I seriously doubt this girl could have come up with a suitable dress to meet the requirements. Or look at it this way, if a thin...
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    Thoughts on LDRs

    MY two cents here. I work (for another few days at least) at a job with an inflexible schedule. I then have to work other things around that job. I don't get personal time, and I get time off only when the employer chooses. Sometimes, I have a window of opportunity to do yard work or other...
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    Prove It Without Statistics

    If it is misleading, the evidence will be present to show that it is misleading. The problem is that most people do not know how to interpret the evidence if it is there.
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    World's biggest butt

    Science has pretty much shown that fat is fat. There are no significant health benefits form weight gain in a particular region. The first study that touted this did not compensate for the risks differences of men and women. So, men gain weight in the middle, and at higher risk of heart...
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    Georgia vs Fat Kids

    I believe this post shows a significant blind spot in your perceptions. Anti-bullying yes, but still not able to put yourself in other's shoes?
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    Georgia vs Fat Kids

    Iam quite sure we'll see that exposure to chemicals and other carcinogens, and perhaps antibiotics will be scientifically linked to obesity. Already this has shown remarkable relevance in mice. In twenty years, the obesity epidemic will be looked at differently. Obesity is a complex...
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    Georgia vs Fat Kids

    Yes, akin to what I said. I agree.
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    Georgia vs Fat Kids

    SInce children do not have the foresight, attention span, or self control to make decisions fully developed, parents should be involved in making decisions that have long term impacts. In many cases, parents should be making the decisions. Relevant, to this case, if a child is eating poorly, a...
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    Georgia vs Fat Kids

    Many people are born with Type I Diabetes. Some are not. It is suspected by some to be autoimmune related, others believe it is a nervous system disorder. In most cases, the pancreas is capable of producing insulin, and doesn't. there's been some discussion of using a pacemaker to stimulate...