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Recent content by The Id

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  1. The Id

    The Innkeeper's Daughter (~BBW, ~~WG)

    I'm flattered! Though I'm not as prolific these days, it pleases me to see that there are other great writers carrying the torch.
  2. The Id

    The Innkeeper's Daughter (~BBW, ~~WG)

    Damn. This is well done.
  3. The Id

    The Sting

    The turns of phrase that you used in this were quite original and enjoyable! Well done!
  4. The Id

    In Conference

    Simple and to the point. Nicely done!
  5. The Id

    Nerd meets BBW (~BBW, Sexual fantasy, Adventure)

    An enjoyable, sensual story, though there appeared to be a couple of jumps in the sex scenes. It worked out all right though. My only thought is that you never really describe Kate to the reader. There are only a few physical details. If someone else read this story without seeing the title...
  6. The Id

    A Redhead in the Moonlight: A short essay

    As a lover of redheads, I find this frankly fantastic.
  7. The Id

    The Writing Exercise - by Sweet Tea (BBW, WG)

    This is a very interesting story! It's an interesting twist on the origin story and something a lot of us can relate to.
  8. The Id

    Maid of Honour by Berry (~BBW, Magic, Weight Switching, ~MWG)

    Though short and sweet, I like it. Right to the point and some good description and action to it!
  9. The Id

    Discrepency in Verity - by Matt L. (~BBW, Alternate Reality. Magic ~MWG)

    Ha ha, you're one of the few to ever get the reference!
  10. The Id

    Discrepency in Verity - by Matt L. (~BBW, Alternate Reality. Magic ~MWG)

    Enjoyable story! Do I detect the influence of BSFan in this story?
  11. The Id

    The Secretary - by SkinnyToChubby (~BBW, Domination, ~SWG )

    I have to say, the thought of James Spader being a chubby chaser is a highly entertaining one!
  12. The Id

    The Munchies! - by Coyote Wild (~BHM, Flatulence, Immobility, ~XWG)

    I was hoping for a little more description of Kim in the end, but when you've got other projects to move onto, I guess I'll just have to settle for actually having a conclusion and getting some idea of how fat she got in the end. Thanks for finishing this off!
  13. The Id

    Hans and Greta - by SweetTea (BBW, ~~WG, Forcefeeding)

    An enjoyable spin on the tale. Pretty solid!
  14. The Id

    Major League Weight Gain - by Angel Knight (~BBW, Realistic, ~~WG)

    I will overlook the diss at the NHL in this installment and say that this is very interesting. I like the idea of a chubby catcher! I wish I had known a couple of those when I was in college!