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    You can’t even see my chair 🤣
  2. 20220121_155803.jpg


    Weight gain update
  3. received_423802612616055.jpeg


    My boobs are growing
  4. F

    Weight gain

    Hey! I am getting fat, uh...
  5. Mpreg.jpg


  6. C

    Looking Ottawa, Canada BHM looking for someone special (I am looking for a woman)

    Hi! My name is Chuck, i am 25 years old and have been exploring my weight gain kinks more and more! I love stuffing myself, being fed, chugging, belly rubs, navel play, belly play and many others. I am willing to explore further with someone but I do need to start somewhere. So i am looking for...
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    Looking like a giant cupcake 🧁
  8. BigCutieGigi


    Weekend trip to Sequoia. I am glad I was able to see it before the smoke from the fires took over 💚💚💚
  9. F

    Ex-husband wanted me to lose 20 pounds because certain sex positions were uncomfortable for him.

    Fair bit of warning: A bit TMI below! I have a story to share about which I'd like some opinions. I was once married to a man I met online after 3-4 years of dating. I have always made it a point to show how big I am on dating sites because I don't believe in deceiving potential partners about...
  10. fattylover69

    Reaching a more positive body awareness through FAs?

    Hi all, I have a question for all you ladies out there women here who DID NOT have a sexual desire for gaining weight. Then found a boyfriend who loves your fat body for the first time ever, and started to feel more self confidence due to your new spouse being extremely attracted to...