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  1. Fiji

    BHM The Break Room Conspiracy

    The New Guy “It’s so odd being back in the office again, but it’s great to see you in person again Dylan!” “What do you mean Clare, we’ve seen each other on Zoom calls?” “But it’s just not the same – not being able to meet here in the break room or wander over to your cube to exchange gossip...
  2. J

    My crush is putting on so much weight

    Hi fellow FA <3 I’m 27F feeder, am pretty new here and was so glad to discover this community of likely-minded people, as I’m closeted with my kink irl with most ppl and those who know don’t know how far it gets :( they just think I like bigger guys. So I got this story I want to share … sorry...
  3. fiestyMad

    BHM Always in Your Shadow (BHM/FFA, Weight Gain, Romance, Urban Fantasy)

    Always in Your Shadow by fiestyMad Summary: Peter accidentally summoned a demon as a pre-teen. Now as an adult and a successful businessman, the demon shows back up. What happens when she encourages him to indulge his deepest desires? (This story features human/demon romance, but I'm using the...
  4. stevita

    BOTH B&B:// The Commune of Crucifix

    ((Summary: Big Tech and Bombshell enter the public spotlight as a feedist crimefighting power couple, but authorities and the public alike are reluctant to accept their methods and their unconventional love. Enter Bombshell's old college bestie, now a radio talk show host, mutual gainer and...
  5. S13Drifter

    BHM Just a sweet old Lady (BHM BBW WG TF Hypnosis)

    ***A story /ramblings and my first real try at writing a story so hope you enjoy! I may continue this if enough people like it. I’m sorry for any grammatical errors, blame it on the new writer. *** Just a sweet old Lady by S13Drifter You walk out of the grocery store after only grabbing a...
  6. Ghostboo

    BHM After Quarantine

    After Quarantine by Ghostboo As the world returns back to normal, everyone is excited to spend time together in person again. Including River and Sam, who have been best friends for most of their life. This dramatic romance features a BHM, enjoy! Chapter One - River River sat tapping...
  7. Dafatguy

    BHM Thursday's at the Diner (BHM, FFA, Feeding, Sexual Content)

    Thursday’s at the Diner by Dafatguy I work at the HiWay diner on old Highway 23. It’s out by the airport. The owner is Sal or as we call him, the Old Man. The Old Man is rarely here. He’s got four other diners in town and usually he has to go to those diners to manage problems and put...
  8. ALS Again

    BHM An Unexpected Realization

    Greetings! This story originally began as an adoption of the unfinished work "Black Magic." However, after I began writing, I realized that I was unhappy with the direction my part of the story was headed, so I decided to edit and adjust the story. "An Unexpected Realization" is the result...