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  1. RedKnight

    Looking 20M FA/Feeder looking for a date near Clarksburg/Fairmont/Morgantown WV area

    As the title says, I'm a straight younger guy looking for a date and to just see where things go. Sorry if my profile is a little blank atm, I joined specifically to make this post and will be adding pics and a bio soon.
  2. bfox18

    Looking Maryland

    Hi my name is Brandon! I’m 19, from Maryland and looking for a relationship. I’m very much into feederism (feedee and feeder) but if you aren’t that’s fine with me. I’m currently in college so I’m broke and can’t really afford to be a feeder rn lol. I enjoy video games, cooking/baking...
  3. Clonenumber47

    Looking Looking for Companionship and perhaps Relationship in or around Orlando, FL

    My name is Mike. I’m 6’3, 290, 35yrs, Italian, with dark hair and Hazel eyes. I am straight, and monogamous. As the title says, I live in the Orlando FL area, and am looking for a female friend to be a companion and perhaps start a relationship. I am an FA, Feeder, and Encourager. Although...
  4. F

    Is it fair for one person to date or be committed to another person and then try to get the other person to change their body size?

    It's "to be healthy", of course. Hello again. I met a seemingly nice dude and we had our first phone chat tonight. He asked me if, should we end up together, I'd be interested in going to the gym with him. I then asked him to clarify if he wanted me to just go with him or exercise with him and...
  5. gedjt1

    Looking Single mature man looking for Love

    Hi ladies, single, tall 6'1, athletic with average looks, is interested in politics, current affairs, loves sports, watching not participating haha. Im a big reader mainly biographies and non fiction, ive been lucky enough to travel round lots of the world and lived in Japan, Thailand, Spain and...
  6. Rachel Scarver

    Hello I’m Rachel and I’m new here... How about you?

    Just became a member recently. I’m trying to find someone to connect with. In case anyone cares, I’m 365 pounds. I live in Little Rock, Arkansas. Believe it or not I’m actually looking for someone to date in person. I say that because lately I’ve noticed people online just wanting belly pics and...