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  1. F

    Trigger warning: Fat acceptance movement partially blamed for death of 16-year-old "morbidly obese" young man.

    I'm not sure if Mr. Roberts really, truly knows what fat acceptance is or he's correct about it. My understanding is that fat acceptance means that fat people deserve to be treated with dignity and respect regardless of how we got fat or why we are fat. We deserve equal access to opportunities...
  2. B

    Thinness Glorification

    After yet another very upsetting fat-shaming incident :mad:, I decided to write something about it: https://medium.com/@yanivpr/thinness-glorification-1d93272c61b0 I'd love to know if you have more points, or you find thing incorrect from your experiences. Cheers!
  3. RedShellBlueShell

    2019 NAAFA Conference

    https://www.naafaonline.com/dev2/community/index.html I'm planning on going this year! Will any of you fine folks be going too? If so, let me know! We can say hi in person :)
  4. RVGleason

    BHM Waldo Wyde - Circus Fat Man

    Here’s a new story, I hope Folks like it. (Image: Tubberton) Waldo-Wyde - Circus Fat Man by RVGleason chapter 1 - meet Waldo Wyde It was a beautiful early June, 1947 morning as the Sun shone brightly over the Big Top tents of the Clyde Wonder Circus. The roustabouts had been up since...
  5. GummyBear

    Is there any women models or not who are actually gaining?

    Hey, So I have followed gainers for years and years. I am just curious if anyone knows of any models or just normal people who are into gaining but sharing it with the world, like through instagram or tumblr or something? Anyone know who is being doing it and one can tell a different, like...