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  1. Jerry Thomas

    BHM Dream Vacation by Jerry Thomas (SSBHM, Romance, Fantasy)

    (SSBHM, Romance, Fantasy) Dream Vacation By Jerry Thomas Vacation, at last! I glanced out the window of the Airbus as it touched down on the runway in Gran Canaria. One look at the rows of palm trees and the variety of tropical plants growing just beyond the airport fence and I knew...
  2. F

    BHM The New Hire

    The New Hire by Faloverbabe Kristen sat at her desk. Monday mornings were always a drag and thus far this Monday was no different. The coffee was just as bitter, her chair just as uncomfortable, and the florescent lights just as bright. She loaded up her computer ready for the mundane work to...
  3. Shalion

    BHM White Elephant (~XWG, SSBHM, ~SEX)

    A story I wrote for Fur Affinity Two years ago. (Contains super sizes, body swapping, hetero- and homo-sexual sex scenes, and descriptions of obesity-related medical problems) White Elephant By Shalion Nathan squirmed in his seat, the folding chair under him squeaking loudly and his large...
  4. skinnychick

    Thin privilege!!

    Hey I'm a thin petite girl who hates the fact that I have Thin privilege as it's so unfair as Bigger woman/men can be so beautiful and talented. Please can you post examples of Thin privilege below and how Thin girls like myself can help. Thank you
  5. RVGleason

    BHM Waldo Wyde - Circus Fat Man

    Here’s a new story, I hope Folks like it. (Image: Tubberton) Waldo-Wyde - Circus Fat Man by RVGleason chapter 1 - meet Waldo Wyde It was a beautiful early June, 1947 morning as the Sun shone brightly over the Big Top tents of the Clyde Wonder Circus. The roustabouts had been up since...
  6. Unbasher

    BHM The Untouchables (SSBHM, Romance, Karma)

    Griffin, morbidly obese, jobless and recently homeless is ready to end his life, only to be intercepted by Blanche. Blanche, more existing than living herself, has not been able to touch a living creature for three years due to what she believes to be bad karma. She offers to let Griffin stay...
  7. H

    Looking for a squashing story,but bhm or ssbhm squashing male or female.

    Before was few blogs online with a lot of squashing stories,but they put them down
  8. RVGleason

    Lucky Se7en

    Lucky Se7en: BHM-FFA, Eating and Stuffing. Based on the movie and graphic novel 'Se7en'. Illustration by Tubberton at deviantArt Lucky Se7en Chapter One - The Meeting Frank groggily opened his eyes, feeling a dull throbbing in his head. The room he was in was brightly lit and he blinked his...
  9. WG Story Drone

    Nancy & Ellie

    BBW, WG: A story of revenge and weight gain . . . Nancy & Ellie – Who’s The Piggy Now? By Sly ( Part One Ellie was 26 years old and she just lost her job as an administrative assistant for a large company. This came a little unexpectedly, it was her...
  10. RVGleason

    Story For The FFA's: A Little Out Of The Way Place

    I wrote a new story on the FF website which I've also posted in the Dimensions Library which I hope the Dimensions FFA's might enjoy called 'A Little Out Of The Way Place'. Here's a direct link to the story in the Dimensions Library...