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2012 Singles Thread

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Active Member
Jan 7, 2009
Well it's that time again...the days of 2011 are in their twilight, as time begins to turn a new page...

I have to admit to y'all - I haven't been nearly as active on this board as I had meant to be when I first joined, but I felt compelled tonight to hop on and write...to express directly to y'all...

So hello there friend - I'm Joel and I'm in Norfolk, Virginia - I hope you are well in your life and are happy, coming along beautifully. There are so many wonderful folks on here I hope that if you're reading this and have no one to kiss on New Years - that by next year - you will be kissing so passionately, someone will have tap your shoulder to tell you the year has changed.

And as I live in the South, I will stay with tradition:

New Year, new thread!

Still single? Newly single? Single and ready to mingle? Then this is the place for you!

Come in and let your single status be known. Complain about it if you hate it. Brag about it if you enjoy it. Either way...you're single and that's what counts.

Here's to hoping we all find a partner in 2012 and I don't have to start the 2013 Singles Thread.

:smitten: :smitten: :smitten:

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