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Well-Known Member
Mar 29, 2020
Does anyone else ever write any poetry about feederism? I sure do.

Share some below.

Here's one from me. It is a bit rude, but that is just how my sexuality is set up. And it doesn't really rhyme, I am unstructured when it comes to writing poems about feederism, because I have so much to express about it and no outlet, so it is always very freestyle.


I was nothing more than a niche porn category to you
You were my byronic anti-hero fantasy
So I held out and waited patiently
Until you became my favorite niche porn category

You thought you could have me while I was young and lonely
While you went home to her each night
Now you’re swollen, bloated, barely functional
I look the same as ever, with my own trophy at home

People once looked at us and saw you as my superior
No one would make that mistake now
They see you as tragically disgusting
Wonder in what way I’m taking advantage

The way they used to warn me that you had the control
That I'm just a girl and you're just a man
There's only one way that ever goes
But you’re my victim now, I hope everyone knows

Keep self-soothing I love to see it
Stuffing pleasure down your throat making yourself sicker
Until it hurts you to even breathe
They see you and they know your private madness
There’s no hiding what you are
My pig victim sad and sweaty
Getting bigger by the week

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