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Looking 24F Feeder Looking for a Female Feedee

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May 25, 2024
Hello :D!!!

My name is Zoe hence GalaxyofZo, I'm ready to make my personal Ad!


About Me:

Kind potential partner, human being, and warm person.

I am a space lover, a 3D printing and Linux Hobbyist,

A full time Physics student, living and supporting myself.

I am very motivated in many avenues in my life, but I want the opportunity to explore a feedism dynamic to share with someone.

I live in Seattle, WA.

I am transgender.

What I'm Looking For:

I am looking for a genuine connection and fantastic friend. I am preferably looking for a feedee that is skinny/slightly chubby due to preference of having satisfaction of progression and the nature of being a feeder. I managed to have a live-in feedee successfully for a few months before we broke up with a gains of 20-25lbs, I have held around 14 stuffing sessions, and I have a schematic for a potential feeding pump. I preference other transfems due to the security and mutual understanding of identity. Must be willing to move after being comfortable. Being into mutual gaining is a must. I don't believe in selfishness or self centeredness.

How I treat my Feedees: First of all I will preface this that I put emotional connection and boundaries first to keep both of us from getting hurt and I have an innate desire to spoil. I have spoiled my feedees in the past after developing a connection and some sort of tangible relationship (mannerisms, inside jokes, predictable social quirks). I have gone out of my way in October of 2023, to pay and fund a flight to fly a feedee from Virginia to Seattle.

I created a sustainable and comfortable ecosystem with plentiful of accessible foods and snacks. I lived about my normal life to come home to a happy and fattening feedee. I make accomadations as needed, to ensure comfortability and happiness.

What I'm Not:
I am NOT a financial outlet that you can use to feed your own habits or life necessities. I say again I will NOT fund your food habit, or send money. Due to past experiences as well. I will not provide funding for travel expenses anymore.

I have navigated this community as a whole (not limited to dimensions) with very awful people and have even invited said people into my life and learned from it. I am very observant and careful with interactions. If you generate suspicion, I will block communications. If I have developed a relationship with you and you become demanding, I will shut down our DMs.

DO NOT ASK HOW MUCH I MAKE. I will block you.
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