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Looking 46 Female Topeka, KS looking for nerd

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Still a Fat Girl lol
Sep 29, 2005
Topeka, KS
I'm stepping in to say hello. I'm still single but i'm actively looking to meet someone right now, preferably within my same country lol.

Topeka, KS transplant via Mobile, AL (where i was mostly raised)
46 in 4 days *le sigh*
5'4" 400-ish
Single, Never married, no kids (and won't be having any)
Politically Progressive/Liberal

Not a feedee though i can play one really well lol and don't mind doing so in intimate moments occasionally, but i won't be intentionally gaining

I enjoy traveling at any opportunity, documentaries, thrillers, comedies, horror, anything paranormal, tattoos (i have 5 and am about to get a big one on my arm, on December 2. I am a musician (piano and clarinet). i enjoy most genres of music but i tend to gravitate towards harder rock and metal. I've love to sew and crochet, going to thrift stores, and video games. I'm fixing to start back playing World of Warcraft again, God help me lol. I also enjoy console games (x-com, skyrim, oblivion, fallout, civilization, the last of us, witcher),

I was teaching piano lessons, before the plague, but everyone dropped out. So now i'm back to webmodeling.

Age and Race unimportant (i guess people always ask me that because i'm southern haha) Oh and i'm sorry but i'm deathly allergic to cats. I don't hardly ever smoke an actual cigarette but i do vape on the regular

Ok i think that's me in a nutshell lol


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