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Any Fun Females on the Board?

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Active Member
Jan 2, 2006
Just playing, I have only been a member of the board for a short while, but was really wanting to engauge in a conversation with some of the females on the board with similiar likes dislikes and things of that sort.

I know I am short on details but here is a conversation piece:

I was cruising in my trans am and saw a fellow driver on the side of the road, I stopped to help him out with his vehicle, there was smoke pouring out from the engine bay. I asked If he needed a ride down to a telephone. As I dropped him off down the road he said that I will be repaid.

No sooner than I had gone out the next day, I lost my bank card which also serves as a credit card. I tried calling the bank but considering it was sunday and late in the day at that I had no luck. Someone had found my card, took it to the bank on monday and the bank called me saying that it was found.

I guess there really is meaning to "pass it on."

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