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Nov 29, 2022
I'm looking for more feed(er)ism-related stuff, whether created by and for feedists or by impartial/sympathetic outsiders. Anything from books, magazines, and podcasts to academic essays and studies.

So far, I've only finished the following:
  • Feederism: Eating, Weight Gain, and Pleasure by Kathy Charles
  • Wood's Weird Wellness podcast
  • Orbital magazine
  • Growth magazine
  • Live Deliciously: A Feedist Witch Zine
  • Valérie Darveau's "Feederism Zine"
Other ones I know of, but haven't personally read/reviewed include:
  • Horngry magazine & podcast
  • Ravenous magazine
  • Feederism: An Exploratory Study Into the Stigma of Erotic Weight Gain by Alyshia D. Bestard
  • "Plothole" (video game by Boarlord)
So yeah, if you can think of any others, let me know! And if you're familiar with one or more of the above materials, I'd love to hear your thoughts on them.