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  1. mbauto

    BBW Martha

    Feederism, Paranormal, Horror, Possession, Intrigue A pair of paranormal investigators stumble upon a real specter, but when Emily begins to change, is there something more sinister hidden just beneath the surface? Wrote this on my main creator's pseudonym, CinnaSticks on deviantart/patreon...
  2. chubboiz

    Anybody familiar with FEEDIST books/podcasts/etc?

    I'm looking for more feed(er)ism-related stuff, whether created by and for feedists or by impartial/sympathetic outsiders. Anything from books, magazines, and podcasts to academic essays and studies. So far, I've only finished the following: Feederism: Eating, Weight Gain, and Pleasure by...
  3. chubboiz

    Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder (A Book Review)

    Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder (A Feedist Book Review) An informal analysis of Kathy Charles' study on "feederism." Please feel free to share your own reviews and thoughts/first impressions of her book in this thread, I'm curious to hear what other feedists think! (A/N: This thread may...
  4. chubboiz

    BOTH Strange Magic

    Strange Magic by @chubboiz (A/N: feedee/gainer reader insert POV. The reader's gender is never mentioned and their roommate is referred to with they/them exclusively. This is probably the WG story I'm proudest of to date.) You find your roommate's secret stash of magic potions under their bed...
  5. Ssbbwamira

    Looking Dedicated FEEDEE seeking feeder x feedee relationship

    MOOOOO, Disclaimer: I’m here to make friends, meet new people, and connect, and possibly find a feeder! I am not here to have explicit sexual conversations with strangers, which a lot of people here seems it’s okay to do. You will be blocked, and reported. I ignore single worded inboxes...
  6. TranscendedCommonSense

    Local feederism enthusiasts?

    I've tried looking around on other sites, but really couldn't find too many people in my general area. I know that, at the moment, going outside and meeting people is a big no-no, but once that's over I'd love to get out and meet more gainers/feeders/etc. So I'm asking: Does anyone here live...
  7. John Smith

    Let's play a game!! (for feeders, carers, enablers, encouragers and F.A.s only)

    Here's an alternate version of the original feedee/gainer centered game-topic found on FF. Have you : 1. Been fed? Never ever. 2. Fed someone IRL? I have overordered for one or two girls these past years, whom one at frequent occurences... but never been an active-duty feeder yet. My role...
  8. John Smith

    "My BF Is Obsessed With Obese Girls He Forced Me To Be One"

    Okay, who did this??!!
  9. Widis

    BBW Myth #1 - "Trashy" (SSBBW, urban fantasy, stuffing, sex)

    Myth#1 - "Trashy by Widis No one envies the harpies. They live at the bottom of society, and even that’s an improvement; they were legally considered nuisance animals until just decades ago, a point of shame for some people and of nostalgia for others. The way the other races talk about...
  10. B

    Feedees/Gainers of Dims: how do reconcile feedist feelings with internalized Diet Culture?

    Diet culture is everywhere. Not one of us escapes it to some extent, at least in Europe and North America and certainly well beyond. One conclusion I take from this is that even the most passionate, committed feedees and gainers grew up under diet culture and still walk around with at least some...
  11. fattylover69

    Reaching a more positive body awareness through FAs?

    Hi all, I have a question for all you ladies out there...is there women here who DID NOT have a sexual desire for gaining weight. Then found a boyfriend who loves your fat body for the first time ever, and started to feel more self confidence due to your new spouse being extremely attracted to...
  12. B

    Where's the best place to mingle with feedee's and feeders?

    Just trying to find an outlet with people of similar interests. I already know about feabie but is there any other places?