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apprehension about skinny men

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Energizer Bunny ;)
Jun 10, 2011
I just joined this site and couldn't find anything specifically relevant to this. I've always dated big and tall men, and specifically black or hispanic men. They always have a bit of meat on them. I've recently moved back to where I went to high school, and it seems that there aren't many of my type around, but there are plenty of skinny white guys who are into BBW's.

Now, my freshman year of college (5 years ago), I was 'dating' this skinny black guy, and found out 5 weeks into it that it was a running joke between him and his friends as to how far along they could string the 'relationship'. This CRUSHED my self esteem, and I haven't been attracted to a skinny guy since.

In the past two weeks, I have been seeing two guys casually. I like them both quite well, but they are both skinny and white, and I'm just incredibly apprehensive. I always feel like it's a joke, even when they reassure me that it isn't. They tell me they love my body the way it is, and that I shouldn't be so worried.

Does anyone else go through this? Am I just delusional in the head? One of the guys makes me feel bad sometimes about the fact that when he goes to touch me in certain areas (hanging tummy, arms, inner thighs) I pull away. He gets angry and doesn't understand, but when I explain, he tells me I am overreacting, and that he "doesn't need to deal with this". The other guy wants to work me through it.

I'm so confused!

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