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Sep 29, 2005
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I thought sharing the bargains we find online or in store might be helpful for those of us hoping to spread some holiday cheer that might be a little short on funds this season. I know I would find it helpful!

I found these two deals recently for my sister-in-law who was looking for gift ideas under $20 for my brother.

For the BHM - this sweater From Kingsize Direct is only $7.69 with a 30% off coupon code (30% off your highest priced item, expires 12/9/09, code: KS15951), for a total of $13.68 with shipping. It's made of light weight cotton and is rated highly by those who've purchased it previously. It's available in red, grape, and blue sea in larger sizes.

Also, Overstock.com has the new Star Trek movie DVD for $9.99 plus $1 shipping - this is $5 cheaper than Walmart currently. So you can either order it from Overstock or print something out to take to Walmart to get their price match guarantee (assuming it applies to online offers.. you'll have to check).

Anyone else find some good deals they want to share? Please keep posting them as you do your holiday shopping.

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