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Beth's Desire (SSBBW, squashing, eating)

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Oct 2, 2005
SSBBW, Kidnapping, Squashing - A late night's meeting on a train turns out very poorly for a college student, but very well for Beth.

Beth's Desire

by NYSquashee

Beth had put on some weight, going from around 380 pounds to an even 400 big and beautiful pounds. It was a small increase, one that was hard to even tell on a girl of her size to begin with. However, that wasn't all that had changed. Since her first taste of the power that came with using her massive body for her own means of pleasure, squashing and flattening out smaller people with grace and weight, she felt herself becoming addicted to the idea. A day didn't go by without her spotting at least one would-be victim for her desires, someone she could totally dominate and make her own personal seat cushion.

A year had gone by, and she felt herself building up inside. It was too long a time to go by without hearing the delightful whimpers and gasps of someone under her large bulging ass.

And it was exactly this that crossed her mind as she sat on the downtown train, coming home from another fun BBW gathering. Sitting there taking up two full seats on the late train, her mind was wandering, struggling to deal with all the possibilities of squashing. It took the boarding of a drunken college boy to pull her out of it. He shambled on the train during one of the local stops, making the train's car population reach two.

Beth found him cute, despite his drunken state; longish brown hair cascading over his face, thin and in shape. He slumped over in a seat, parallel from Beth, and she put his weight at around 150 pounds on a 5' 7" frame. She smiled as she did a quick calculation in her head, comparing her vast size to his.

It was then that he looked up and caught sight of this wide beauty appraising him, realizing for the first time that he wasn't alone in the subway car. He dropped his eyes quickly, shyness overtaking him. Beth wasn't fooled though; she watched him as he tried desperately to peek through his hair at her huge curves. She knew he was taking in the awesome size of her thighs, how they spread out like an avalanche of fat over the small seats of the bench, the belly bulging out onto her lap, and her thick arms as they laid across her very ample chest.

Beth watched on, thinking she just might have found the break (giggling to herself at her pun) she was looking for...

After a short cat and mouse game of who could catch who looking, the booze in the college boy's system eventually won over, and he began drifting off to sleep. Beth looked on as his head lowered, and his body slumped in his chair as he found his way farther and farther into dreamland. She could actually feel the tingling in her butt as she looked on, plotting out her next move.

Taking another look around the subway car to confirm what she already knew-they were alone-she lifted up off her double seat, and made her way slowly to the sleeping college boy. Staring down over her large chest and bulging belly, her eyes lit up and she shifted her feet, turning around on a dime so that her incredibly thick and fat bottom was directly over his prone form. She bent at the knees a little, her huge lower half stretching her black jeans to their maximum, and then she simply just fell backwards.

Her waking cushion emitted a loud grunt as he woke up to find the beautiful SSBBW he was staring at on his lap and chest, using her huge body to squash him into the hard plastic seating. He was covered in his slumping position, the top of Beth's massive ass resting against his chin, the total of his body completely covered under. His legs were laid out from under Beth, coming out between her own huge thighs. Beth placed her hands high on her hips, grinding slowly as all of her lit up in excitement. She had almost forgotten the rush squashing held for her.

The young college student Beth was now smothering under her fat, Vlad, was taken by surprise. In his drunken state he still could not totally comprehend what was happening to him, just that he felt completely engulfed in this large woman's body, his body straining to hold up in its tired state under the pressure of her weight. He could actually feel his tongue roll out of his mouth as he gasped for air.

Beth just smiled, adding a few bounces to her squashing. The cute college boy was a bit too lumpy for her, she'd have to fix that. Higher and higher she bounced, forcing Vlad down farther under her butt as she did, his much smaller body crumpling under the dropping bombs she was delivering on it.
Soon she had managed to squeeze his body so far down that when she stopped bouncing to catch her breath, she found he was now totally mushed under her wide butt and thighs.

She sat still and counted to one hundred, enjoying each and every one of his squirms as he fought to breathe despite how impossible it was. With each gasp, Vlad just found himself inhaling more and more of Beth's gigantic lower half. Soon he began to fade from lack of oxygen, his lungs not able to withstand being devoid of air for long while in his drunken state.

Once she reached one hundred and twenty in her head she decided to add a few more moments to his suffering, and then she stood up and looked back on her latest victim. Vlad was totally crushed, almost into a ball on the subway bench, his tongue out of his slightly purple lips, eyes closed. Beth turned and bend to check for a pulse, which she was happy to find was still fairly strong. She didn't want to use up all her fun just yet.

Beth knew her stop was coming soon, so she readied Vlad to be moved. At this hour the station would be empty, and her car was only a few short blocks away from the station itself. Holding him up, his arm over her shoulder, Beth decided she couldn't pass up this last chance for a little crushing. "Something for the road," she told herself, letting Vlad drop hard on the floor of the subway car. She nudged him until he was on his back, sprawled facing the ceiling of the subway car. Raising her left foot, she brought it down, red heels and all, right on Vlad's chest.

She applied more and more weight, waiting for him to wake up from the pain, which he never did. Then, using the handrail next to her head for balance, she lifted and brought her other foot down on his stomach. She could feel her feet and heels sink into his skinny body, as all of her 400 pounds stood on his ribcage and organs. She stepped in place a bit, slowly trampling him with her massive weight.

Holding tightly on the handrail, she bent at the knees and hopped up in the air, coming crashing down on Vlad's poor chest and stomach with a mighty stomp. His legs and arms jumped in reflex from the onslaught. Beth stood still on him, her thighs rubbing together in delight. "I'd love to do that a few dozen more times," Beth thought.

Stepping off of Vlad's body, his chest now already beginning to darken with huge black and blue marks under his shirt, Beth bent and lifted her new toy up into her arms. She brought him to a standing position, his head buried in her sexy cleavage, until she got his arm over her shoulders, and the train made its final stop. Beth held up her young student, and walked off the train and into the station...

Holding Vlad at her side, his much tinier body squeezed against the rolls of fat around her, Beth marched him out of the station and onto the street. In the late hour there was practically nobody else out, and Beth liked that just fine. Less witnesses.

Vlad began to come out of his haze, first realizing he was no longer on the train, and then thought, "Wow I'm so bombed I can't even feel myself walking." In a moment's time it came to him that he was actually being half carried down the street by the huge woman he had been making eyes at on the train, no less. The same titanic woman who had been crushing him on the train before he lost sense of the world.

"Where are you taking me," he asked, not even bothering to struggle against Beth's strong grasp.

"Oh, you're awake? Goody. I wouldn't want you to miss out on all the fun. And to answer your question, little man, I'm taking you home with me. And there's nothing you can do about it. See, you're now my property. I own you. As soon as you stepped foot on that subway car, you became my cushion," Beth said, stopping in her tracks and juggling him a slight bit into a bear hug.

Locking her fists around his body, squeezing him against her belly and breasts, his helpless face turning red as she continued, "The rest of your life you'll be used for nothing more but my pleasure. And enjoy your breath while it lasts, because once we get back home, I've got a lovely cake with some delicious vanilla icing on it, and I'm going to finish every last bite as I smother you under my huge ass."

Vlad began to struggle now, but it was useless. Beth simply leaned back and began walking again as she held him in her death grip against her large girth. Another block in this crushing grip, and Vlad lost the world again, his gasps the last thing he heard as he blacked out. Coming to her car, she laid him out across the hood as she opened the door. Pulling him by the shirt to a sitting position, she tossed him into the car like a rag doll. Then bending over into the front seat she grabbed a a hold of him and did some repositioning, laying him across the front seats, his legs bent up in the passenger seat, as his face and head were stretched out on the driver's.

Holding onto the car door for support, she turned and lowered her elephantine body onto his chest and head, burying him in 400 pounds of fat. Beth sat back for a few moments, as utter joy washed over her. Then, grinding in her seat as she did, Beth started the car and began the short drive home.

Leaning to her right every so often, her weight shifting from the crushing position on his head and chest, Beth afforded the poor Vlad enough air to sustain his lungs, only to drop back over on his face, burying him again in her butt. Soon she was pulling into her usual spot in front of her apartment building, and lifting her bulk off of her new find and out of the car.

Vlad awoke an hour or so later to find himself bound in tight white cord to a weight bench. It was the usual sort, roughly two and a half feet off the ground, with two out-shooting legs to keep it up. He was wrapped tightly around his arms and stomach, along with his legs to the bench, and besides the fidgeting of his shoulders and head he could not move at all.

His mind blurred with all that had happened that night, from meeting his friends to celebrate a birthday, to the train ride where he first laid eyes on the massive woman who had kidnapped him, to now. Looking around, taking in his surroundings, Vlad saw he was placed in the middle of a common living room. He could make out a couch with very sunken cushions to his left, and an entertainment center to his right. There was a small outpouring of light from the kitchen which shared the space with the living room, a small half wall separating the rooms, and this along with the moonlight was the entirety of his light.

His heartbeat raced as he tried to get ahold of the situation, trying to think of any means of escape, and that was when he heard the loud footfalls of a very big, very dominating woman.

Beth strode into living room, now wearing nothing but a pair of tight white panties and bra, both two sizes too small to contain her jiggling sexy fat, and holding a folding table in one hand, a tray with a cover on it in the other. Vlad just stared, unable to deny just how beautiful this woman was, and watched her walk towards him as he laid stretched out, her naked thighs rubbing against each other in a large swaying of incredible fat.

"Oh, you're awake? I was afraid I was going to have to throw some water on you to snap you out of your slumber," Beth said with a smile. "You like what you see?" she asked, turning around and bending slightly to unfold the table and place her tray on it, her gigantic bottom pulling against the thin fabric of her panties in protest. Vlad just stared in awe at her ass, realizing it could cover him in his current state almost completely.

Beth looked over her shoulder, and before Vlad could get out a desperate plead of "mercy," Beth sat her huge body on him. Her wide thighs and ass covering him from his bottom lip to his thighs, Vlad felt every part of his being crushed and flattened under more pressure then he had ever felt in his life. There was very little to the cushion on the weight bench, and it offered no protection against the onslaught of Beth's power and size.

"Oooo...that's nice," Beth said with a voice full of ecstasy, wiggling her body on Vlad, slowly compressing all of the air out of his mouth with a gasp. She looked briefly down her side, and just over the expanse of her fat she could see his little head turning very red, his eyes squinting with pain. Then she turned her attention to the tray in front of her on the small table. Lifting the tin cover, she eyed the large piece of soft, buttery cake smothered in vanilla icing awaiting.

"Mmmm...that looks good," Beth said, rubbing the large belly, which was now overflowing her panties. "Doesn't that just look amazing, little man?" Beth asked the poor soul under her. "Oh, I guess you can't really see it can you? You're just a bit too busy trying to survive all of..." pausing to propel her bulk up, coming crashing down on Vlad with each of her glorious 400 pounds, Vlad emitting a whimper in resonse, "THIS!" she finished.

Then, grinding in her seat again, Beth reached out and brought a piece of her cake to her thick, full lips and devoured it in one bite. She was a goddess on her throne and she was very, very happy.

After finishing her cake, which she took a good long time to savor, she pushed the table forward a few feet, giving her enough room to stand back up. Looking back over her crushed boy toy, she could see the he was hardly paying attention to much at all. Vlad's eyes had rolled back into his head, and his chest raised and dropped with an extreme sense of urgency, taking in all the air possible while Beth's humongous body wasn't there to suppress it.

Beth leaned forward, placing her hands on his small stomach, leaning all of her weight onto them, and she could feel his lower ribs and organs try to deal with her crushing force. She smiled and looked into his now very purple face, "You don't look so good, little man. At this rate you'll never make it till morning."

Vlad got out a barely audible moan in response to what Beth had said, his head tossing back and forth as she leaned into him with more and more of her awesome weight. Beth just remained still, listening to his moans and pleading, trying to think up the next step in her return to crushing. Then, nodding to herself, she giggled at her newfound idea.

Leaving Vlad to gasp for breath, she waddled her way into the hallway which connected the living room to the bathroom and bedroom. In the hallway she opened her storage closet, and pulled out her step stool. Walking back into the living room, she noticed Vlad watching her with desperate interest as she made her way back to the bench he was bound to, unfolding and setting up the step stool next to him.

As Beth placed one of her thick, sexy feet on the step stool, Vlad's eyes widened with the possibilities of what she had in mind. Beth looked back down on him, drawing her fingers across her huge thighs as she did so, putting her awesome size and power on display for him to see. Then turning her attention back to the step stool, Beth grabbed the handle sticking up for balance, and climbed to the highest step, a good three and a half feet off the ground.

Vlad now began shaking his head "no" from side to side while muttering, "Please...you'll kill me..." over and over to this goddess of fat. Beth's feet were now standing on the top rung of the step stool, and they were higher than Vlad's prone body on the bench. Just before she leaped, she simply responded to Vlad's pleas with a "Maybe."

Sticking her right leg out and up, she leaped off her perch, and came smashing down on his helpless body, each of her dark, massive legs on the side of the bench, with her butt and belly landing completely unimpeded on Vlad's chest and stomach. There was a loud boom as she landed, along with the slapping sound of her fat against his body. Vlad let out a burst of air and soon darkness began to cloud his vision.

Riding out her landing, Beth grinned and moaned at the struggles from the flattened being under her. She rubbed her fat belly and breasts, finding a whole new sense of sexual satisfaction. Looking at Vlad she could see he was losing it fast, so she had to make the best of his awakened mind. She bounced her huge body on his small one till her legs were outstretched over his shoulders and his face was smothered in her large belly.

Beth could feel his lips under her flesh, trying desperately to intake any air at all, and all he could find was her fat. Bouncing now, her belly slapping against his face, she took a bet on how many of those amazing drops it would take to totally flatten him.

Vlad awoke the next morning to find himself laying in a king-sized bed. He didn't recall getting into the bed, or when he had passed out the night before. His last memory of the night was Beth leaping off her foot-stool for what had to be the tenth time of the evening, crashing down on his bound body and sending him into oblivion.

Vlad tried to sit up in the bed, but he found that once he lifted his chest off the mattress he was wrenched with incredible soreness over his entire upper body. The sun coming into the window gave him the light he needed to investigate, and he saw he was covered in large black and blue marks, no doubt from Beth's 400-pound body running wild on him the night before.

Vlad dropped back to the bed and stared at the ceiling when he realized he was alone in the room. Where had she gone? The goddess he saw on the subway train in a drunken stupor that had turned him into her slave. Vlad could hardly move at all, so there was no chance to escape. He just laid back and contemplated where the huge goddess could be.

Beth was in the kitchen, earing her favorite pair of sweatpants (which had grown too tight for her years ago, now barely holding together over the expanse of her massive ass and belly) and a baby-tee which showed off her large middle roll of fat on her belly. She was humming to herself as she tinkered around her kitchen, preparing a breakfast feast that could feed an army, or a big girl who loved her food. With all of her stove's burners going she was cooking a dozen eggs, and a full package of bacon along with a large stack of pancakes, bopping her butt to the song she was humming, cooking away.

Soon the sounds of her moving and cooking in the kitchen drifted into the bedroom, where Vlad was. Upon realizing he was not alone in the apartment as he once thought, he broke out in a sweat, wondering how long it would be until Beth came back to force him into submission as her living furniture again.

He didn't have to wait long. After finishing the last of pancakes on the stove, Beth laid it all out on her kitchen table and began to waddle back to her bedroom, smiling with anticipation of her meal. Vlad could hear her coming, Beth not being afraid to drop each of her feet down with all the purpose and determination that she could. And soon there she was filling up the doorway to the bedroom, Vlad unable to do much of anything but stare in awe as she wandered over to the bedside, leaning down to his prone form.

"Hello there, handsome. Looks like you've gotten some color over the night," Beth chuckled. "Breakfast is ready, and I'll be damned if you're going to lay here all day."

Despite his pleas, Beth grabbed Vlad by the ankle and began to walk towards the door, dragging him off the bed and onto the carpet with a thud. With the greatest ease, the huge woman strode into the kitchen dragging Vlad behind her. Vlad was lost in the motion of her mountainous butt as it jiggled and swayed under her tight sweatpants. Through the hall and the living room and into the kitchen she dragged him, letting go of his ankle as she reached the table.

"Come on now, get up and on the chairs," Beth commanded.

Vlad looked to see that she had pushed two of her chairs together, making a makeshift bench next to her kitchen table. The smell of the food was incredibly strong and with help from her, Vlad was able to sit up and get onto one of the chairs. Sitting upright now, he saw Beth smile and wave her finger, "Not like that, little man. Lay out on both of them."

Vlad did as he was told, turning and laying his very sore body onto both of the chairs so that his legs were in the air on one side, the rest of his thin frame spread over the chairs. Beth allowed him a small kiss on the lips, licking his lips as she pulled back, as if tasting him to see if he was ready.

"Good boy," she said. Positioning herself between the table and her "bench", her belly rubbing against the side of the table as she did so, she dropped back slowly, Vlad watching with a mix of impending doom and amazement as she lowered her huge body onto his. Soon she was sitting squarely on his belly and chest, the fat from her thighs covering him up to his chin.

Beth ground him into the bench a bit as she got herself comfortable, then looked down her left side and smiled once again at her new toy. Her eyes were lit up by the sight of Vlad's very red face. Finally comfortable, she turned her attention to her food, which she attacked with a lustful vengeance.

After decimating most of the eggs and bacon, Beth sat back in her seat, enjoying Vlad's struggles and groans. He had been under her for over twenty minutes now. She lifted her sexy growing black belly over the band of her sweatpants, admiring with delight how it spread over her fat thighs. She bounced slightly, not wanted to over do it and give herself a bellyache, but just wanting to hear Vlad gasp out.

"You're taking this very well, cushion. I'm proud of you, but we're not done here yet," she said.

Vlad watched and fought for breath as she pulled the plate of pancakes over in front of her, drenched them in syrup, and brought a large forkful to her lips. He watched over the side of her rolls as she looked down on him and chewed slowly, syrup on her thick, full lips. She was in ecstasy, flattening out a smaller human being, while stuffing herself with the morning's meal. Forkful after forkful she ate, rubbing her belly at times, and grinding poor Vlad in more as she did.

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